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Human health in an Unhealthy world

Monday, June 19, 2017 8:44 PM

The Causes Of Human Diseases


Factors influence the Process Functions of the Human Body that Affect palenie Diseases. The basic principles of Proper Nutrition and maintaining Biochemical Balance of Healthy Lifestyle.


The Human Body and its Nature.

Modern human, because of rampant medication becomes indifferent to itself and does not consider it necessary to examine his body.

Health is not a pill, swallowed that, you have nothing else to worry about. 

Health is the pinnacle of what every man should overcome himself. And this man is not alone because Nature itself gave him a good friend and assistant - Plant.

Plants are the main suppliers of vitamins, minerals, aromatic substances and organic acids. Vitamins, by themselves, are not sources of energy or construction material, but nevertheless are essential for the body.

Their main property is the ability to speed up chemical reactions occurring in the cells of the body, i.e. they are the biological catalysts. Vitamins - a building material for enzymes necessary to ensure and 
physiological biochemical processes in the body. Remadee they take part in the process of metabolism, they are monitored to our inner life passed correctly and actually could exist. Without these intermediaries, no HEALTH.

In the body vitamins or not formed or synthesized in small quantities. They come from food. Vitamins is irreplaceable. Each of them need a certain amount, and in case of their absence or lack of the body from faltering.

Insufficient consumption of vitamins in the winter and especially early spring, is one of the causes of reducing the body's resistance to various diseases. And no synthetic drugs can't replace and fully compensate for the deficiency of vital substances, organic acids, enzymes, fiber, pectin, vitamins, etc.

Absolutely proved the feasibility of eating mostly plant foods. Observations show that in those areas where the diet is dominated by plant foods, people get sick less and live longer.

Medicine, healing by natural means, a lock on the whole sick body, as a whole, as it stands on the view that ill not some separate entity, but in each case the whole human body.


Your food should be medicine and your medicine should be your food.

Your body is composed of billions of microscopic cells, the state of which depends on your existence. They need a living, active power. And only depends on you, good or bad you are taking food nourishes your body.

Basic principles of nutrition.

pravilnoe_pitanieThe main key to the effectiveness of nutrition your body is life, contained in your food and of those intangible elements known as enzymes (enzymes). In other words, the elements that enable a body to eat and to live, those elements which are enclosed in the seeds and sprouts of plants and are the basis of life.

These are complex substances that promote digestion and the absorption of her blood. Knowing this, we understand why our food should be intelligently selected, why it should be raw and unprocessed. Enzymes where life.

Enzymes are sensitive to temperatures above 47°С. They become inert when the temperature is above 49°С, as the human body becomes languid and relaxed in the hot tub. At a temperature of 54°С - the enzymes are killed.

Cells and tissues of the body have their own enzymes, which interact with each other in the process of digestion and assimilation of food. In the body there are many enzymes, of which twelve are involved in the digestion and absorption of incoming food, but with the assistance and participation of enzymes in the food.

Food should be living, or organic, as of mineral substances, so they can be absorbed by the body to restore its cells and tissues.

Naturopathy - way of life.

Naturopathy is a system of therapy and treatment that relies (solely) on natural remedies, such as water, sunlight, air, supplemented with diet and therapies such as massage. However, sometimes assigned to such unnatural treatment, such as hydrotherapy (asthma and arthritis).

Naturopathy is based on the belief that the body self-healing. The body repairs itself and recover from illness spontaneously if the person is in a healthy environment. Naturopaths say about many remedies and give advice for creating a healthy environment in which the body can heal itself.

Many people think naturopathy something like a mixture of harmful self-medication and quackery. But it is only those who has no idea neither about the essence of naturopathy, nor its methods, nor the results.

In fact, naturopathy today is one of the areas of medicine that combines traditional medicine and classical methods of treatment.

Naturopathy has become a lifestyle of people who every day look after their health and adhere to natural methods of healing. They lead a healthy lifestyle that includes proper nutrition, regular exercise, exposure to fresh air, treatment folk methods, etc. In the diet there are natural bee products, juices, vegetables and fruits.


Naturopathy and the Human Body.

lechenie_prirodoyFrom birth the human organism is endowed with a huge capacity to heal itself. And, if you put this property in person, by such natural factors as healthy eating, juice, diet, physical activity and hydrotherapy, fresh air, regular hours of work and rest, many years to maintain excellent health, high vitality and longevity.

From the point of view of naturopathy, the man is part of nature, and when he violates the laws of nature, and there are various diseases. Doctors-naturopaths believe that in order to cure diseases power you need to look for in the man, so they try to strengthen the body's defenses, in order to fight disease.


According to naturopaths, is exactly the wrong way of life is the cause of the disease, and only a natural treatment with minimum medications may help the body.

Naturopathy supports the natural methods that help the human body get rid of stones and impurities, poisons and toxins, increases the resistance of man to the external manifestation of the environment, to increase protection against microbes and viruses, and many other factors.

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