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Homeopathy Treatment homeopathic remedies store of traditional medicine. Homeopathic extracts the order at low prices.


Homeopathy what it is.

The main principles of homeopathy were withdrawn by its founder - German physician, pharmacist and chemist Samuel Hahnemann. Conducting experiments with cinchona bark, he found that in concentrated form, it causes the same symptoms that cures being diluted to very low concentrations.

That this phenomenon and brought a German scientist at the idea that this effect can be characterized also for other substances. Experiments have confirmed his guess.
And so was born the basic tenet of homeopathy: "Such - cures like".

The main claim to homeopathy - is it not enough proven effectiveness. Scientists rely on only the results of clinical research was carried out according to the rules of evidence based medicine. It's a long time remained "weak point" of homeopathy. Why?

Reason number 1. Classical homeopathy focuses not on evidence, but on the symptoms. Pick 10 people with the exact same symptoms - is extremely difficult, and for a serious study of these volunteers - we need hundreds. From the point of view of complex homeopathy, which operates the testimony - is much easier to do. That is why now the largest number of major publications devoted precisely complex extracts.

Reason number 2. Basic principle of homeopathy to treat not the disease, and the patient with specific symptoms. Individualized therapy, which assigns a homeopath, it is very difficult to fit into the strict framework of the standard of clinical research.

Reason number 3. Even large companies - manufacturers are not able to invest enough money in a large number of clinical studies, as the cost of serious study on a large cohort of patients starting from the numbers - 100 thousand euros. A homeopathic extracts - thousands.


How homeopathic remedies are made.


Lechenie_gomeopatiey Take 1 part of the substance. Thoroughly mixed with 9 parts of alcohol and vigorously shaken ten times. This is called in homeopathy - "dynamization". Then, 1 part of the resulting solution is mixed with 9 parts of alcohol, and the process is repeated as many times as necessary to obtain the desired dilution (potency).

For example, to prepare the sixth decimal potency chamomile, this process is repeated six times. Then, the resulting substance is applied to the sugar spheres used in the form of droplets or added to the ointment.

Homeopaths believe that by shaking, a solution is given to a new quality. Changed similarly solutions have completely different effects than simple dilution to the same concentration. The reasons for this phenomenon - still being studied.


As homeopathy treats.

Anyone who was treated by a homeopath at least 1 time, remembers the classic doctor's recommendation - to dissolve the pellets under the tongue. The components incident on the oral mucosa and intestine to act on receptors of immunocompetent cells and promote their conversion to different types of lymphocytes.

Once in the lymph nodes, these cells "teach" others, immature lymphocytes and thereby form - an immune response. Even a small dose of the starting material (such as time, which is used in homeopathy) is able to stimulate the immune system, healing as individual symptoms and the disease entirely.

Some homeopathic extracts well with viruses. This Engistol, Girel, Euphorbium compositum. Others have a good effect on the articular cartilage, improving its elasticity, treat the symptoms of osteoarthritis. Third, improve blood circulation, thereby - treat dizziness. Fourth, protect liver cells against heavy metals (lead and cadmium, etc.) and viruses.
Disease treatment.

In some CIS countries homeopathy included in the number of traditional treatments. In the West - homeopathy included in the list of methods of complementary and alternative medicine. It can complement conventional medicine, in the treatment of certain diseases and in some cases - to replace it.

Nowadays popular scheme of complex treatment in which homeopathic extracts are used along with the usual. With the help of homeopathy possible:

In collaboration with allopathy, homeopathy can create new dosage forms. Homeopathic extracts are perfectly combined with acupuncture and other methods of reflexology.

An important plus sign homeopathy - the possibility of its combination with virtually any extracts (after microdose not affect the action of the latter). However, almost all doctors still recommend taking homeomorphic and allopathic means in turn: for example, some of them - to the food, the other - after half an hour.


The practical application of homeopathy.

Homeopathy treatment can be shown to anyone who suffers from:


They may be combined with various choleretic, diuretic extracts, as well as anti-inflammatory agents.

In this case, homeopathy is a secondary tool, which aims to improve the overall tone of the human body to restore its protective forces (immunity).

These extracts contain the exact amount of the drug and it clearly facilitates their correct reception. A positive factor is the constant monitoring of these extracts on the toxicity and dosing.


Contraindications to homeopathy.

Protivopokazaniya_gomeopatii The main contraindication - incorrect application of extracts. If there is no assurance of compliance with exactly the specified time when taking homeopathic remedies, it is better not to start taking them.

Modern drugs are not manufactured to such high doses that may cause side effects, but they still possible. If the disease suddenly started to progress, you need to stop taking the extract.

Acceptance of sweet dragees is contraindicated in patients with diabetes. In this case, you should take homeopathic extracts in the form of drops or suppositories.

Homeopathic extracts contraindicated persons smoking and receiving products containing alcohol. Also, very important - pay attention to diet during therapy. It should be deleted from the coffee. If you find it difficult to give up the drink, you have to drink it with milk (or cream). To date, homeopathic extracts tested in clinical trials and therefore - sold in pharmacies.



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