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Oleoresin gastritis gastric ulcer sore throat bronchitis pneumonia lung cancer arthritis arthritic joints treatment cleansing of the body in the home store to buy a balm turpentine traditional medicine.

Despite the factor that the chemical composition of the pine and the amount of sulfur depends not only on the kind of wood, but also on the place of growth, it is, its composition and useful properties - is similar. This is due to the presence in it of turpentine, which is part of a sulfur pine trees and fir, cedar and spruce.


Useful properties of turpentine were known not only Slavic people, but also in Europe and in America.

Pine oleoresin, on an industrial scale, is produced by coating the wound surfaces. This method is called tapping. Wounds made in the tree, affects not only the upper layer of the cortex, but also wood. Part of the collected (produced) materials sent to the technical processing for the production of rosin, and the other part is used for the manufacture of medicinal extracts.

Medicinal properties of resin (turpentine) do not require extra proof.


The use of sap (turpentine) in folk and official medicine topically.

The sulfur conifers (turpentine) has a very complex and still davolno unique chemical composition. Its application is relevant in the treatment a large numberof diseases which are associated with a lack of mineral and vitamin complex of the human body, and in cases of severe infectious lesions, including skin.

There are many cases where the pine and fir sap, in the absence of disinfectants, promote healing severe wounds festered. Furthermore, a raw material fir turpentine to obtain an oil from which further camphor produced for outdoor use. Also, possible to prepare ointments from oleoresin at home.

Turpentine find a cure for various ailments, postpone aging and prolong life!

Outwardly, tempertinovy balm is applied in the form of impregnated pads, compresses, enemas, massaging and rubbing of the areas in need of treatment. Turpentine very well into the human body through the respiratory system (just enough to breathe above the water bath, which added a balm or aroma lamp with its addition).



Sap medicinal properties.

Sulfur conifers has:

Also, medicine is well aware of its embalming properties, promotes longevity and preservation of youth without the disease.

Turpentine ​​Balm has a beneficial effect on all systems of the human body, filling it with energy and body healthy at the cellular level.

Scientific research has proven that turpentine nourishes the blood cells of the human immune defense, serving for the destruction of pathogenic body. The main property of sap - the ability to recover and lead to the original wholeness of mind.




Diseases that can be treated using Turpentine Balsam:


  • wound healing (including septic), burns, venous ulcers, stretch marks, all skin lesions;

  • gastrointestinal diseases: gastritis, bacteria overgrowth, various ulcers, disorders of the chair, heartburn, hemorrhoids, eliminating the slagging;

  • lung diseases: tuberculosis, asthma, pneumonia;

  • common cold diseases: sore throat, nasal inflammation, runny nose, bronchitis;

  • diseases of the joints, bones, blood vessels: arthritis, gout, rheumatism, varicose veins, arthritis, dystonia, fractures, improves the excretion of salts and elasticity of joints;

  • brain disease and diseases associated with mental activity: memory disorders, atherosclerosis, impaired speech, restore exchange activities, the elimination of the consequences of stroke, circulatory disease, treatment of depression;

  • treatment of age-related changes: sagging skin, removes wrinkles, restores skin elasticity, pigment spots, reduces fatigue;

  • diseases of the genitourinary system;

  • dental diseases, mouth and gums.



Turpentine ​​Balm (Oleoresin) application.

For complete recovery of the whole organism carrying Siberian Cleaning recommended. For its implementation need pipette and 200 ml of 10% Turpentine Balm. The reception should be carried out in the morning 1 dose over 30 min. before meals and daily for 40 days, to increase the dose of 1 reception according regimen.


Turpentine Balm (Sap) contraindications.


  • The use of resin (turpentine balm) 10% is contraindicated in pregnant women and women lactating breast milk.

  • Sometimes, during the reception can be allergic reactions (reception should be stopped).

  • Possible aggravation of old diseases (the dosage should be reduced or terminate the process of cleansing the body for a few months in this situation). Repeated cleaning - cleaning process is much easier.

The composition of the balm:

  • pine sap;

  • thistle oil.

Volume: 250 ml.


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