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The Vetom 4 (500g)

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Ingredients: dried biomass of bacteria Bacillus Licheniformis strain VKPM B-7038 and sugar.

Product: The drug release packaged in:


  • 5 g;

  • 50 g;

  • 500 g;

  • 1000 g.


Probiotics Vetom 4 indications for use:


  • the drug is used for correction, restoration and preservation microcenosis in the small of the gastrointestinal tract at dysbacterioses;

  • after treatment with antibiotics;

  • as a prophylactic and therapeutic agent for additional cirrhosis, chronic hepatitis, colitis, gastroehnterokolitah, constipation, dysentery, gastro-ulcer diseases, polyps, chronic enteritis, enterocolitis;

  • for the normalization of lipid, protein and carbohydrate metabolism in the body;

  • inhibit the growth and development of chlamydia.


Probiotics Vetom 4 dosage and application.

For the treatment of dysbiosis take Vetom 4.1 should individually at the rate of 1 g of the drug in the 2 kg weight per day. Dose 3-4 divided administration. Take regardless of the meal, washed down with cold, warm water, tea.

For prevention should take Vetom 4.1 based on 1 g of the preparation of 4 kg weight per day. Dose divided into 2-3 doses. Take regardless of the meal, washed down with cold, warm water, tea.

Duration of use: Apply Vetom 4.1 must be made within 10 days.


Not recommended: Take together with antibiotics, because effect of the drug is greatly reduced or absent.

Allergic to hay bacillus.

Side effects:
Not installed.

Date of Expiry:
2 years.

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