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The Bolotov's Brew on Chestnut

The Bolotov's Brew on Chestnut

Chestnut application


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Horse Chestnut.

kvas_na_kashtaneChestnut is a beautiful tree, especially in the time of flowering, when his large paniculate inflorescences give the tree a festive, elegant look, a genus of plants of the family Bloodstone. He has been the medicinal product, with huge reserves of energy and contain many useful components required by human body for healthy growth.

In the fruit of the horse chestnut are: potassium, calcium, zinc, iron, selenium, silver, iodine, malic, lactic and citric acid, lipase, globulin and protein and tannins, starch, vitamins B, C, K, ash and fats. They also consist of glucose and sucrose, sapona, coumarins, flavonoids, carotene and other substances.

In the fruit and the bark of chestnut contains:


Also found flavonoid glycosides - quercetin, isoquercitrin, quercetin and kaempferol. In the fruit found starch, fatty oil, sterols, tannins.

Found in the leaves of:

The content of active substances in the leaves during the summer is almost unchanged. The flowers contain flavonoids, which are derivatives of kaempferol and quercetin.

Chestnuts contain less fat than other nuts, they are nutritious and filling, but not as oily as other nuts and therefore more useful. In 100 grams of chestnuts contains 210 kcal, carbohydrates in them 42, 3.6 protein, fat 2.2. Because of its texture, chestnuts are a great part of a vegetarian diet.

Horse Chestnut properties.

konskiy_kashtanIt was established experimentally that the alcoholic extract of the fruit has: 

It is also known that the extract constricts blood vessels and acts anesthetizing. Usually use ready-made pharmaceutical drugs naphazoline and esflazid et al.

Herbal preparations of horse chestnut is widely used in folk medicine: the juice of the flowers drink for varicose veins (thrombophlebitis), atherosclerosis and hemorrhoids.

The juice of the flowers preserved with alcohol, tincture of flowers or fruits useful for hemorrhoids and thrombophlebitis.

Infusion of fruits for diarrhoea (diarrhea), malaria and chronic bronchitis in smokers.

A decoction of the rind of the fruit is used for uterine bleeding. Fresh-crushed leaves and a tincture of the fruit is also used topically.


Dangerous properties of Chestnuts.

Chestnut is an allergen, so it is contraindicated in individual intolerance. People suffering from diabetes can't eat chestnut honey without consulting a doctor.

Excessive consumption of chestnuts could trigger seizures – will have to keep fingers. People suffering from atonic constipation, gastritis, bad vorachivaetsya of blood, thrombocytopenia, liver disease and kidney you can not eat chestnuts, as they can cause aggravation.

Contraindicated chestnuts and menstrual irregularities. In addition, it is not recommended to use the chestnuts for children, pregnant and nursing, as they may provoke allergic reactions.


The Bolotov's Brew on Chestnut structure.

The Bolotov's Brew on the fruits of Chestnut trees consists of:


Medicinal properties of Bolotov's Brew on Chestnuts.

The Bolotov's Brew on the fruit of the Chestnut has the following properties:


This brew frees the body of all heavy metals and radionuclides. Significantly increases the body's immune system, rendering him immune to infections.

Activates the endocrine system which is important for the prevention of influenza. Brew on chestnuts fills the body with calcium and copper, increases the content of cobalt and iodine.

The brew tastes like beer with a slight bitterness, who does not like this flavor can add for flavoring hops, dill, leaves of currant, caraway, coriander, fir needle, pine or larch. The Bolotov's Brew on Chestnut to drink not only for adults but also for children up to 10 years.


The Bolotov's Brew on fruits Chestnut the application.

The Bolotov's Brew on the fruit of the Chestnut is used for the treatment and prevention of the following diseases:


Application: 2 tbsp. spoon 3 times a day, dissolved in 100-200 ml. of water.

Topically applied to the skin and uterati for 2 minutes.

Shelf life: 12 months.

Volume: 500 ml.


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