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Antitumoral preparations


Preparations for Oncology

Oncology treatment prevention in the home Anticancer drugs Todikamp property store to buy traditional medicine. Available in stock. Fast shipping. Acceptable price.
Treatment of cancer is based on the use of three basic methods are surgery, radiation therapy and pharmacotherapy or various combinations. 

Antineoplastic drugs are divided into several groups based on their chemical structure, the sources of the mechanism of action:

  • alkylating agents;

  • antimetabolites;

  • antibiotics;

  • hormone agonists and antagonists;

  • other alkaloids of vegetable origin;

  • monoclonal antibodies;

  • protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors;

and others.

Relatively recently begun to attract a lot of attention endogenous antitumor compounds. The effectiveness of interferons and other lymphokines (interleukins - 1 and 2) in some types of tumors.

Along with a specific inhibitory effect on the tumor, advanced antineoplastic effect on other tissues of the body and that, on the one hand, causes their unwanted side effects, and on the other - can be used in other areas of medicine.

Antitumoral preparations properties.

protivoopuholevyue_preparatyuOne of the major side effects of cancer chemotherapy is inhibition of blood, which requires precise control of dosage and mode of use of drugs; be aware that the depression of hematopoiesis is enhanced by combination therapy - a combination of drugs with radiation therapy and others.

Often there are nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, diarrhea, alopecia, and other possible side effects. Some antitumor antibiotics have cardio (doxorubicin and others.), Nephrotoxicity, dis-, hepato and neurotoxicity. In the application of certain drugs may develop hyperuricemia. Estrogens, androgens and their analogues and antagonists may induce hormonal disorders.

One characteristic of many anticancer drugs is their immunosuppressive action, accompanied by the development of infectious complications. At the same time, a number of anticancer agents (methotrexate, cyclophosphamide, cytarabine, et al.) are used as immunosuppressants in autoimmune diseases.

General contraindications to the use of anticancer drugs are severe leukopenia and thrombocytopenia, severe cachexia, terminal stage of the disease. The question of their use during pregnancy is solved individually. Usually, because of the risk of teratogenicity, these drugs during pregnancy is not indicated as breastfeeding (should stop breastfeeding).
Bowel cancer treatment.
For the treatment and prevention of cancer at home on our website includes such drugs as: Todikamp; Todikamp Cayenne; Succinic acid; Anticancer Vitamin B17 Amygdalin; new development of Domestic producers - FLARAXIN (FLARAXIN capsules and injectable FLARAXIN), which is well proved by himself as a drug that blocks the spread of metastasis; the newest tool in the fight with cancer - Dichloroacetate sodium; Hemlock tincture, which blends well with the drug in the treatment of cancer Todikamp, ​​while giving very good results; Tincture Biostimulator Alokar which is the most powerful anti-inflammatory tool; Apricot Seeds.

Are there safe and effective means for cancer treatment?

According to the American Dr. James Howenstine (Dr. James Howenstine, MD), who devoted most of his medical practice to study potential benefit and harm from modern methods of treatment, alternative effective therapies for cancer has been found, however, due to certain reasons they have not received recognition in the medical environment.

protevoopuholeviye_preparatiy_kupitAll the researchers have developed a cure for cancer, since toxins the doctor If in 1900 and ending with the antineoplastons of Stanislaw Burzynski, today there are tacit disapproval of doctors and the complete disregard by the media.

And if the media can find evidence of the existence of these drugs, to get detailed information about the properties and methods of application is almost impossible.

Dr. Howenstein claims that over the last century have been found at least a dozen safe cures for cancer. However, they never received recognition by the General public and many medical professionals are not even aware that they existed.

The pharmaceutical industry, which produces anticancer drugs, has such a powerful leverage that the media is receiving revenue from advertising pharmaceuticals, not willing to publicize cheap and safe anti-cancer funds.

The media surely keep the party recognized as standard therapy, with an emphasis on the fact that alternative methods can only bring harm.

Unfortunately, the same fate befell such a safe anticancer drug, as cesium chloride. Oncology, in the face of the leading experts in the field of treatment of malignant tumors, coldly greeted by this therapeutic method, citing a lack of clinical trials. Despite this, the results of some studies, thanks to the efforts of activists known today.
Apply anti-tumor agents only on prescription-oncologist. Depending on the particular disease and its course and the effectiveness of chemotherapy can vary portability scheme, dose, administered combination with other drugs, etc.

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