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The Bolotov's Brew on Dandelion

The Bolotov's Brew on Dandelion

The Bolotov's Brew on Dandelion buy

Allergy Constipation Diabetes Cancer Gastritis Anemia Cirrhosis Giardiasis Urolithiasis Atherosclerosis prevention treatment of the Bolotov's Brew on Dandelion Properties Recommendations Application buy store traditional medicine. Gout Rheumatism Eczema Inflammation of lymph nodes treatment at home by health extracts.

The Dandelion is it.

oduvanchikDandelion is often perceived simply as a weed. However, in Europe, it is treated with great respect. In many countries (Holland, Japan, France, USA. India) whole plantations with dandelions bred. And so tenderly relate to each part of it. Nothing is wasted.

Salads, useful jam, healing wine, kidney preservation - this is not a complete list of what is made from a simple dandelion. Moreover, plantations are bred on an industrial scale. Dandelion is also called "yellow ginseng", due to its remarkable healing properties, which everyone should know about.


The Bolotov's Brew on Dandelion composition.

One of the medicinal products on the basis of the dandelion is the Bolotov's Brew, which contains the following components:

The Bolotov's Brew on Dandelion properties.

Dandelion medicinal (pharmacy) has a wide range of actions. The Bolotov's Brew on Dandelion has healing properties and has the following effect:


The Bolotov's Brew on Dandelion application.

oduvanchik_kvassRecently, the simplest and most famous dandelion is increasingly used to treat cancer in alternative medicine. The Bolotov's Brew on Dandelion is used in folk medicine for the treatment and prevention of the following diseases:

Also, the Bolotov's Brew on Dandelion helps to increase appetite and improve metabolism, increases milk production in nursing women.

When applied topically (under the plaster) removes warts and corns.

In Oncology, the Bolotov's Brew on Dandelion is used for treatment and prevention of: stomach cancer, liver cancer, treatment of malignant anemia, inflammation of the lymph glands.

Dosage: 1-2 tablespoons per 100 ml. boiled water 3 times a day before meals. (Shake before use).

Shelf of life: 12 months.

Volume: 500 ml.


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