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Phyto Tea Hypotensive

Phyto Tea Hypotensive
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Antihypertensive Herbal Tea buy

Arrhythmias angina atherosclerosis strengthening blood vessels lowering blood pressure prevention treatment of folk remedies. Recovering from a heart attack stroke. Essential hypertension lowering blood pressure. Phyto hypotensive buy. Available in stock. Good price. Fast delivery.

Phyto-hypertensive properties:

  • promotes lower blood pressure ;
  • improves heart function, strengthens blood vessels ;
  • has a sedative, anti-inflammatory, mild diuretic effect;
  • promotes reduce cholesterol levels and lipids in the blood;
  • reduces edema of different origin.


Phyto-hypertensive composition:

  • Astragalus sherstistotsvetkovy (flowers);
  • hawthorn (fruit);
  • red bilberry (leaf);
  • Calendula officinalis (flowers);
  • serdtselistnaya lime (flowers);
  • motherwort ordinary (grass);
  • uliginose (grass);
  • thyme (grass);
  • Horsetail (herb).


Phyto-hypertensive (active ingredients):

polysaccharides, proteins, amino acids, phenolic glycoside arbutin, flavonoids, tannins, organic acids, bitterness, oils, saponins, alkaloids, carotenoids, macro- and trace elements, vitamins C, K, B1.

Phyto-hypertensive recommended:

  • at of hypertension ;
  • in diseases of the heart and blood vessels ( atherosclerosis . angina . arrhythmia During the period myocardial recovery . Recovery Stroke );
  • menopause;
  • to removal of edema of different origin;
  • with overexcitation, insomnia.


Phyto-hypertensive method of use:

1 package fitochaya pour a glass of boiling water for 5-7 minutes, drink 2-3 times a day between meals or 30 minutes before a meal.


Phyto-hypertensive course of reception:

3-6 weeks.


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