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Joints Arthritis Osteoarthritis Osteochondrosis Gout Sciatica Spine Oncology Treatment Prevention folk medicine store. Joints Cleansing Restoration of cartilage tissues and skin at home by health extracts.

We all get sick periodically - from early childhood to old age, the human body is attacked by bacteria, viruses, its health is undermined by infections, stress, adverse environmental factors. However, no matter what, a person wants to be healthy - and this is a natural desire.

How to restore health, resist diseases and at the same time not take a huge amount of "chemistry"?

Treatment with folk remedies, herbs and herbal preparations, juices, syrups and fruits, infusions and tinctures, honey and bee products - this is the most adequate answer and an alternative expensive pharmacological drugs.

Prevention of diseases, cleansing the body of toxins, cleansing joints, proper nutrition - these are the very keys to health and longevity, which have been polished and honed by folk wisdom for centuries.


Joint Diseases - Main causes.

Joint diseases are in third place in prevalence after diseases of the digestive and circulatory organs. Data from recent medical studies suggest that 25% of the world's population is susceptible to various diseases of the joints.
Every year, joint diseases "get younger", and serious diseases of the musculoskeletal system are very often diagnosed in patients younger than 30 years.

sustaviy_prichiniy_boliFirst of all, this is due to the lack of regular sports, sedentary work. However, sports at a professional level very often leads to problems with joints, therefore, a reasonable golden mean is needed in everything.

Excess weight is another very important reason that creates prerequisites for the development of joint lesions.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer unequivocally the question of what factors lead to joint diseases. This is also traumatism: blows, severe dislocations, sprains, without which our life cannot do. These are both chronic diseases and infectious diseases and disorders of the enzymatic and endocrine systems.

Very often, problems with joints arise due to hypothermia and impaired blood supply to the tissues around the joint. A sharp focal or constant exposure to cold has a negative effect on the cartilage tissue. Genetic predisposition should not be discounted either.

Finally, it's just old age: over time, joints and cartilage wear out, lose their ability to resist loads and gradually begin to collapse.

Signs of poor joint performance are:

  • joint swelling;

  • joint pain;

  • seals on the bones;

  • pain radiating to the groin;

  • gait change, slight limp;

  • limitation and stiffness of movements;

  • characteristic crunch that occurs in diseased joints;

  • degradation of muscles around diseased joints.



Joints Diseases - varieties.

Modern joint treatment clinics face various diseases that are associated with joints. The most common are arthritis and arthrosis, but mixed forms are not excluded:

sustaviy_bolyFor arthrosis, serious lesions of articular cartilage and all related bone parts are noted. The very first symptoms of arthrosis are temporary pain in the groin area, which can spread along the front or side of the thigh, descending to the knee area.

For arthritis, inflammatory reactions occur in the joints, which can be infectious or non-infectious. For example, in the process of rheumatoid arthritis, small joints suffer, and rheumatoid polyarthritis belongs to the category of chronic diseases.

In addition to these diseases, urgent joint treatment may be necessary for patients who have been diagnosed with the following:

Gout is a chronic disease that manifests itself as a result of a violation of purine metabolism. In women, this disease most often manifests itself at the age of 60 and is associated with kidney diseases, oncology, psoriasis.

Men face damage to the joints of the foot, most often it concerns the big toes.

Osteoarthritis refers to progressive diseases of a chronic type, as a result of which there is a degenerative change in cartilage and damage to absolutely the entire joint.

Osteoporosis is a rheumatic disease of the skeleton, which increases the risk of bone fracture.


Cleansing Of Joints.

Due to poor blood circulation, various salts can be deposited in the joints, which then form dense salt cones. This process is painless and gradual, so a person does not notice the irreversible processes taking place in his body.

But over time, the deposition of salts in the joints makes itself felt, responding to pain in the knees, elbows, feet. Joints lose elasticity and strength, diseases begin to develop – polyarthritis, osteochondrosis, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary cleansing the joints from time to time from the formed salts and slags.

In fact, human joints are very regenerative, they are able to recover on their own, like the tail of a lizard. You just need to help them a little in this - to free them from the "stuck" orthosols on them and the process will go on its own.

Due to do this, you need:

Cleansing the tissues from the excess of damaged cells formed as a result of trauma caused by osteophytes, resulting in infection, autoimmune (rheumatoid, etc.) disorders. To do this, it is necessary to strengthen the lymph flow and circulation of synovial fluid.

Improve the blood supply to the tissues of the joint, which will lead to a natural improvement in cell nutrition. As a result, the process of premature cell death will stop, the restoration of cartilage tissue, synovial membrane, normalization of the composition of synovial fluid is stimulated, etc.

Restore tissue innervation. Impaired conduction of nerve pathways from the spinal cord to the joint can sometimes be the main cause of the disease.


Joint Diseases - Basic rules.

With age, the human body changes. The musculoskeletal system is no exception, which undergoes these changes quite early. Joint pain and weak bones seem to many of us to be a natural and inevitable result of aging of the body.

In order to maintain your joints in a normal condition, it is necessary to adhere to and comply with the following points:

1. Diagnostics of the musculoskeletal system.
2. Cleansing the body.
3. Joints Cleansing.
4. Therapeutic and preventive therapy.
5. Proper nutrition.
6. Therapeutic massage.
7. Joint gymnastics.


Remember that joint diseases are one of the most common causes of temporary disability of a person. Neglected situations lead to disability.



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