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Artichoke Juice

Artichoke Juice

Artichoke buy

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Artichoke is a vegetable with a unique set of valuable substances that can no longer be found in any other product. It contained such rare components as tsinarin, serviceconnection, ifeoluwa and quinic acid, inulin, and many others.

That is why its use in food has an incredible effect on the human body, eliminating serious diseases. In particular, hepatitis, cholecystitis and even cirrhosis of the liver, cholelithiasis, endarteritis, atherosclerosis, since artichoke has the most powerful hepatoprotective effect.


There are more than 140 species of the genus artichoke in the world, but only about 40 species are of nutritional value, and two species are most often used-the seed artichoke and the Spanish artichoke.

Artichoke part.

The substances contained in artichoke help to reduce cholesterol levels, have a beneficial effect on the body in case of atherosclerosis of blood vessels and endarteritis, reduce blood sugar levels, and have a diuretic effect.

Inflorescences of artichoke contain:


Artichoke Juice properties.

Artichokes are considered a low-calorie diet food and contain only 47 kcal per 100 g. the calorie content of boiled artichokes without salt is about 53 kcal. Eating artichokes without harm to health is indicated even for people who are overweight.

artishok_primenenieIn folk medicine the Juice is used Arishok as:


Especially successful is the use of artichoke for the treatment of jaundice in children.



Artichoke Juice contraindications.


Artichoke Juice application.

Dosage: 1 tablespoon 3-4 times a day for 30 minutes before meals. Course - individually, recommended - 1 month.

Shelf of life: 1 year.

Volume: 250 ml.


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