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Diet for quick weight loss


Diet for weight loss


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The problem of excess weight.

In recent years, appeared and disappeared without a trace all sorts of bizarre developments in the field of nutrition, but the General medical advice about a healthy lifestyle, remained as before: stick to low-fat type of food, move more... and never, in any case, do not skip meals. During this period the level of obesity worldwide have risen very rapidly.

An important point in the question of the normal functioning of the body - the problem of excess weight.

lishniy_vesMost often, it occurs as a result of dysfunction of individual systems of the body (incorrect operation of the gastrointestinal tract, stress, depression, etc.). Also, we must not forget about the tendency of the body to fullness. If you have problems with overweight or obesity, the person is not rarely observed side-diseases – cardiovascular disease, etc.

Therefore, maintaining a healthy weight is not just an aesthetic problem but also the question of first importance for the health of the body.

In considering this, it can be noted that to reduce the weight in the first place, I advise you to stick to a certain rhythm of life and physical activity, exercises and strict eating.

If you look at the situation sensibly, we all understand - if the sport was not a part of our lives before, it is quite difficult to make it so. Same goes for food. Few of us can afford the strict table, especially when part of the human life are the business meetings, rarely getting around without alcohol or even feasts.

Therefore, when addressing the issue of excess weight or obesity, on the front page once again go the natural extracts of folk medicine, baths for weight loss and herbal drugs, as their effect allows the soft to get rid of the causes which originated the problem.


Passive diet.

The basic principles of any diet food, of course, coincide with the principles of weight loss. Spent energy must exceed received. However, do not indulge in extremes.

For your information: normal people should get not less than 1700 Kcal per day. Among those calories consists of: 150 g protein, 100 g fat, 500 g carbohydrates. We can conclude that there can be all just stacked in this standard.

dieta_kremlThe latest fad among those who like to sit on a strict meal today is surrounded by an aura of mystery, the food American astronauts, also known under the alias diet.

It's called the Kremlin because of the fact that for some time her recipe was not disclosed, and the people there were only rumors of its miraculous results. When the hype surrounding its components products reached a peak, the menu was made public. All foods has a certain number of points (arbitrary units).


The most attractive is the lack of any bans on the consumption of meat, fish, eggs and alcohol, that is according to the table.

However much delusion about the "liberal" Kremlin diet - is not worth it. Although in the General information section and contains a record in its compliance with the 40 usd you can lose weight in 8 days on 5-6 kg, followed by a terrible warning, a killer for sweet lovers.

The most important condition for rapid weight loss is mild, nutritious and balanced diet and periodic cleansing of Your body.

Remember: one piece of sugar per day absorb Your entire daily diet.


Weight loss through cleansing.

The first thing to put in order your intestine. Pay attention to the elderly. Is, for example, grandma: thin legs, thin face, belly round like a backpack hanging from the front. Yes, there in the intestines pounds of fossilized feces!

It turns out that if the bowels are sluggish and it collects a lot of yucky, the body begins to build up fat around the intestines. This kind of gasket is not allowing to spread toxins through the intestinal wall into the body.

dieta_ochischeniemIf you cleanse the bowel, the body will burn excess fat. When the intestines are clean, the skin soft and supple, free of pimples and other vermin. When a bowel is "clogged", it is the leather takes on the task of elimination of toxins from the body to avoid self-poisoning.

After you will clean intestines will need to clean the liver. Soon after cleansing the colon. Otherwise, there may be a toxification of the body due to excessive splash of toxins in the blood. After cleaning the liver, you still "throw down" five pounds is guaranteed.

In China not for nothing called the Queen of the liver organs. If the liver in order that you are fresh and full of energy. Eyes and hair Shine and the skin affects the freshness! If you go to bed and in the morning you have a feeling that you are not only rested, but tired, it speaks of the intoxicated liver.

If you want to restore the intestinal flora necessary to free the bowel of mucus and old raids. Then, do not forget about the uninvited residents. If you have on the body are hanging moles, so in your gut guaranteed to be "live" polyps. Remove these villains surgically, but it is possible and enemas. For this approach enemas with celandine juice or enema evaporated urine. Everyone decides for himself what suits him.

If you choose the enema with the juice of celandine, you need to see with this method, so as not to hurt his ignorance. The fact that the juice of celandine has drying properties and after a certain number of enemas with celandine juice enemas are made with butter or milk. And it is possible to find information if desired. Yes, you need to strictly comply with the dosage!

Celandine is certainly Russian ginseng, but don't turn it into poison!

In conclusion, I would like to add that the best result in any power or the rate of weight loss can only be achieved in tandem with primitive morning physical exercises.


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