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Clay purification

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Medicinal properties of clay.

Antimicrobial properties of clay, the ability of clay to absorb toxins and give minerals, help to cope with skin diseases, gastrointestinal tract.

The gastrointestinal tract is the first to face the task of cleaning the body of toxins. What can not cope intestines, then goes to the liver. I missed the liver, it should stand out the endocrine glands.

As a result of purification of the body rotten microflora dies and restores normal. The skin, internal organs and liquid environment of the human body are cleaned of all unnecessary and harmful.


This promotes normal blood circulation, normalizes the nutrition of all parts of the body, the ligaments become elastic, the joints are mobile.

The particles of which the clay consists are so small that even half a teaspoon of clay diluted in water can remove a large number of toxins and pathogenic microbes from the body, enrich the body with minerals - silicon, iron oxide, calcium, magnesium. Their shortage is especially felt with age and various diseases.

Good to have baking clay in home kit - as an adsorbent it can be used in case of poisoning.


The procedure and Rules of cleansing White clay (Kaolin).

sorbomin_ochischenieClay not only absorbs all toxins and slags from the body, but also provides the body with the necessary minerals and trace elements. For purification use pure fat clay without impurities. First you need to prepare clay powder.

Remember a few rules:


  • When spreading clay in water, do not use metal spoons for stirring.

  • Drink clay water not in one gulp, and SIPS.

  • Clay can be taken with a infusion of mint or other herbs, adding a little honey and a few drops of lemon juice.

  • The reception of clay with sugar, milk and coffee is excluded.

Recommendations for clay treatment:

  • After taking clay should not eat much.

  • If the reception of the clay is accompanied by pain, hold it in the sun, then she carried much easier.

  • Diluted clay powder should be drunk in SIPS, not in one gulp.

Purification (treatment) by clay, by ingestion, can sometimes last several months or a year.


The Sorbomin Drug composition.

Sorbomin - complex compound obtained by grinding and mixing different natural minerals at 0.005 mm fraction. Due to this, it has a pronounced complex sorbing effect.

The Sorbomin Drug  contains in its composition from the following mineral components:

  • kaolin (white clay);

  • zeolite (a natural mineral of volcanic origin).

The Sorbomin Drug properties.

sorbomin_svoistvaThe integrated Sorbomin product is used at folk medicine as sorbent component therapy and has the following properties:

  • restores the acid-base balance;

  • normalizes the electrolyte composition of the blood;

  • nourishes the body with micro-and macronutrients;

  • binds and removes toxins and heavy metals from the body;

  • it has an enveloping, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect;

  • stops diarrhea in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

  • reduces the acidity of gastric juice, eliminates heartburn;

  • improves pancreatic function;

  • reduces sugar levels in diabetes;

  • accelerates wound healing and fracture consolidation;

  • increases the effectiveness of infectious diseases treatment (including tuberculosis);

  • improves portability radiation therapy and chemotherapy;

  • slows down the growth of tumors, promotes their encapsulation;

  • increases the effectiveness of skin diseases treatment (psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema, etc.).);

  • restores the structure of bone tissue in osteoporosis and bone metastases.

It is advisable to periodically take breaks so as not to accustom your stomach to it. Sometimes at the beginning of treatment it may seem that the disease has worsened and the state of health has worsened, but this should not bother you.

Dosage: individual doctor's prescription.

Shelf of life: 2 years.

Volume: 400 g.

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