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Protein Hydrolyzate MIGI-K

Protein Hydrolyzate MIGI-K

Mussel Hydrolyzate buy


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For a long time one of the most natural drugs (including seafood), which could improve the stability of a living organism to various damaging factors. Among such drugs of greatest interest is sea active bio-filter, which is the mussel, which contains a large number of biologically compounds and amino acids.

Mussels benefit.

midiya_lechenieMeat of mussels is full product, proteins, which are composed of a full range ofessential amino acids, as well as the whole set of amino acids that is essential to meet the needs of a living organism.

It is rich in trace elements, including rare elements, which content in mussel meat 10 times higher than the existing fish, and 50-100 times higher than their presence in the meat of animals. Value and digestibility of minerals is due to the fact that they are associated with biologically active substances.

That's why high biological value of raw materials (mussel) is saved in the production process of mussel hydrolysate MIGI-K (for particular technologies), which developed the all-Union research Institute of marine fisheries and Oceanography, jointly with Moscow state University. Lomonosov, Institute of nutrition AMS USSR and JSC "Ochakiv fish cannery".


The MIGI-K as a product intended for therapeutic and prophylactic use, approved by the State Committee on the fishing industry and fishing industry of Ukraine and approved by the Ministry Health of Ukraine.

Protein Hydrolyzate propeties.

MIGI-K - a dark-colored liquid with a smell reminiscent of mushrooms, taste salty, containing a complete composition of essential and nonessential amino acids, micro nutrients, other biologically important compounds, is a complete protein product. The product of high biological activity, are made using special technology of ecologically pure meat of the black sea mussels.

grip_koronovirus_zaschitaThere are 23 amino Acids, 9 of which are considered essential, i.e. they are not produced by the body and must be obtained from food.

The composition of mussel Hydrolysate contains 17 amino Acids, which allow to call this product universal.

This quality allows the use of Protein hydrolysate Mussel in various fields: as a sports nutrition, and as means of weight loss, and as a means of dietary nutrition, and as a universal therapeutic drug wide application.




Table of amino Acid content.
(the information is based on content of amino acids per 100 grams. product's).

Aspartic acid: 2,94-3,57%       

Threonine: 1,27-1,54%       

Serine: 1,47-1,68%       

Glutamic acid: 2,13-2,91%       

Glycine: 2,03-2,09%       


Alanine: 1,59-1,94%       


Cystine: 0,09%    

Valine: 0,85-1,03%       

Methionine: 0,77-0,99%       

Isoleucine: 0,70-0,87%       

Leucine: 1,85-1,93%       

Tyrosine: 0,91-0,37       

Phenylalanine: 0,92-1,16%       

Lysine: 1,88-2,37%       

Histidine: 0,17-0,35%       

Arginine: 1,31-2,67%       

Proline: 1,53-2,38%       


If you carefully study the composition of the Protein hydrolysate Mussel on the content of amino Acids in it, you will notice that taking this product, You will be able to get the whole Spector of essential amino Acids, both for Weight Loss and for Muscle Mass.

The results of these studies show that, in contrast to synthetic radioprotective agents - radioprotectors, which is very short and has only preventative action (they are introduced to the body 15-30 minutes before irradiation, optionally in the form of injections) of the hydrolysate, based on the mussel protein generates in vivo condition of increased resistance to irradiation process for the long term - not less than 2 weeks after taking the drug.

The application of the hydrolyzate effectively, as well and after irradiation.

The use of hydrolysate helps to improve the effectiveness of the standard radioprotector and other various drugs (medication). The hydrolysate is effective in the treatment diabetes of the SECOND type, excess cholesterol in the blood, some eye diseases, for normalization of the body functions in terms of the physical and emotional stresses etc.

Adding MIGI-K in the food, reduced the likelihood of inflammatory diseases of the upper respiratory tract revealed a more rapid healing of purulent postoperative complications and inflammation of another kind, normalize the process of hematopoiesis.

The use of mussel hydrolysate allows cancer patients endure chemotherapy and radiotherapy (which, practically, does not decrease the level of leukocytes in the blood).


The hydrolysate contributes to the suspension and slowdown of the neoplastic process (malignant and benign tumors).

This property of this drug is especially important in conditions of permanent actions, even minor povyshennogo background radiation, increasing the probability of malignant diseases.


gidrolizat_belkoviyMussel Hydrolysate Protein has the following properties:



Protein Hydrolysate application.

The Protein Hydrolysate MIGI-K has no restrictions for use, side effects, contraindications and, thanks to the exclusive unique properties, it is recommended that:


Application: Acceptance rate of 0.5 ml per 1 kg of body weight of a person in 1 or 2-3 doses a day for 10-12 days, during or after meals with some liquid (water, juices, broths, etc.)

The Course may be repeated after 10-15 days. In connection with the salt content up to 20% (usually 16-18 %) do not take on an empty stomach.

Quite often, doctors prescribe to give a teaspoon or half a teaspoon of a drug. And how much is a teaspoon? Usually seriously thinking about it, because of the low weight, overdose can be fraught with negative consequences, and in fact, teaspoons, whatever it was, is still different.

In medicine it is considered that a teaspoon is 5 ml, respectively, half a teaspoon is 2.5 ml.


Volume: 330 g.

Shelf life: MIGI-K to be stored at room temperature in the packaging for 2 year. After opening the product stored in the refrigerator, freezing is not allowed.



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