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Therapeutic mud Kuyalnik mules sulfide (500 ml)

Therapeutic mud Kuyalnik mules sulfide (500 ml)
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Therapeutic muds Kuyalnik recommendations

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Action of Kuyalnik's mud - is multifaceted. There are several types of effects of peloids: chemical, thermal and mechanical. During treatment with mud in the cells is a natural enhancement and restoration of all systems of the body at the cellular level, normalization of all functions.

The therapeutic composition Kuyalnik estuary mud - therapeutic nitrogen, carbohydrates, minerals, acids, mostly potassium, magnesium chloride, magnesium bromide and sodium iodide. These substances have a very high penetrating properties.



During the procedure, the skin receives ions, changing the ionic composition of the blood, resulting in the activated functionality important human organs, in particular, significantly improved the liver and kidneys. Normalize metabolic processes, it comes in the balance of the nervous system, improves the function of the gastrointestinal tract, reduces the load on the heart muscle and blood vessels due to the expansion of capillaries.




The use of therapeutic mud:


  • diseases of the musculoskeletal system (compress);

  • ENT diseases: ear, nose and throat (compress);

  • diseases of the mouth (gums application);

  • gynecological diseases (swabs);

  • diseases of the circulatory system (wrap);

  • skin diseases (poultice);

  • disorders of peripheral nervous system (wrap);

  • diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (compress);

  • respiratory diseases (poultice);

  • metabolic disorder (obertivanie);

  • prevention and treatment of diseases of the male (compress);

  • rejuvenating effect in cosmetology (masks);

  • cellulite treatment and etc.


Contraindications therapeutic mud:


  • oncology (fibroids, masteopatiya);

  • diseases of the blood (the blood-forming organs);

  • tuberculosis (at the acute stage);

  • kidney disease (chronic nephritis, nephrosis);

  • thyrotoxicosis (2-3 stage);

  • cardiovascular disease (angina, acute stage);

  • varicose veins;

  • pregnancy;

  • low back pain;

  • atherosclerosis;

  • epilepsy;

  • synovitis (respiratory disease);

  • activity 2-3 degrees in rheumatoid arthritis;

  • age period (after 60 years under the supervision of a physician).

Racking in: Plastic bucket (1,5 kg)

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