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Zeolite treatment

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What is Zeolite.

Zeolites represent a group of minerals of volcanic-sedimentary origin, skeleton aluminosilicates of alkaline and alkaline earth metals. These are minerals of sorbent with radioprotective properties, clinoptilolite type, a class of microporous frame aluminosilicates.

zeoliteThe porous structure containing active exchange cations determines the unique adsorption, cation exchange and catalytic properties of these minerals, which simultaneously possess high acid resistance and thermal stability.

Zeolites are minerals with molecular size pores (4 Armstrong), which, like a sponge, are able to absorb and firmly hold a variety of pollution. Among them-heavy metals (lead, cadmium, zinc, strontium, chromium), radionuclides, nitrates and nitrites, ammonia salts (ammonium salts), oils, petroleum products and a whole range of chemical and biological contaminants, the presence of which distinguishes clean drinking water from industrial effluents.

Common to all minerals from the zeolite group is the presence of a three-dimensional aluminosilicate framework, forming a system of cavities and channels, which are alkaline, alkaline earth cations and water molecules. Cations and water molecules are weakly associated with Caracas and can be partially or completely replaced (removed) by ion exchange and dehydration, and reversibly, without destroying the zeolite framework.

Zeolite porous refers to food minerals. Well-known Professor geologist V. I. Bgatov studied physical and chemical transformations of mineral clays (zeolites and two modifications of quartz) in the digestive tract, as well as their impact on the balance of some mineral and organic components in the body of chickens.


Zeolite sorbent properties.

Natural Zeolite is a mix of volcanic rocks, ash and alkaline groundwater, which was formed over several million years!

The very name of the mineral from the Greek means "boiling stone". If it is placed in water, it releases gas bubbles for a long time, and when heated – water vapor.

Zeolite, a natural volcanic compound that contains:

zeolite_sorbentZeolite has a strong sarbinowski properties. It serves as a mechanical filter, and as an ion exchanger, it has a fairly large capacity and a wide range of effects on heavy metals and radioactive elements, it sorbs bacteria and viruses, reducing the total microbial number, and in some cases (up to 96%) completely extracts bacterial cells from water.

Zeolite purifies water from harmful elements such as:


It is established that when in contact with water and zeolite breed alkalizes it. The hardness of the water decreases significantly, as a result of which the drinking water becomes soft and pleasant to drink. At the same time (very important) there is no scale of hard residue on the elements of the kettle.

Preparation: 100 grams of zeolite per 1 liter of water. 2-3 days-and healing water is ready.

The recommended fraction of a zeolite: 0,05-0,1 mm (50-100 µm).

Price: 40 uah to 1 kg.


Zeolite application in Medicine.

zeolite_medicinaToday, in medicine, zeolites are actively used for the removal of radionuclides in radioactive damage. In particular demand the use of zeolites for such purposes began after the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant.

It is known that many diseases develop as a result of the ion balance in the human body. For example, radionuclides "take away" electrons from protein, carbohydrate, lipid molecules and DNA, damaging their structure, which as a result can lead to various pathologies in the human body.

When internally used, the mineral zeolite in medicine is able to" take " free radicals of heavy metals, as well as various toxic compounds (such as ammonia), removing toxics from the body through the intestine. The "thrown out" of harmful substances in the crystal lattice of the zeolite replaces those needed by the body.

Zeolites can have the following positive effects on the human body:


The anticancer effects of zeolite are related to its ability to induce expression of tumor suppressor genes, which allow the body to stop tumor growth and destroy tumor cells. It also inhibits protein kinase B (C — Akt ), resulting in inhibition of cancer cell growth and increased apoptosis, or automatic destruction of cancer cells.

Dosage: from 1 tsp to 1 tbsp stir in 100 ml of warm water.

Application: 30 minutes before meals or 1 hour after meals, between meals (as prescribed by the attending physician).

The recommended fraction of a zeolite: 0,005 mm (5 µm).

Price: 150 uah to 0,4 kg.




The effect of zeolite on pH in the human body.

zeolite_pHOne of the most important properties of aqueous solutions is their acidity (or alkalinity), which is determined by the concentration of H+ and OH ions. At room temperature in neutral solutions pH = 7, in acidic solutions pH < 7, and alkaline pH > 7.

The blood should be kept at a certain level (namely at pH of 7,4), to maintain its homeostasis.

Unfortunately, modern Western food contains many acidic foods such as sugar, starches and refined carbohydrates. This type of food can not maintain a normal acidic environment for the body, that is , the use of such food leads to an increase in acidity.

Acidified blood (7,34 or less), creates favorable soil for the formation of cancer. In an acidic environment, the functions of brain cells can also be disrupted, resulting in depression, anxiety, stupor, paranoia, delusions or hallucinations.

In order for the body to be healthy, it is necessary to maintain its homeostasis in every possible way. The human body has a wide range of mechanisms to maintain homeostasis in the blood and extracellular fluid. It is the presence of buffer substances dissolved in the blood, which allows to maintain a relatively constant pH value.

Zeolite protects the human body by maintaining pH at levels ranging between 7.35 and 7.45, namely the optimal pH value for the human body. PH level in the body affects both the immune system and brain functions.

Zeolite is used in the production of drugs with delayed release, antitumor drugs, protective agents and enzyme additives.  There is also experience in the use of zeolite in the manufacture of cigarettes to remove carcinogens such as nitrosamines.

The recommended fraction of a zeolite: 0,005 mm (5 µm).

Price: 120 uah to 0,4 kg.


Zeolite is like an Antiseptic.

One of the most important tasks of plant growing is to increase the safety of products during storage and transportation. The main reason for the loss of marketable products is excessive moisture and the development of pathogenic microflora.

Zeolite because of its unique properties is a natural, organic antiseptic for storing vegetables and fruits.

Zeolite is cheap and effective. If you "powder" with a thin layer of deposited products, you can forget about rot and mold for 7-8 months.

Since excess moisture leads to increased respiration, the formation of putrefactive bacteria, a decrease in the dry matter content, a sharp deterioration in product quality, direct losses of stored products - it is extremely important to regulate its appearance on stored products.

Zeolite removes excess moisture, absorbs ethylene released by fruits. It also has bactericidal properties. Along with this zeolite prevents withering of products, preventing drying of the skin.


Considering properties of mineral to absorb moisture from a surface of fruit and vegetable production, it is expedient to use it as the substance preventing losses of this production.

There are two main methods of applying zeolite:

The recommended fraction of a zeolite: 0,05-0,1 mm (50-100 µm).

Price: 40 uah to 1 kg.


Zeolite for Cosmetics.

zeolite_cosmetologiaNot everyone knows that modern cosmetics and serums are often almost completely based on zeolite, a mineral that has recently been used exclusively for industrial purposes.

Zeolite properties are unique! It cleanses and restores the entire body.

Zeolite can perfectly absorb and retain foreign substances in its structure, but not only the ability of zeolite to sorb certain substances, but also other properties of this multifaceted mineral are used in cosmetics: to nourish, absorb, preserve and activate.

When applied to the skin as part of cleansing cosmetics, zeolite manifests itself as a sorbent and begins to release harmful to the human body particles, which are quite firmly entrenched in the fibers of the skin and have a tanning effect on it.

Zeolite for cosmetic purposes also proved to be excellent, it can penetrate deeply into the pores, cleanse them, and remove toxins. Especially needs it oily skin as zeolite removes fat and tightens pores. Teenagers very easy life due to the healing and drying of juvenile acne, clean pores from impurities.


For cosmetic purposes is best suited zeolite powder, from which you can prepare zeolite paste.

Method of cooking paste:

Mix the zeolite with water until a homogeneous mass. Put in a glass jar, cover and put into the refrigerator. Shelf life of this paste - a week.

Use the paste can be as a mask, and as a scrub for oily, problematic and adolescent skin.

Paste application: apply the paste on a slightly damp, steamed skin can be gentle, massaging movements. Hold for 1-2 minutes and rinse with warm water. Then apply moisturizer.

This powder can even be used for detoxing baths for the body, add in a mask for the face and body.

The recommended fraction of a zeolite: 0,05-0,1 mm (50-100 µm).

Price: 40 uah to 1 kg.


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