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Balsam for Children

Balsam for Children
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Sudamen diaper rash diathesis allergic rash on the body improve immunity rapid healing of wounds treated newborn children at home folk remedies balzam for children shop to buy traditional medicine. Best prices. Available in stock. Fast shipping.

It is recommended for daily care of the child on the first day of life.


  • the development of diaper rash, prickly heat;

  • diathesis;

  • allergic inflammatory lesions;

  • it enhances the healing of wounds, bruises, abrasions;

  • increases local immunity.

Older children and adults is recommended for burns, herpes, psoriasis, seborrhea fungal skin lesions to reduce itching, insect bites.


  • wheat germ extracts;

  • fruits;

  • almonds;

  • pumpkin seeds;

  • grass succession;

  • celandine herbs;

  • the essential oil of lemon balm.

Mode of application:

for grinding and massage a small amount fitobalzama Apply to clean skin in problem areas; apply 1-2 times a day;

to compress evenly fitobalzam to clean skin, cover with plastic wrap, wrap and leave for 20-40 minutes; apply 1 time per day.

Product: 50 ml
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