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Pine Cones Tincture

Pine Cones Tincture

Pine Cones


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Pine cones properties.

sjsnovie_shishkiLong been known that a larger number of useful properties of plants are concentrated in the seeds. Pine, reserve, accumulate biologically active substances, concentrating them in the period (spring - winter) in the cones. Vitamins, phytoncids, tannins, essential oils, magnesium and selenium, iron are the treasures of this small coniferous pantry.

Therefore, pine is an excellent raw material for medicines, since almost all its components, and bark, and pine needles, and flowers are used in medicine for preparation of extracts. 

Medicinal properties of young green pine cones were first used to treat people in the Caucasus, the inhabitants of which,from of old, are famous for their good health and longevity, an important role is played by the systematic use of infusions, decoctions and other extracts green pine cones.

Pine cones applications.

All components of pine, and in this case, cones are composed of a large quantity of resinous substance and contain plenty of various macro - and micronutrients. Their composition is and borneol, bornylacetate, and compounds of terpene series, and aromatic substances, etc.

Rich chemical composition of pine cones made it a valuable component for a large number of natural extracts health. Tinctures and infusions, in the main composed of green pine cones, have expectorant effect, diluting viscous mucus contained in the bronchi, as well as, increase diuresis, serve as a diuretic funds.

Pine cones are also rich in biologically active substances that affect the human body, as anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents. This allows their use for the treatment of pneumonia, bronchitis and even such diseases as tuberculosis.

Pine cones are used also for the treatment of rheumatism, treatment and prevention of strokes. However, in this case to self-medicate is not necessary, without consulting with your doctor.

The use of pine cones is possible in the treatment of respiratory diseases, joint diseases, for cleansing the body, as a remedy against scurvy. Components contained in this natural healer, enhance immunity, help prevent tuberculosis infection.


Pine cones contraindications.

Like all medicines, made of plant-based extracts, tinctures and decoctions of the green and mature pinecones have contraindications to the use of the main of which are kidney disease, hepatitis, pregnancy, age (younger than 7 years).

Individual intolerance to the components will add to the above contraindications. Avoid large doses. Otherwise, you may receive a headache or the symptoms caused by inflammation of the stomach.




Tincture of pine cones composition.

sosnovie_shiski_sostavTincture of pine cones (green) includes in itself the following ingredients:


Tincture of pine cones properties.

Tincture of pine cones (green) has the following effect:


Tincture of pine cones application.

sosnovie_shishki_primenenieTincture of Pine cones (green) is used in the treatment of diseases:

Application: 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Volume: 250 ml.


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