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Juice of the Thistle

Juice of the Thistle
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Treatment by Thistle


Bronchitis Cystitis Diseases of the Skin Cough Whooping cough Anemia Hemorrhoids treatment prevention the Juice of Thistle properties application store to buy traditional medicine. Malignancy treatment prevention at home by natural extracts.

Thistle what is it.

sok_tatarnikaThistle (prickly thorn, buckwheat, cologne, thistle, burdock thorny) is a perennial plant with erect stem, often reaching 2 meters in height. The period of flowering of the Thistle is from June to August.

Thistle is quite actively used, both in official and in folk medicine. In medicine, flowers and leaves of the plant are used, the preparation of which is carried out during flowering of the Thistle. The leaves are cut along, and the flowers dry in the shade.


To use medicinal raw materials is suitable for two years after harvesting, it should be stored in wooden boxes.

A medicinal product based on a Thistle is used not only inward, but also as an external agent, for example, lotions and compresses are made from it for skin diseases (purulent wounds and ulcers).

Thistle is used to accelerate the process of rehabilitation of patients who underwent surgery to remove a malignant tumor.


The Juice of the Thistle composition.

Part of the Juice of the Thistle include:

  • alkaloids (0,05%);

  • saponins;

  • vitamin C (up to 92 mg%);

  • vitamin K;

  • smolny substances;

  • tanning substances;

  • bitter and other substances.

The Juice of Thistle properties.

The Juice of the Thistle has the following properties:

  • diuretic;

  • astringent;

  • hemostatic;

  • bactericidal;

  • blood-purifying;

  • cardiotonic;

  • anticancer;

  • increases the strength of cardiac contractions;

  • narrows peripheral vessels;

  • increases blood pressure;

  • increases the tone of smooth muscles.

The Juice of the Thistle application.

sok_tatarnika_primenenieThe Juice of the Thistle is used to treat the following diseases:

Especially: cancer of the uterus and for the prevention of metastases (cancer in lung) after the removal of tumors.

Receiving a dose: 1 teaspoon 3 times a day.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Volume: 125 ml.

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