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Therapeutic Oils


Oil therapeutic properties

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Oils derived from plants are widely used in medicine, food industry, cosmetics. At the moment there are more than 300 kinds of aromatic oils that have distinct therapeutic properties.

Therapeutic oils in traditional medicine.

Properties and applications of oils of vegetable origin is absolutely different: some oils tone and stimulate, others soothe and relieve irritability. Today we will tell only about several types of therapeutic oils, namely amaranth, linseed, sesame, anise, rose and everyone's favorite hostesses olive.

The unique power of plants still impresses with its capabilities and potential. For many centuries people study the properties of natural raw materials, to find the universal "healer" of many diseases. Special respect deserve esters and oils are maximum concentrated natural components.

It is a natural products that when used correctly, significantly increase the person's vitality, improve the quality of life, restore the disturbed processes in the body and prevent the development of pathology. They are rightly called the healing oil, in folk medicine they were given primacy because they are unique in their composition and is able to create "miracles".


lechebniye_masla_mnenie_vracheyThe doctors serves as a confirmation of the fact that many of the oils have the ability to use therapy as a Supplement to the basic treatment, therapeutic oils and natural esters.

Or with age, or insatiable curiosity, or simply the strong desire to be young and healthy we are searching for sources of life-giving force. Each of us has the innate ability to heal itself. But instead of succumb to the influence of chemicals, expanding the range of possibilities due to natural sources.

Using the therapeutic properties of the oils, we can take care of yourself and your family safely and naturally. Showing interest and reviewing the details that constitute a therapeutic and essential oil, you can open up new horizons that were previously not thought achievable. No wonder essential oils are revered by the wise Egyptians, they did not do without them a single day.

Medical practice, beauty treatments, religious ceremonies and even the cooking was accompanied by the using of essential oils. The Greeks, the Romans, the Chinese healers have highly esteemed them, even in medieval Europe they were trusted and used to combat the plague. The application and use of therapeutic essential oils continues to grow at an incredible pace. Scientists, chemists and doctors continue to explore and justify the benefits of natural substances obtained from vegetable raw materials.


Why Therapeutic oils are "working"?

Vegetable oil has long been held in high honor and enjoyed great demand. They were used as medicinal and cosmetic, and also as a valuable food product.

In the olden days, during lent, Christians did not use products containing animal fats, and replaced them with plant (vegetable) oils.

vidiy_lechebniyh_maselOil plants contain a variety of fatty acids (linoleic, linolenic, oleic), which the body does not synthesize, but rather in most people, is not synthesized, therefore, for health promotion it is important to add food to various vegetable oils.

Vegetable oil is easily absorbed in the intestine, its constituents interact with cholesterol, forming connections, and they in turn are excreted from the body.

During observations it is established that at increase in the diet content of vegetable oils and reducing animal fats improves the General condition of the human body, and also greatly reduced the incidence of atherosclerosis.

Also, vegetable oils have a powerful choleretic action. Therefore, to the bile stagnate, and it threatens the formation of stones in the ducts and gallbladder, include in your diet salads and vinaigrettes with fresh and boiled vegetables, seasoned with fresh oil, sunflower, olive, etc.

To extract from plants and its parts oil, it is necessary to conduct certain processes. The result is a mixture of fatty acids.

In different natural cultures contained different concentrations and combinations of vitamins and elements, making it unique and inimitable. The body needs this elixir, because they cannot synthesize them on their own.

Essential oils technically are not oil, because the fatty acids. Rather, it is concentrated plant component. To receive just one drop of the ether sometimes process hundreds of pounds of raw materials. Therefore, speaking about the ethers, so often say "precious". The essential oil is composed of very small molecules that penetrate deeply and quickly into the cells, they easily overcome the blood-brain barrier.

To single out any one universal and the most effective oil is very difficult, no, impossible. Nearly every plant is able to give unique healing composition.


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