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Anti-cellulitis mask

Anti-cellulitis mask
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Anti-cellulite mask for body wraps buy

Getting rid of stretch marks treatment of cellulite lifting body wrap cellulite removal of toxins fat breakdown in the home anti-cellulite mask "Maxi-Effect" buy store of traditional medicine.


Anti-cellulitis mask of "Maxi - Effect" composition:


  • micronized seaweed (kelp);

  • blue clay;

  • chili pepper;

  • caffeine 96%;

  • guarana;

  • cinnamon;

  • diatomaceous ground.


Description of anti-cellulite mask "Max-Effect".

anticellulitnaya_maska_svoistvaMaxi-effect - anti-cellulite mask, which contains beneficial ingredients that enhance flexibility and elasticity skin, improve blood circulation, speed up metabolism in the subcutaneous areas of the skin, and - raise the tone. Mask ideal for all skin types. Its active ingredients contained in a sufficient amount of the mask itself, beneficial It affects the whole body, due to the kelp, which is a powder promotes good mastering.

Subcutaneous fat much faster starts szhigaetsya, the skin becomes considerably tightened, even skin tone. The addition to all, the skin is moisturized, after the application of anti-cellulite mask, is a good element anti-cellulite programs.


 Anti-cellulite mask properties:


  • restores circulation processes;

  • splits the layer of fat;

  • it helps to eliminate toxins;

  • improves metabolic processes in the tissues;

  • eliminates the effect of "orange peel";

  • it reduces the appearance of stretch marks by equalizing color;

  • it has an antibacterial effect.


 Anti-cellulite mask used in cosmetology.

Anti-cellulite mask "Maxi-effect" for every problem area.

Blue (cambrian) penetrates deep into the clay tissue, improving biochemical processes and enhancing blood circulation in the adipose tissue.

Micronized laminaria (sea algae) contributes to the breakdown of fat and neutralize toxins.

Effects of caffeine during wrap - a reduction of body fat, reducing pores, improve lymph drainage and skin elasticity, increase muscle tone and uvelichina microcirculation.

Stevia is used in obesity.

Chili is used for wrapping procedure, for a good warm-up blood accelerating the metabolism and circulation. Also, it helps to get rid of cellulite, lose weight and reduce the volume.

Cinnamon has a beneficial essential oils, tannins, which provide nutritious, regenerating and toning effect on the skin.


The effect of the mask "Maxi-Effect":


  • improves microcirculation and limfootok;

  • stimulates the rapid breakdown of subcutaneous fat;

  • it strengthens the walls of blood vessels;

  • aligns and tightens the skin;

  • recovers metabolism in fat cells.


Anti-cellulite mask recommendation (recipes) use:

anticellulitnaya_maska_primenenie1. Mix dry mask with a small amount of purified water at room temperature (until uniform creamy state) and leave for 5-15 minutes. The cooked mass may also add a few drops of grapeseed oil seed oil extract or kelp. Apply the mask with a thin layer on the problem areas of the body. To effectively use the wrapping film to create "The effect of the bath." After 35-45 minutes, the mask should be washed off with warm water. Do not use after the procedure gel or soap.

The required number of such procedures: 10-12 procedures 3 times a week.

2. Take about 100-150 g of finished masks and pour hot purified water. After 15 minutes, when the mask swell under the influence of micronized algae on clean skin smear the mixture. Film to wrap up wrap and lie about 35-50 minutes. After that, wash off the mask with warm water. Preferably, after treatment smear the body with oil or grapeseed oil extract of kelp.

The effect of anti-cellulite mask can be felt and seen after the first procedure. The advantage of the anti-cellulite mask in that it is made from natural ingredients and high quality without containing preservatives.


The mask excellent, quality, and designed by professionals in the field of cosmetology.

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