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Vetom 1.1 (500 g)

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Vetom Flu SARS tracheitis hepatitis prostatitis breast fibroid treatment of dysentery salmonelleoz prevention in the home. Antivirals for children adult Vetom to buy a store of traditional medicine. Available in stock. Good price. Fast shipping.

Vetom 1.1 is a white, crystalline powder dry, odorless, sweet taste, easily soluble in water.

It is packaged preparation:
  • 5 g;

  • 50 capsules;

  • 0,5 kg.

The preparation consists of the following components:

  • immobilized biomass of bacteria spores Bacillus subtilis, producing alpha-2 interferon;

  • food excipient (sugar).


Probiotics Vetom 1.1 for the treatment and prevention:


  • for correcting immunodeficiency states;

  • gastrointestinal disorders with diarrhea syndrome (postoperative complications !!!);

  • dysbacterioses;

  • bacterial infections (salmonellosis, colibacillosis, dysentery, bacillus of Koch et al.);

  • viral infections (ARI, influenza, parainfluenza, parvovirus, rhinotracheitis, hepatitis and others);

  • gynecological diseases (fibrioma, breast cysts, endometritis, prostatitis and others.);

  • surgery (wounds, postoperative scars, etc.);

  • syndrome of "chronic fatigue";

  • in oncology as a stimulant of hematopoiesis;

  • treatment (to enhance the effect of drugs).


Probiotics Vetom 1.1 mechanism of action.



probiotiki_vetom_kupitWhile taking the drug Vetom 1.1 - bacteria Bacillus subtilis, colonize the gastrointestinal tract, multiply it for two - five days and then completely eliminated from the body.

In the process of life, these bacteria secrete lytic enzymes capable of destroying pas pathogenicity microflora elements tumors and other defective cells.

This increases the activity of monocytes and macrophages and the body's resistance to various types of viral and other infectious diseases, wound tendency to allergies, vosstanavli vayutsya-regenerative processes in tissues, normalizes metabolism and stimulates the immune response-tion.

Onset of action within 15 - 20 minutes after administration. He successfully combined with all vaccinations and enhances their effectiveness.


Probiotics Vetom 1.1 pharmacological properties.



The therapeutic effect of the drug is provided by waste products of bacteria Bacillus subtilis in the gastrointestinal tract of bacitracin - polipepeptidnymi antibiotics, interferon-alpha-2 Ron-leykotsitarym human, amino acids, enzymes.

The above therapeutic agents act on the body during the life of the bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract.

The drug has the following properties:

  • high antagonistic activity to a wide spectrum of pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic fungi and bacteria;

  • antiviral activity;

  • proteolytic, amylolytic, cellulolytic activity;

  • stimulates cellular and humoral immunity factors;

  • increases nonspecific resistance;

  • stimulates the regenerative processes at the body;

  • normalizes metabolism.


Probiotics Vetom 1.1 therapeutic effect.


The rate of recovery when using the drug for medicinal purposes depends on the nature of the disease, stage of disease and the proper dosage of the drug.

General rules for use and dosage:

  • found that the therapeutic effect in acute forms of infection depends on the frequency of the drug in the standard dose ((more often to take the drug, the greater therapeutic effect (the drug does not cause negative effects, even when multiple doses));

  • rate of the drug should not exceed 10 days, breaks between courses of at least 1 - 1.5 in months;

  • use of the drug in conjunction with antibiotic treatment effect does not (exception - kanamycin !!!);

  • maximum effect is achieved while taking the drug one hour before meals;

  • allowed to use the drug with boiled water;

  • standard dose of single dose - one teaspoon (about 5 g), for children - 0.5 teaspoon (2-2.5 g).


Preventive course:

In order to prevent use the drug for 5-7 days (one course) to 1 standard dose 2 times a day (morning and night). The break between prevention course not more 1 - 1.5 months.

The standard regimen recommended preventative courses for healthy people - four five-day courses per year:


  • the first - in early February;

  • the second - in mid-March;

  • the third - in the middle of August;

  • the fourth - at the end of September.

Dosage in this case - on the one standard dose (5 g), 4 times a day depending on the weight of che rights. Two standard dose 4 times a day to take people whose weight exceeds 80 kg.

Use of the drug will help you feel better, to remove "fatigue syndrome", to raise efficiency and significantly reduce the risk of seasonal dysbiosis, whose peaks th falls exactly on these periods.


Probiotics Vetom 1.1 cure:


The dosage of the drug depends on the body's response to its reception.

Cure drugs Vetom desirable to carry out a series on the recommended schedule from a specialist - a doctor, on the basis of developments on already approved schemes and monitoring of Paci-ents identical disease.

Recommended treatments are designed for a person with symptoms begin zaboltion, but not in the stage of compensation (in the worst case of decompensation).


If during the first course of treatment one feels significant changes in its distance from, and the disease is, or it may indicate that the next dose rate should be increased, or whether it is necessary to use other therapeutic agents.

In any case, it is recommended after 6 weeks to repeat the course of the scheme:


  • the first two days - 4 - 6 times a day;

  • the following 2 days - 3 - 4 times a day;

  • the remaining days before the end of the course (no more than 10 days) - 2 times a day (morning and night).

Side effects:
Not installed.

Date of Expiry:
2 years.

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