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Psoriasis prevention treatment

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psoriasis_blyashkiPsoriasis is a psoriasis, which is a non-communicable chronic disease - dermatosis, affecting the skin.

The usual manifestation of psoriasis expressed in appearance and overly dry red formations are raised above the surface of the skin (papules), which merge with each other to form a so-called plaque. These papules and are inherently sites of chronic inflammation, excessive lymphocyte proliferation, skin keratinocytes and macrophages.

The Psoriasis disease does not depend on gender. Psoriasis affects more than 2-4% of the total number of people. It can begin at any age, however, the practice, most of all - is the period of 15-25 years.


Psoriasis clinical picture.

Plaques (Pampula) often initially manifest themselves in the areas of skin that are prone to pressure and friction - the surfaces of the knee and the elbow and, also, on the buttocks. However, Pampulha can be located and occur in different areas of the skin, including, also, fibrous skin of the human head cover, the plantar surface of the foot, the palmar surface of the hand, the external genitalia.

In contrast with the disease of eczema rashes that hit the inner surface of the flexion of the elbow and knee joints, psoriatic plaques (pampula) are located on the outer surface of the extensor human joints.


Psoriasis is the disease.

Psoriasis is a chronic, fluctuating course having the disease. The degree of its severity can vary from small local lesions to fully cover all areas of the body Pampulha. Also, the tendency of disease progression over time.

In some patients, too, there is a continuous flow of the disease without spontaneous remissions. The defeat of the nail psoriasis may be also isolated and observed, even in the absence of apparent skin lesions. In addition to the above, psoriasis may also cause inflammation of the joints.


Psoriasis Diagnosis.


psoriasis_diagnostikaDiagnosis of the disease is usually based on a detailed survey of the outer skin. For the disease does not exist any special diagnostic procedures or special blood tests. However, in progressive and active psoriasis may be seen in a blood test abnormalities, it is a confirmation of active inflammation and autoimmunity. Data otnosjatsja endocrine disturbances and deviations in biochemical assays.

Sometimes, it is necessary to conduct a skin biopsy to rule out other skin diseases. Another characteristic feature of the disease is the manifestation of petechial hemorrhages and ease of bleeding under the skin of Pampulha (with its scraping). This is due to the fact that there is an acceleration of angiogenesis, as well as the pathological increase skin permeability and fragility of blood vessels in the parts of defeat.


Psoriasis species.


Псориаз причиныWhen deciding on the practical treatment of psoriasis the most we can help such classification, which will allow to evaluate the effect of manifestation of rashes and skin irritation. In general, it is better not to use drugs, with installed capacity of irritation in cases of unstable, irritating subtypes of psoriasis.

We often use terms such as psoriasis disease types 1 and 2. About a quarter of patients have type 2 psoriasis, in which the Koebner phenomenon is rarely positive. This type appears after 40 years and develops against the background of mild nature of the disease and the family HLA- associations. The remedy for Psoriasis Treatment.

Another part of patients refers to 1 type of psoriasis, an early manifestation of symptoms. This group observed a strong connection with such HLA- types as Cw6, A30, B13 or B57 / 17, has pronounced familial disease. In type 1 there is increased resistance to microbial infections of the skin, and the high frequency display Koebner phenomenon.

metodiy_lecheniya_psoriazaIn addition to the above there is also a classification of clinical and morphological gradient. Here about 95% of patients have a typical psoriasis (vulgar psoriasis). The rest of the sick have mixed versions of the so-called exudative (erythrodermic and / or pustular) strongly irritable of psoriasis. Folk treatment of Psoriasis.

Vulgar psoriasis is considered to be part of the spectrum of the disease, on the flanks of which are plaque psoriasis and more unstable and irritable eruptive-eczematous type that (especially) is common in children and adolescents, as the first manifestation of the disease. Pels cure for Psoriasis buy.

With considering polietiologichesky immunogenetic pathogenesis of psoriasis the first thing to do - is to eliminate the specific and nonspecific irritants cause. Exogenous factors include: friction and pressure on the skin, as well as various traumatic moments (burns, tattoo, insect bites, surgical procedures). The Muds applications.


Endogenous triggers can be grouped into five categories:


  • infectious diseases (such as tonsillitis, osteomyelitis, HIV etc.);

  • metabolic disorders (obesity, hyperlipidemia, hypocalcemia);

  • drugs (interferon, beta receptor antagonists and others.);

  • harmful substances (alcohol, nicotine etc.);

  • special local factors (eg, swelling of legs).

Do not forget that the factors of physical stress can cause exacerbation of psoriasis, or even contribute to the manifestation of the disease. The newest treatment for psoriasis buy.

Therefore, great importance for the patient's daily activities of reorganization measures, the use of psychotherapeutic practice and meditating.


Psoriasis treatment by Todicamp.

todicamp_vs_psoriazThe reception inside. To take, starting with 9 drops of tincture three times a day, increase to two drops daily, and to bring to the Calculated Dose (Estimated Dose of 1 drop of extract TODIKAMP® 2 kg weight of the patient), continuing to take this amount three times a day.

Reception of the extract is carried out not later than 30 minutes before meals or no sooner than an hour after a meal. The extract is preferably mixed with pumpkin or hemp oil in the ratio of 3:1.

The course is: 2 months, and then take a break of 4 to 6 days before starting the next course. Following the course you can start with 15 drops.

External use. Flick of the fingers to RUB the extract TODIKAMP® into the skin in problem areas two to three times a day. After a few minutes of rubbing you can lubricate these parts with vegetable oil or a moisturizing cream, as the extract dries the skin.

Recommended: 1-2 times a day rubbed extract TODIKAMP® in back area on both sides of the spine, legs from the knee down as well as rubbing them the feet that really activates the function of all internal organs since they have the projection on the foot and spine.


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