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Celandine Juice

Celandine Juice
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Celandine Juice treatment


Papilloma polyps gastritis gastric ulcer dvenadtsatiperstnoi intestine stomach cancer treatment the Juice of Celandine applying properties contraindications buy store of traditional medicine. Tuberculosis asthma lung cancer-cancer prevention treatment in the home folk remedies.



chistotelCelandine has long been considered a poisonous plant, which party even evade animals. But despite this fact, people found a way to extract the most benefit for yourself from this ugly flower.

Subject to the recommendations on the admission of extracts on the basis of celandine may stop the development of malignant cancers, cure diseases of internal human organs and improve skin condition.

Celandine has also the second name - Russian Ginseng. Such a title he has earned, thanks to the content in its composition a large number of substances necessary for the human body. Celandine is one of the few plants in nature, which is being very poisonous, and at the same time is very useful.

Important when using extracts, on the basis of celandine - compliance and strict adherence dosage administration, as well as - to listen to their own feelings.

Juice of Celandine properties.

Juice of Celandine (stabilized) has the following effect on the human body:

  • anticonvulsant;

  • anti-inflammatory;

  • analgesic;

  • bactericidal;

  • soothing;

  • antitumor;

  • ureternal;

  • choleretic;

  • wound healing;

  • varnishenal;

  • stop the development of malignant and benign tumors;

  • reduce pain.


Juice of Celandine application.

Juice of Celandine is used to treat the following diseases:


Dosage: Starting with 1 drop of 50 mg of water, gradually increase the dose to 1 drop and bring to 30 drops (in oncology - 2 teaspoons) 1 times a day to cure.

Microclysters: 5 ml per 100 g of warm water 1 time per day.

Vaginal Swabs: 2 ml per tampon 1 times a day for 2 hours.

Outer: lubricate papillomavirus, polyps, granulation 2 times a day (for 10 days).

Volume: 250 ml.

Shelf of life: 2 years.

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