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Fitobalzam AntiDiabetes

Fitobalzam AntiDiabetes
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Prevention treatment of diabetes natural extracts of herbal remedies traditional medicine shop and sports nutrition. Available in stock. Low prices. Fast delivery.

Balms of medicinal plants (fitobalzamy) is a low temperature extract having a powerful healing effects for the human body. Their ingredients are varied in composition and action.


Fitobalzamy - an indispensable source of energy that is acting to restore the tissues of the human body.

Fitobalzamy in one turn, are used to enrich the diet human quality fatty oils edible and medicinal plants. Along with this, they have been used successfully:
  • in the diet of healthy people;
  • with the physical and emotional overload;
  • for protection from exposure to environmental factors;
  • as a potent preventive agent, and - in various diseases.

A very important role in diabetes plays an unhealthy diet: eating, drinking, excessive consumption of fatty and sugary foods, as well - the lack of essential vitamins, herbal products, fiber, micronutrients. Viral infections, stress, sedentary lifestyle - all this also contribute to the development of diabetes.

For the prevention of diabetes mellitus (as an adjunct) uses natural fitobalzam "anti-diabetes."

The Balsam "AntiDiabetes".

  • extracts of flax seed;
  • oats;
  • thistle seeds;
  • dandelion roots;
  • Jerusalem artichoke tubers;
  • blueberry fruit;
  • nettle leaves;
  • walnut leaves;
  • laurel leaves;
  • strawberry leaves;
  • Aronia fruits of mountain ash.

Fitobalzam "AntiDiabetes" is recommended:

  • in various forms of diabetes and its complications;
  • for the prevention of diabetes;
  • to prevent the development of atherosclerosis;
  • metabolic disorders, obesity;
  • disorders of peripheral blood circulation.

Fitobalzam "anti-diabetes" is produced by low-temperature extraction. That's why it kept almost all biologically active substances (vitamins, macro- and microelements) used for the manufacture of plants and fruits.

Method of application:

One teaspoon once a day for 20 - 30 minutes before meals.

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