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Syrups application

Syrups Medicinal Instruction Application Treatment buy store of traditional medicine. The Sweet Delicious Treatment of children adults diseases at home by extracts of health.

Medicinal Syrups - what it is.

Syrups are a harmonious synthesis of age-old wisdom, advanced technologies and the latest scientific research. For their basis of the production of taken ancient recipes, efficiency of which is proven centuries-old experience of folk medicine and modern technologies of processing of natural vegetable raw materials, allowing to extract the maximum of biologically active substances and vitamin complexes to their continued and balanced natural form.

Syrup is a dosage form, which is a concentrated aqueous solution of sucrose containing medicinal substances, dyestuffs, flavoring and perfuming agents.

Syrups are prepared by dissolving sugar when heated in water or in extracts from plant materials. Medicinal syrups are prepared by adding drugs (tinctures, extracts) to sugar syrup.

The resulting syrup is filtered and poured into dry sterile vessels. If necessary, the syrups can be added preservatives (alcohol, nipagin, nipazol, sorbic acid) or other substances permitted for medical use.


Syrups medicinal properties.

syrop_kupitFor the production of Syrups with spring water, which undergoes high-tech membrane purification. Complex action of active components of plants perfectly complement the pharmacological properties of citric acid included in the composition of syrups.

Citric acid as a source of alkaline components, helps to maintain the acid-alkaline balance, improve digestion, eliminate toxins from the body, reduces the absorption of glucose, cholesterol, toxic products which are formed in the large intestine as a result of the activities of putrefactive flora.

In addition, citric acid is involved in the synthesis of ATP - the main energy substrate of the body. Most natural and overall influence of syrups on the human body allows us to achieve excellent results, improve health, increase working capacity and quality of life.


Medicinal plant extracts imparted the taste of the syrup, which makes the use of this product as pleasant as possible for both children and adults.

Herbal syrup is thickened and sweet herbal infusions. In fact it is a very convenient way to use all the beneficial properties of herbs and not to prepare daily infusions and decoctions. Well, for children, of course, syrup like a lot more than teas as they are sweet, they can drink or add to tea.

Most often the syrups are made from bitter herbs, such as:


  • dandelion;

  • chicory;

  • tansy;

  • yarrow;

  • motherwort;

  • chamomile and so on.

Also, often made Medicinal Syrups from herbs, which are effective in cough, bronchitis, tonsillitis and colds:

  • flowers mother and stepmother;

  • the leaves of comfrey;

  • sage;

  • elderberry;

  • mullein;

  • pine buds;

  • wild cherry bark.

For cough syrups instead of sugar is better to use honey or do a mixture of half sugar and honey.


Medicinal Syrups application.

Syrups are prepared by mixing hot cooked herbal infusion with the sugar in equal proportions. Often for best storage of syrups and prevent fermentation, they add alcohol, but when syrups are designed for children - better stronger thicken and evaporate excess water.

Medicines often have unpleasant taste, so children don't like to accept them. So for children on the basis of medicinal raw materials preparing medicinal syrups. This medicinal raw materials are crushed, pour sugar and insist 3-7 days in a warm place, then strain. Dishes with home remedy should be well-sealed. Keep syrups to treat sore throats in children exclusively in the refrigerator.


Take syrups at 1-2 teaspoon 4-5 times a day with hot tea.

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