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Laminaria (200 g)

Laminaria (200 g)
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Laminaria properties

Wrinkles remove dark spots in the home. Laminaria mask wrinkle pigmetnyh stain properties to buy traditional medicine shop. Available in stock. Good price. Fast shipping.

laminaria_svoistvaMarine ginseng - is naming kelp in cosmetology and medicine. In our time, the beauty industry pays much attention to wrap (to lose weight), however, we should not forget that the kelp is the best anti-aging agent. It can be used on their own (at home).

Kelp is brown seaweed, which has valuable nutritional properties. Its benefits to humans is not limited to this. Masks made based on it, is very effective on the skin.

Using the kelp in the various masks, you can get rid of such problems as:

  • dark spots;

  • age-related changes;

  • wrinkles and acne.

Each trace elements and vitamins, which is part of the algae, the penetration into the skin, is actively working (at the cellular level). He is involved in metabolic processes, improving the status of any skin problem. The chemical composition of kelp has a small amount of nutrients, but they are highly concentrated, so - and more powerful and fast effect.

If you regularly use masks with laminaria for the face, soon you can feel the charm of these wonderful algae.

Vitamin C - contains a Laminaria in sufficiently large quantities. He is known for its rejuvenating properties. Thanks to him, this alga and was named - Maritime Ginseng. This amazing antioxidant copes with premature aging of the skin, as well as - fights wrinkles.

Iodine - normalizes the production of subcutaneous fat, making the skin smooth, silky, smooth, dries acne and pimples.

Calcium - improves the appearance of skin, aligning its relief.

Choline - soothes irritated skin after the rash, rejuvenates mature, removes fat and greasy shine.
Niacin - promotes natural complexion, making it radiant and healthy. He whitens the skin of pigment spots of different origin.

Potassium - provides the necessary hydration.

Iron - establishing normal subcutaneous blood circulation, nourishes the cells necessary amount of oxygen, improving cell respiration.



laminaria_svoistvaData useful properties and have seaweed kelp. They can be safely used for all skin types. Dry acquires moisture, fat get rid of greasy luster, improves its normal state.

Especially recommended masks from kelp face people of mature age who have the desire - to delay the approach of aging.

Improving cellular metabolism, kelp relieves a person from under-eye bags and puffiness, Bryl and double chin. The effectiveness of the funds made based on it - guaranteed. Nevertheless, using the method of home facial rejuvenation, it is necessary beforehand to be familiar familiar with the indications and contraindications for independent use of kelp.

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