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Sodium alginate buy (E-401)


Sodium alginate increased immunity skin tightening regulation of metabolic normalization of the sebaceous glands stimulation of metabolic processes in the skin shop to buy traditional medicine. Available in stock. Fast delivery.


Package Weight: 100 gr.


What is - Alginate.


alginateAlginic acid is a polysaccharide. His extensive use of polysaccharides (sea) are required swelling capacity, interaction with different structures, viscosity. Alginic acid, in fact, long chains of polyuronic acids, which make up the fiber algae.

Algal fibers consist of two monomeric units: mannuronic and guluronic acid in different proportions. These fibers are derived outside the intestine is not digesting. Alginic acid is insoluble in organic solvents (including water) as well as other natural polymers. Alginates manifest themselves differently - salt of alginic acid.

Sodium alginate, potassium alginate and magnesium are readily soluble in water to form viscous solutions. This property allows the use of alginates as stabilizers in the production of pharmaceuticals and food products. If you add in alginat sodium calcium ions - easily formed gel. Alginic acid also has the property of adsorbing water many times its weight.

Sodium alginate (E-401) is a salt of alginic acid is a polysaccharide which is composed of residues of D-mannuronic and L-guluronic acids. It is derived from sea kelp Laminaria and Fucus families. The name of this component was due to the high content of these algae alginic acid and its salts.


Alginate used in cosmetics:


Sodium alginate is used in cosmetics as a plasticizing mask alginate, with the addition of various components. Sodium alginate was known as a cosmetic ingredient, due to such properties as viscosity, swelling ability and gelation stabilized aqueous and aqueous-fat processes. In cosmetics, sodium alginate is used as a component of protective and moisturizing as well as a thickener, emulsifier.


Sodium alginate effect on the skin:

  • increased tone of the skin and subcutaneous layer;

  • stimulation of metabolic processes in the skin;

  • moisture retention and regulation of water balance;

  • strengthen collagen fibers;

  • activation of the protective properties of the skin;

  • providing comprehensive anti-stress and tonic effect;

  • regulation of metabolism and normalization of the sebaceous glands, so is suitable for all skin types (from oily and problematic to very dry).

In addition, sodium alginate (as a part of the mask) has a moisturizing effect, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action on the skin, strengthens and tightens the skin, improves the penetration of active ingredients, closes the pores, improves blood circulation and oxygen supply to the skin, improves local immunity, fills the skin cells energy. Algae mask multiplies the effect caused by her medication.

The biological role of alginates - protection cells.

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