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Clean Body.

Nowadays, unfortunately, there are fewer and fewer people with absolute, or rather, with normal health. This is the result of research conducted in industrially developed, i.e. the most environmentally polluted countries.

But this does not mean that we have to spit on ourselves and live out our lives hand in hand with diseases and ailments.

In order not to get sick, the great authorities of medicine (from Hippocrates, who lived 400 years before the new era, to Paracelsus, the famous healer of the XVI century) used various methods of purification, with which the human body was freed from toxins and toxins.

Official (Orthodox) medicine, presumptuously neglected the practice of treatment of ancient times and went the other way. Because of this, the experience of removing poisons and toxins to the misfortune of many patients was buried under a pile of dissertations and empty scientific vibrations.


According to official data, in the United States, every fourth person dies from drugs. Paradoxical! After all, these medicines are prescribed to them by specialists representing employees of Official Medicine!

And here is the result: the reason for about 80% of chronic diseases is that they are not cured in the initial acute stage, but are transferred through an unreasonably large amount of chemicals to a chronic state. Thus, it is not difficult to draw a simple conclusion that Official Medicine has learned well with the help of chemistry to "get rid" of the symptoms of the disease, leaving the cause of the disease inside a person (slags).

Paradoxically, Official Medicine itself has caused an increase in allergic diseases, respiratory diseases, skin diseases, nervous and emotional stress and other ailments caused by the use of chemotherapeutic and narcotic drugs, all kinds of vaccines and serums, ionizing radiation, high frequency currents, ultrasound, etc.


zdorovie_ochischenieSaturation with toxic substances of the important centers of purification of our body - the liver and kidneys - leads to their overload, which eventually violates their most important functions for cleansing the body.

But it is not only environmental poisons that threaten Human. Often, of our own free will, we introduce harmful substances and exciting poisons such as:

  • coffee;

  • strong tea;

  • tobacco and alcohol;

  • drugs and drugs.

They can cause us even more harm than the environment - at least, significantly aggravating it. This is where we - by ourselves - can make a difference!

To do this, all you need is a little bit - To become smarter!

Of course, in extreme cases it is impossible to do without the latest achievements, radiology, pharmacology, lithotripsy, physiotherapy, etc. But it is also clear that these expensive and highly targeted medical technologies very often do not so much treat us as cripple us.

Therefore, it should be remembered that our body has the ability to self-purify, which has not been used enough until now, whereas by activating it, it is possible to:


  • reduce the influx of poisons into the body;

  • slow down the accumulation of poisons and toxins in the body;

  • accelerate the elimination of poisons and toxins from the body.


Cleansing human body - why is it necessary?

Complete cleaning of the human body - one of the best ways to achieve beauty and health. Cleaning the body - a complex procedure, which occupies more than one week, or month, for years people act to the detriment of his own body. Cleansing the body you get the result, which will not be sorry.

oshischenie_organizmaParticular attention should be paid to health cleansing the body from parasites, alcohol, as well as cleaning after smoking.

The main thing to remember that in order to achieve complete success requires methodical and systematic. Procedures are performed from time to time - also will come in handy. However, for people who are really anxious and watching their health, it is important to know, do not need to wait for the arrival of the disease, then to treat it.

It is necessary to create such living conditions to these diseases, simply does not arise.

Purification of the human body is an important condition for maintaining health in modern conditions of life. This is how:

  • with modern food that is rich in many harmful substances;

  • with the process of self-purification of the body with which he was unable to cope on their own;

  • with the environment.

Choosing the right method of purification of the body, the order and sequence of cleansing our bodies are important to the efficiency and quality of cleansing for rejuvenation and health improvement. The procedure of cleansing procedure is very important.

Harmful substances penetrating into our body with food, water and air (via the gastrointestinal tract and lungs through the skin and mucous membranes). A major role also plays ingress of harmful substances contained in the food composition.

For example:

  • hormones in food products;

  • harmful food additives;

  • antibiotics in the products;


Our body tries to fight our environment against toxic aggression.

Most of the toxic and foreign substances derived from our body due to its self-cleaning(every living organism has a built-in protective cleansing mechanism for withdrawal of harmful substances that enter into it from the outside).

However, the onslaught of these toxins directly associated rapid development of technical progress of our lives are now so strong that the biological defense system of our body is unable to cope with it on their own. This contributes to a permanent deposition of the introduced dirt in the tissues, lymph and our bodies in the form of slag.

As a result, in a weakened body toxins, parasites populated, which further aggravate the situation, clogging up our bodies and even their toxic waste. It turns out - a vicious circle. Our body is not able to independently cleaned and, as a result - a self-cleaning protective mechanism no longer works. The body requires additional cleaning!


Cleansing human body - sequence.

Cleansing the lungs.

Purification of our lung is of paramount importance for the rejuvenation of the body, because the state of the light is affected as the air we breathe man, and the image of his life. Because air penetrates therein exhaust gases, dust, industrial emissions. Often we inhale the evaporation of household chemicals. Furthermore, our lung mucus accumulates, which is the result of poor nutrition and the use of harmful food consumption.

Purgation of intestines.

Also, one of the most important stages of purification of the body of toxins, toxins and other harmful substances is purgation. This purification can be carried out at the rate of complete purification of the body, as well as separately.

Cleansing the liver.

An important point of cleansing the body of toxins, toxins and other harmful substances is and cleaning our liver, which affects the healthy functioning of all organs of the body. Our healthy liver - it is our blood healthy, clean out the toxins, bacteria, toxins of viruses, and various poisons and harmful substances that we get a "high-quality" food.

Kidney Cleansing.

Kidney Cleansing of the body - the next phase of cleaning the body, because kidneys are one of the most important organ for the maintenance of an optimal state of the internal environment of the human body.

Cleansing the body of toxins.

Now that we have correctly and consistently carried out the purification of our intestines, did cleaning the liver and kidneys, it is necessary to clear the whole of our body fluid (intracellular fluid, blood and lymph.) from the slag.

Cleansing of the joints.

Our Joints are clogged by different salts (mainly, calcium salts). This is due to circulatory disorders of small blood vessels.

Skin cleansing.

The skin is both absorbent and excretory human body. Therefore, the skin should be cleaned both inside and out. The state of human skin is directly related to the general state of the organism. You can not clean the skin without completely cleansing the body. In addition, we can say that consistently cleansing the entire human body - is cleaned and significantly improves skin condition.

Cleansing vessels.

In our vascular walls deposited inorganic salts and other precipitation, from which plaques are formed, in consequence of which vessels are elastic and not lose flexibility. Based on the fact that the vessel is primary role in the supply of nutrients and oxygen to all the cells and organs of the body, they may cause pollution to a wide variety of diseases.

Purification of parasites.

Based on statistics, about a third of the population suffers from parasites, as People sometimes even unaware of their presence in the body. However, parasites can be the source and cause many chronic diseases!

Recent research scientists have shown that 90% of the world's population affected by pathogenic microorganisms that cause the most dangerous disease gradually destroys the human body!

It is important to know that with simultaneous purification from fungi and other pathogens, it is necessary to clean our body of worms. Otherwise, parasites, if they are present in the body begin to multiply more active, occupying vacant from fungi and other pathogens territory.


The principle of cleansing human body.

The method of blood purification, widely used in medicine - hemosorbtion, the meaning of which is to pass a person's blood through a special sorbent (absorbent). Sorbents are most commonly used synthetic coals. However, such a blood purification procedure can not be harmless to the human body.

In humans during a day it is released to ten liters of gastrointestinal juices. The liquid portion of juice - is filtered from the blood. In the lower sections of the intestine is re-absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, by periodically cleaning the gastrointestinal juices, we are, without any harm to our body cleanse the lymph and blood.

Importance influences enterosorbent exchange of lipids (fat) in the body. Total lipid (cholesterol and triglycerides), which are important in the development of diseases such as atherosclerosis, liver falls by about 30%. Similar changes may be observed in the heart and brain tissues.

Influence of cleansing our body enterosorbent on lipid metabolism is very essential. After application of the cleansing composition is a restoration of cell walls, in other words, recovering what seemed already destroyed.

As a result of prolonged enterosorption later, cell damage occurs, growth of connective tissue in the nerve centers and organs, less pronounced atrophy and vascular sclerosis.

In many cases, people for months or even years are treated, taking a handful of pills and no health effect - not to be seen. But, properly the course of cleaning the body conducting, many of them - completely recover.


Concluding, we can say that most of the research, and simply, life observations with all its unmistakable indication that the cleansing of the body - it is not just a "fairy tale" healers, charlatans, and mandatory and integral part of a healthy lifestyle.



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