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Black Walnut Juice

Black Walnut Juice

Black Walnut

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Black Walnut is native to North America, so it is also called American. This is a very thermophilic plant. The appearance and taste of black walnut is similar to walnut, but the active substances in it are present in a higher concentration.

Black Walnut composition.

Black Walnut is considered a unique plant, because its relatives such as walnut, Manchurian, gray, Siebold walnut are not as pronounced as black.

chorniy_orehBlack walnut leaves are a source of such valuable substances:


The skin of an unripe black walnut is rich in vitamin C and provitamin A. In addition, it contains quinones, sugar and other active substances.

The kernels of a ripe nut fruit are 50-75% polyunsaturated fatty acids. Ripe black walnut properties are the most effective among all plants that give oil with vitamin F.

In the composition of black walnut there are also rare trace elements:


The main substance that made black walnut famous is Juglon. This element has the smell of iodine and has medicinal properties:

Yuglon is a natural antibiotic that stops the development of bacteria, removes toxins, parasites, promotes digestion, helps with constipation and diarrhea equally well, stabilizing the work of the intestines.

Tannins, which contain the fruits of the plant, can reduce skin irritation, relieve inflammation, protect and quickly heal wounds.

Black Walnut Juice properties.

The medicinal properties of black walnut are due to the healing substances that make up its composition. Due to the high concentration of juglon and polyphenol, black walnut is actively used against parasites, has a laxative and antifungal effect.

Tannins make Black walnut indispensable in treatment of skin diseases, as they actively contribute to the healing of damage and prevent further infection. This is famous for the juice of black walnut.

Tinctures, extracts and infusions of black walnut strengthen the walls of blood vessels, have an anti-sclerotic effect, and normalize blood pressure.

Preparations based on black walnut are actively used as antiparasitic agents. also, black walnut treatment is effective:


The juice and oil of black walnut has been used since ancient times for skin diseases, as well as for rickets in children. Tinctures, extracts and ointments from the bark of the black tree are used to treat tumors, ulcers and venereal diseases.

Special mention should be made of the use of black walnut in oncology.

oncologia_lechenieFor the first time, this effect was noted by the American naturopath Hilda Clark. She drew attention to the extremely high concentration of polyphenols and juglones in black walnut, which increased the body's resistance to the development of neoplasms.

For the treatment of cancer patients, Hilda Clark used a triplet consisting of a water-alcohol tincture of black walnut, cloves and wormwood. Black walnut is currently used for the treatment of oncological diseases, as well as some other diseases for which treatment with official medicine is not effective.


The triplet discovered by Hilda Clark is now used to treat fibroids, adenomas, fibroids, prostatitis, ovarian cysts, and polycystic kidney disease.


Juice of Black Walnut contraindications.

Treatment with black walnut is contraindicated:


Juice of the Black Walnut method of application.

Juice of the Black Walnut is used:

Externally - lubricate the affected areas of the skin 1-2 times a day;

Inside1 teaspoon per half glass of water 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals or an hour after meals.

In oncology - 1 tablespoon per half glass of water 3 times a day for 30 minutes before meals or an hour after meals.

Shelf of life: 2 years.

Volume: 250 ml.


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