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Treatment of Athlete's Foot

Treatment of athlete's foot Archipelagos Recommendations Properties buy store of traditional medicine. Fungus Treatment of the feet in the home folk remedies.

Sweating of the feet, in fact, is release of spoiled juice infecting pus and blood vessels. This is the cause of a nasty smell repulsive all others from the patient.

Hyperhidrosis of feet - a fairly common disease. Although few people know that this term is not hiding nothing like excessive sweating feet (or rather, sole of the foot).


What are the symptoms of hyperhidrosis feet.

gipergidrozGiperpotlivost feet - it is a disease, and it should be treated. Most interesting is that many suffer from a lifetime of excessive sweating of feet and do not even know that a few simple medical manipulations can get rid of it forever (or at least significantly reduce the unpleasant manifestations of this disease).

Stop excessive sweating in their manifestations very similar to hyperhidrosis of the palms. And if excessive sweating of hands creates great difficulties with the work (there are traces on paper, objects, small details slip out of the hands), the plantar hyperhidrosis gives people the problems of another nature.

Constantly wet feet do the discomfort the person constantly feels it and can not help thinking about it. More suffering brings the smell, which appears shortly after the legs were washed and dried. Normal sweating of the feet also gives a bad smell (or rather, it is produced fungi and bacteria that thrive in wet conditions).

However, when strong perspiration odor is faster because perspiration exceeds 4-5 times normal, and sometimes even stronger. Of course, the smell feels not only its owner, the surrounding is also inconvenience. The patient is aware of this, sometimes on this ground arises and develops neurosis, then there have to go to a therapist and take sedatives.

The patient has to change socks several times a day - this is a clear indication of hyperhidrosis. Feet are often colored or color socks or shoes in color - a fact only confirms the diagnosis. Patients complain and that the socks wear out quickly. In addition, the feet are often observed wear, they also deliver a lot of trouble.


Types of hyperhidrosis feet.

All hyperhidrosis can be divided into two types: local and generalized (total).

At local hyperhidrosis sweating is limited to one or two areas (armpits, palms, face). In a generalized form is then covered the entire body, regardless of what caused the attack sweating.

Hyperhidrosis of feet, you guessed it, it refers to a localized form. But it is often associated with sweating palms and underarms. Therefore, treatment is often suitable for all kinds of localized hyperhidrosis.


Diagnosis of the disease.

gipergidroz_lechenieDiagnosis hyperhidrosis difficulties does not represent, unless hyperhidrosis foot is a result of another disease, by the way, the list of such diseases has dozens of:

  • tuberculosis;

  • endocrine disorders;

  • cancer;

  • AIDS;

  • some inherited metabolic disorders.


How to get rid of athlete's foot.

Many sources only describes how to make the prevention of this disease (pour soda; do foot baths, using different spices). However, this is only the prevention rather than treatment.Foot treatment folk remedies.

For the treatment of athlete's foot in the national way, you need to dissolve and remove from our bodies rotting and bad juices. After that, you must strengthen your skin and blood vessels, which are affected by the rottenness of these juices. The agent for treating athlete's foot.

The best means to deal with sweaty feet - use broth hay dust or pine collection. Doing packs or wraps with these charges, we get rid of painful juices, strengthen and heal your skin.


AntiGiperGidroz application.

AntiGinerGidroz - natural extract (decoction of pine collection).

In a 100 ml collection soak socks c / b, put them on top of the leg and wear wool socks. Cover the legs with a warm blanket and just continue to go about their business. After 30 min. remove the socks, put clean wool socks and go to bed. The procedure is performed before going to bed.

Course of treatment: 19-21 days.

In order to strengthen the skin and blood vessels is recommended to do foot baths using this collection (2-3 times / week).

Hyperhidrosis feet as a distinct disease, successfully treated (methods a lot) and to choose suitable for you.


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