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The Value of Zeolite in Human life

Sunday, September 15, 2019 10:16 PM

Zeolite is a vital necessity

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Modern humanity is experiencing increasing poisoning, as the production of synthetic chemicals over the past 40 years has increased several dozen times. Poisons to quietly sneak into the human body with water, air, food and in the use of medicines.

The penetration of harmful substances into the body is expressed in the spread of diseases resulting from global environmental pollution.

The main reason for this is demineralise, i.e. violation of the content of minerals in the human body.

Attempts of self-treatment with various minerals remain unsuccessful. The body is not able to accept them in view of the fact that the receptors that perform these functions are clogged with harmful substances.

Nature gave Mankind a Mineral - Zeolite to solve these problems.

This mineral looks unattractive, but the nondescript shell hides amazing properties, thanks to which Zeolite is in demand and plays an important role in human life. Using of Zeolite allows the removal of harmful substances and provides the body with the necessary minerals.

Zeolite (natural) to protect the gastrointestinal mucosa.


With oral administration, the mucous membranes of the stomach and intestines are covered with a thin protective layer of Zeolite, while reducing the effect of pathogenic factors and calming the nerve endings of the stomach and intestines.

zeolite_ZKTIn the same way, the action of bile acid, which leads to abscesses and inflammation of the intestine, is reduced.  On this basis, it is necessary to take Zeolite, at least half an hour before meals and 1 hour before taking medicines.

Antibacterial effect of Zeolite against bacteria:

  • binding of pathogenic (pathogenic) bacteria to Zeolite;

  • active Zeolite intervention in the dynamics of bacterial populations.

It is proved that Zeolite can selectively influence different populations of bacteria. In this case, the pH value and nutritional properties of the bacterial environment play a role. Preventive administration of Zeolite protects the human body from infections.

Zeolite (natural) for mineralization of the body.

The function of ion exchange, as well as physical adsorption and chemical sorption of Zeolite have a great influence on the regulation of micro- and macroelements. Their excess or deficiency in humans and in animals generally leads to the violations of the regulation and, in consequence, to disease.


zeolite_vineralizaciaExperimentally it was established that the imbalance of mineral metabolism, especially in animal husbandry, can have disastrous consequences. Similarly, this applies to people.

Autoregulation function of the Zeolite can restore the broken balance (demineralise). This not only removes harmful substances, but also selectively supplied to the body the required minerals.

The mineral silicic acid not only supports this process, but also restores the balance of the disturbed acid-base balance.

Selective ion exchange is provided by cations contained in the intermediate space between the silicon layers. When Zeolite enters the intestine, they change places with harmful substances from the body.

Intermolecular, interatomic and ionizing electric forces play an important role in selective ion exchange. They are effective at adsorption. Selective ion exchange and adsorption represent a functional unity. They act in the human body as bioregulators with autopilot function.


Zeolite (natural) for absorption.

By adsorption Zeolite allows to remove, bind and neutralize harmful substances from cells and connective tissue. Macro- and micropores of Zeolite have a high specific surface area. 1 gr of Zeolite has an area of 700-800 sq. m., which causes high efficiency in binding and neutralization of a large number of toxic and harmful substances in the human body.

Usually adsorption and ion exchange in Zeolite are functionally interrelated. Due to ion exchange Zeolite can bind and remove harmful and toxic substances not only from cells and connective tissue, but also from the intestine.

It acts similarly, also, on certain bacteria, viruses and fungi.

Antiviral action of Zeolite against viruses.

The binding of viruses with Zeolite has been proven in numerous studies. Thus it is necessary to pay attention that binding of viruses by Zeolite is not equated to pathogenic pathogenic decontamination.

But it is still possible through zeolite-viral connection through adsorption on enterocytes, which reduce or prevent the pathogenic effect.

Taking montmorillonite protects against influenza infection.

Zeolite (natural) as a supplier of colloidal Silicon Dioxide (SiO2).

Zeolite contains, along with other minerals , a large amount of colloidal Silicon dioxide, the ratio of which corresponds to the human colloidal system.

Colloids are substances in a distributed state in which dispersed particles are detected only ultra microscopically. A colloidal state is a special distributed state of matter.

zeolite_dioxid_kremniaSilicon dioxide (mineral of silicic acid) in colloidal form is a regulator of connective tissue, the basis of the substance, which is the intercellular matrix in the form of liquid connective tissue (Sol-form), realizing all the basic functions of nonspecific man:

  • water-mineral metabolism;

  • providing osmotic pressure;

  • electrolyte and bioelectrical functions;

  • pH regulation, acid-base balance;

  • preservation of nonspecific reactivity, for example at elevated temperature and stress;

  • regulation of general nonspecific immunological processes;

  • regulation of neurotransmission.

The basic substance of the intercellular matrix can perform other functions in the human body:

  • molecular sieve;

  • electrostatic binding;

  • ion exchange;

  • colloidal phase;

  • adsorptions;

  • water binding;

  • repair and regeneration of cell membranes.

The main substance of the intercellular matrix is connected to specific cell populations and through neurohumoral information principle controls the supply of nutrients and disposal
waste from these cell populations.

The main substance, which is controlled by the autonomic nervous system controlled by the Central nervous system, the perineural DC control system and the hormonal system (endocrine and exocrine), performs autoregulation of the multicellular organism.


Connective tissue - Passport biological age.

The age of a person determines the state of his connective tissue. This condition is due to the content of SiO2, for example, tight skin, shiny hair, smooth nails, which was known in Ancient Egypt.

SiO2-containing minerals were used to maintain the beauty.

zeolite_starenieWith age, the content of SiO2 in the human body decreases. This is expressed as follows, for example in:

The reason for this is a decrease in SiO2 and consequently:


  • reduction of bound water;

  • drying of cellular protein and reduction of cellular pressure.

In old age, increasing rates of silicon deficiency occurs. Because of this, there is a loss of water binding capacity in the connective tissue. Visible marks appear on the face.

Prudent women put on the face of the mask of Zeolite and take it daily inside. The skin of their face does not lose elasticity. Such a rejuvenating effect is not possible to achieve, using even the most expensive cosmetic cream.

With the SiO2-containing minerals, it can slow down the biological aging process and even permanently stop it.

Further consequences of Silicon deficiency in examples:


Silicic acid minerals have also been found in genes. SiO2 is involved in gene expression and participates in DNA synthesis. Gene SiO2 crystals stimulate gene transaction.

The evidence for silicic acid minerals in genes is linked to the hypothesis that this kind of influenced the origin of life on Earth.

Special Attention, for applying, should be paid to origin of Zeolite because it is useful and necessary for a Human only mineral natural volcanic origin having a framework basis.

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