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Cholera Prevention Treatment

Disease Intestines Poisoning Cholera Infection Symptoms Prevention Treatment Natural Drugs Properties Recommendations Application buy folk medicine store. Diet for prevention treatment of Cholera at home by health extracts.

Cholera origins.

This is an acute intestinal disease, which is accompanied by a lesion of the small intestine, a violation of the electrolytic balance, dehydration of the body and, consequently, intoxication of the body. This dangerous quarantine infection with untimely treatment can end in death.

Cholera usually spreads in the form of an epidemic. This dangerous infection can be considered as a biological weapon. Every year, up to 4 million cases of infection with this disease are registered in the world. The most vulnerable in this regard is considered to be a stratum of the population that lives in unsanitary conditions.


Therefore, the main endemic foci are localized in Latin America, southeast Asia and South Africa. The peak incidence occurs in the summer-autumn period.

Initially, India was the focus of infection, but in 19th century, with development of trade, cholera spread all over the world. And since then, humanity has been shaken from time to time by outbreaks of cholera. At the beginning of the 19th century, during first pandemic,number of cholera victims numbered in the millions.

The second pandemic lasted about 20 years and covered Japan, USA and Europe.

The third pandemic is considered the deadliest. English scientists began to investigate the causes of the spread of cholera and develop ways to treat it. Despite this, until the middle of the 20th century, this dangerous infection claimed millions of lives. Now this disease is not widespread, but from time to time outbreaks of cholera are recorded in developing countries.


Cholera Causes.

cholera_prichiniyThe cause of the development of cholera is the cholera vibrio, which is present in the flora of most reservoirs. But here the number of microorganisms per unit volume of water plays an important role. At least one million vibrions should be swallowed for infection.

Cholera vibrions are unstable to hydrochloric acid, so if a small number of microorganisms get into the stomach, they will die. With low acidity, the number of microorganisms sufficient for infection with cholera is reduced several times.

The gastrointestinal tract serves as a gateway for infection, cholera vibrions can get there in the following ways:

  • household contact;

  • through dirty hands;

  • when eating unwashed fruits and vegetables;

  • when swallowing water during bathing in reservoirs with contaminated water;

  • in contact with an infected person;

  • when using dried fish that have not undergone proper heat treatment.

This dangerous infection affects both adults and children, as a rule, in the warm season. It may take from 10 hours to 5 days between the ingestion of cholera vibrions and the appearance of the first symptoms, but usually the incubation period lasts 2-3 days.


Cholera Symptoms.

Depending on the clinical symptoms, Cholera can be classified into the following forms:

  • erased form – it is characterized by a single bowel movement with normal well-being. Then the symptoms become more pronounced – there are urges to defecate, patients complain of liquid watery stools and unpleasant sensations in the abdomen;

  • mild form – characterized by liquid stools up to 5 times a day, the disease lasts no more than 2 days, while the patient's well-being is quite satisfactory, slightly worried about fatigue and thirst;

  • cholera of moderate severity, in some sources it is also called dehydration of the 2nd degree. In this form of the disease, cholera progresses rapidly, in addition to frequent defecation, the patient is concerned about vomiting, which is not accompanied by nausea. There are obvious signs of dehydration of the body, such as unbearable thirst, the turgor of the skin decreases, the mucous membranes become pale, the amount of urine decreases significantly. At the same time, liquid defecation is observed up to 10 times a day, convulsions of the arms and legs, moderate tachycardia and hoarseness of the voice are possible. Cholera in this form lasts about 5 days;

  • severe form or 3rd degree of dehydration is characterized by pronounced symptoms: repeated loose stools and vomiting. Convulsions in the abdomen and extremities, the voice becomes weak, barely audible. The skin of the feet and palms acquire a wrinkled appearance, facial features sharpen on the face: eyeballs fall in, cyanosis of the ear lobes and lips is observed. Tachycardia reaches 120 beats per minute. Pulse is thready, blood pressure decreases;

  • a very severe form is characterized by the rapid development of cholera, which begins immediately with non-stopping vomiting and loose stools. Just a few hours later, the patient's body temperature drops to 35 degrees. There is severe weakness, shortness of breath and anuria, drowsiness can develop into a coma. The skin becomes ashen, the body continuously cramps, the stomach is drawn in, the gaze becomes unblinking.


Cholera Complications.

In severe cases of Cholera, specific complications may develop:

  • cholera typhoid manifests itself in the form of diphtheria colitis, while rashes are possible on the skin, as with measles;

  • chlorhydropenic uremia, which is usually accompanied by renal failure.

Nonspecific complications in cholera occur when a secondary infection is attached. Cholera is most often complicated by focal pneumonia. If a large amount of fluid is lost, hypovolemic shock may occur.
With untimely therapy, cholera has a high percentage of deaths.



Prevention of Cholera.

It necessary to distinguish Cholera from food toxicoinfections, it must be remembered that it begins with diarrhea, which is joined by vomiting, is not accompanied by an increase in body temperature and abdominal pain.

But salmonellosis, for example, develops with the appearance of vomiting, which is later joined by diarrhea, characterized by fever, often abdominal pain of a spilled nature.

Transferred cholera does not leave immunity, so reinfection is possible. The main preventive measures include:

  • drink only purified or boiled water;

  • do not swim in dirty or unfamiliar reservoirs;

  • wash your hands thoroughly after going to the toilet and before cooking;

  • vaccination of people in outbreaks of cholera;

  • to disseminate information among the population about the location of points of immediate medical care in the places of the outbreak of the disease;

  • to carry out activities aimed at distributing materials on the prevention of cholera;

  • when cholera foci are detected, multisectoral response measures should be taken quickly and immediately.


Cholera Treatment is Official medicine.

With timely access to a doctor, cholera is quickly curable. On the first day, up to 6 liters of oral rehydration salts are prescribed to patients to compensate for a large loss of water. For severe patients, in order to avoid dehydration shock, intravenous infusions are prescribed at the rate of 1 liter per 10 kg of patient weight.
Antimicrobial agents are sometimes used to combat diarrhea. Enterosorbents are also successfully used in therapy.


Diet for Cholera.  

cholera_dietaA cholera patient with diarrhea and vomiting loses a lot of water, trace elements, vitamins and protein, so nutrition should be aimed at:

  • stimulation of the body's defenses;

  • reducing the load on the gastrointestinal tract;

  • removal of symptoms of intoxication;

  • compensation for metabolic disorders.

In the first 1-2 days of the disease, fasting and heavy drinking are indicated. Compotes of apples and pears, black currant juice, decoction of dried rosehip fruits, which differ in astringent effect, are recommended.

After normalization of the stool, an apple diet is shown, you should eat 1-1.5 kg of grated green apples without peel in 5-6 receptions during the day. The next day, you can add products to the diet that do not irritate the intestines: boiled semolina, rice or oatmeal porridge, mashed cottage cheese, low-fat dairy products, freshly squeezed juices, berry jelly.

Then, as the patient recovers, the patient's diet is expanded by boiled fish, meatballs and steamed cutlets, mashed porridges, low-fat and non-spicy cheeses. The food should be warm, the food should be fractional and frequent.


Acidic drinks prevent Cholera infection, and Alkaline drinks contribute to this. Do not drink alkaline mineral waters without a doctor's appointment.


Cholera Treatment by Folk remedies.

  • drink warm milk infused with dill seeds;

  • 300 g of birch buds pour 0,5 liter of vodka, take 30 g until the vomiting stops;

  • drink during the day as tea Herbal Disinfectant Collection;

  • relieve cramps with severe dehydration in the first day by rubbing the limbs of the patient with camphor alcohol;

  • to restore strength, the patient can be given dry red wine in small portions;

  • dissolve birch coals in water and give the patient to drink in small sips.


Dangerous and Harmful products for Cholera.

chjlera_zaprecheno_dietaIt is necessary to exclude from the patient's diet stimulants of the secretory function of the stomach and gastrointestinal tract as a whole, as well as products with cholesterol, so abandon:

  • vegetables and fruits as sources of fiber;

  • legumes, except asparagus beans;

  • sour berries and fruits;

  • minimize salt intake;

  • meat and fish broths;

  • fried and fatty foods;

  • pure milk;

  • canned and pickled foods;

  • limit the use of egg yolks;

  • garlic and onion;

  • sweet pastries;

  • soda.

Cholera First aid - immediate disinfection and sorption of intestine for removing infection.




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