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Herbal Tea For Kidney

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Cystitis blood pressure prevention of urolithiasis folk remedies at home. Kidney herbal tea buy. Available in stock. Low price. Fast delivery.

Herbal Tea Kidney properties:

  • has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, diuretic effect;
  • prevent stone formation;
  • helps to reduce swelling, cleanse the body of toxins;
  • helps to normalize blood pressure.


Herbal Tea Kidney composition:


  • White birch (leaves);
  • red bilberry (leaf);
  • kidney tea (herb);
  • black currant (leaves);
  • liquorice (roots);
  • bearberry (leaf);
  • Yarrow (grass);
  • a series of tripartite (grass);
  • cinnamon rose (fruit).

Phyto-Kidney (active ingredients):

polysaccharides, phenolic glycoside arbutin, flavonoids likviritin, liquiritoside, tannins, anthocyanidins, coumarins, bitterness, essential oils, proteins and amino acids, biguanide derivatives, coumarin derivatives, carotenoids, macro- and trace elements, vitamins C, F, K, group B.

Herbal Tea Kidney recommended:


  • acute and chronic kidney disease and urinary tract infection ( cystitis . pyelonephritis );
  • to prevention of kidney stones and bladder;
  • at edema ;
  • at elevated blood pressure .


Herbal Tea Renal Dosing:

1 bag of herbal tea, pour a glass of boiling water for 5-7 minutes, drink 2-3 times daily between meals or 30 minutes before a meal.

Herbal Tea Kidney course of treatment:

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