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The Syrup Elderberry

The Syrup Elderberry

Syrup of Black Elderberry buy

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The Black Elderberry useful properties.

The use of elderberry is enclosed in its composition. This berry contains a significant amount of vitamins A, B and C, as well as iron, calcium, zinc, selenium, copper and other substances necessary for the body.

Useful properties of elderberry appreciate not only folk, but also official medicine. Elderberry flowers have an effective diaphoretic effect. Infusions of these colors are recommended for various colds such as flu, sore throat.

sirop_byziniyElderberry relieves cough and helps to restore the body as soon as possible. In addition, elderberry extract has a mild laxative effect, so it is prescribed in the presence of problems with the gastrointestinal tract. The use of elderberry has been proven in relieving the symptoms of rheumatism, radiculitis. It eliminates many skin diseases, helps with gout and kidney disease.

Elderberry is able to fight the deposits of toxins in the body. It is noteworthy that in the treatment of many and many diseases use all parts of this plant. Medicinal properties of flowers, berries, bark and roots of elderberry.

In cosmetology elderberry also found a use. Preparations, which include this berry return freshness and elasticity to the skin, have a beneficial effect on the complexion and structure of the skin, eliminate acne and pigmentation.

Culinary use of elderberry is no less diverse than its use for medicinal purposes. Elderberry is used to make jam, jam, jam, wine, compote, jelly, syrup. Of course, many refuse elderberry in exceptional taste, but it is proven and widely known that elderberry is able to improve the taste of our usual dishes.

The caloric content of elderberry is 73 kcal. 100 gr. Very often, elderberry flowers and berries are added to tea, which gives it not only an unusual taste and unique aroma, but also significantly increases the beneficial properties of this drink.


Syrup of Black Elderberry composition.

In its raw form, elderberry contains about 80% water and about 20% carbohydrates.  Less than one percent of berries contain proteins and fats. Elderberry is a rich source of vitamin C (ascorbic acid): one serving of berries contains more than 25 mg of vitamin C. Elderberry fruits also contain moderate amounts of vitamin B6 and iron.

Elderberry is rich in antioxidants, particularly polyphenols such as anthocyanins. The presence of polyphenols gives the berries a bluish-purple color.  In addition, the high content of antioxidants in elderberry is one of the reasons why this berry is so good for health.

The Syrup of Black Elderberry is very rich in nutrients and minerals. It is composed of:


Syrup of Black Elderberry properties.

Potentially, the antioxidant properties of flavonoids contained in black elderberry berries can help not only with viruses and colds, but also with allergies, regulation of blood glucose levels. Some note the potential of black elderberry in the treatment of diabetes and even cancer.

For colds, doctors recommend using black elderberry as a diaphoretic, antipyretic and expectorant. With diabetes mellitus, including complicated, it is recommended to take a decoction of elderberry roots.

The Syrup of Black Elderberry is used in folk medicine for the treatment of various diseases and has the following effect:


Syrup of Black Elderberry application.

Elderberry contains an incredible amount of vitamins, minerals, trace elements and tannins, which have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole and on individual systems in particular, help strengthen the immune system and ensure good health until old age.

Elderberry is used not only in folk medicine, the healing properties of the plant have been clinically confirmed.

The Syrup of Black Elderberry in folk medicine is recommended for using as a treatment for the following diseases:

Dosage: adults and children over 12 years - 1 tablespoon 3 times a day (you can dilute 1 Cup of warm water with honey). For children 6 to 12 years - 1 dessert spoon 3 times a day.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Volume: 200 ml.


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