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Lofant Tibetan

Lofant Tibetan
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Northern Ginseng

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Medicinal properties of Tibetan Lofant.

This is unique plant never ceases to please. On our planet, there are several places with excellent energy, such as the Grand canyon in North America or Tibet, which holds many secrets. Tibetan monks have been famous for their healing skills for thousands of years. Many of the drugs they are based on the lofant Tibetan, a precious product in the health.

Lofant Tibetan - a valuable source of vital energy that will strengthen your health, prevent cell aging and protect against old age. It is called Ginseng of the North.

According to biochemical studies, it is a powerful immunostimulator. Unlike ginseng, its effect on the body is more mild and prolonged, i.e. its medicinal properties increase gradually and last for a long time.

Lofant Tibetan is among those plants that create a barrier to the action of radiation. It stabilizes blood pressure, cleanses the blood, removes heavy metals and other toxins from human body.

Lofant Tibetan chemical composition.

lofant_tibetskiy_kupitLofant Tibet is not yet well studied. However, it is already known that it has anti-inflammatory, sedative, and reparative properties.

The bright rich smell of the plant's essential oil is explained by the significant (up to 80%) content of methylhavicol.

In addition, it contains 20 more aromatic components in various concentrations. Their presence depends on the growing conditions, stage of development, and other conditions. That is why the smell of lofant can sound lemon, fruit, mint notes.

The flowers and leaves of the Tibetan lofant contain:


  • tanning agent;

  • acids (malic, fruit, citric, ascorbic);

  • phenols;

  • flavonoids;

  • alkaloids;

  • glycosides;

  • vitamins B;

  • minerals (iron, iodine, manganese, copper, selenium, chromium, zinc).


Lofant Tibetan applications.

Its most important advantage is that it acts directly on the immune system, makes our secretory organs work more actively, and, therefore, strengthens internal defenses.

Lofant preparations contribute to:


  • improve immunity;

  • restore strength after nervous disorders, strokes and hypertensive crises;

  • in inflammatory processes in the gastrointestinal tract;

  • in diseases of the liver and urinary tract;

  • in treatment of acute respiratory infections, bronchitis, pneumonia and bronchial asthma.

Northern Ginseng is used in medicine for:

Helps to get rid of excess weight, paralysis, paresis, trembling of the hands or feet.

Daily use of lofant with food gives good results in the treatment of weakened, stunted and dystrophic children, as well as elderly people.

A bed (mattress and pillow-roller) made of lofanta grass mixed with other herbs and straw, covered with a sheet of coarse linen, forever saves a person from headaches, insomnia, weather dependence, fungi and many other problems.

External use of Tibetan lofant cures well:


Alcohol infusion from fresh flower stalks is used internally and externally when:

  • paralysis;

  • paresis;

  • trembling of the limbs;

  • in cardiovascular diseases;

  • to regulate metabolism (as a General tonic and anti-aging agent).

In small doses Lofant Tibetan stimulates the activity of the immune system, thereby increasing the action of the plants constituents of medicinal fees.

Brewed in a thermos water infusion of fresh flower stalks, leaves and stems of lofant (1 teaspoon per 1 Cup of boiling water) collected with other medicinal plants raises the vitality.

Lofant cosmetics strengthen the hair roots, smooth out wrinkles and keep the skin young. Lofant leaves are used for inhalation, therapeutic baths for the elderly, women and children.

Eating young lofant leaves increases potency in men and effectively contributes to the treatment of prostatitis. Everyone can easily test the healing powers of lofant: it is enough to sit at the garden bed with plants for 20-30 minutes – and all fatigue passes, there is a rush of fresh strength.


All this is due to volatile essential oils that tone and stimulate our immune system.

It is very important to distinguish Tibetan Lofant to Aniseed Lofant. The latter does not have such unique medicinal properties, it is mainly used only as a spice.

Lofant Tibetan Contraindications:


  • tendency for thrombophlebitis;

  • persistent hypotension;

  • individual intolerance.

Lofant Tibetan using: take the Liquid extract 20-30 drops per half cup of water for 15 minutes. before meals 2-3 times a day.

lofant_lechenie_detiyDosage for Children:


  • 1-3 years old - 5 drops 3 times per day;

  • 3-6 years old - 10 drops 3 times per day;

  • 6-12 years old - 15 drops 3 times per day;

  • 12 years old and more - 15-20 drops 3 times per day.

Course of treatment: from 1 month.

Shelf of life: 3 years.

Volume: 60 ml.

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