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Bolotov Kvass

Bolotov Kvass
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Bolotov Brew on Celandine

Bolotov Brew Enzyme Celandine goiter ulcer prophylaxis treatment folk remedies shop to buy traditional medicine. Treatment liver cleansing erosion gastritis gastric bowel at home. Recovery treatment of intestinal microflora folk medicines.


Treatment of Celandine.

lechenie_chistotelomCelandine - grass is very poisonous (celandine is applied only topically). However, if from this herb brew prepared using whey, sour milk is bacteria begin to multiply, producing biologically active substances, giving juice healing properties.

Because of this, there have celandine opportinity purify the body, not only externally, but also allows you to clean all the internal organs.

In homeopathy celandine I found its use not only for treating diseases of the liver and the gastrointestinal tract, but also for neuralgic diseases, pneumonia, treatment of skin and eyes, polyarthritis.

Extract the juice of celandinehas a strong anti-tumor effect. It is recommended that the reception and in the postoperative period and in the presence of a precancerous condition to inhibit the development of metastases. There are also data on the favorable clinical results at polyposis. Juice of Celandine buy.

Celandine extract produces a marked choleretic effect, taking it recommended for cholecystitis, cholangitis, hepatitis, cholelithiasis. Antispasmodic effect is observed also in the treatment of colic and gastritis.

Experiments scientists have shown, if you apply Bolotov Brew least 1/2 months - epithelial tissue that covers the surface of the intestines and stomach is completely restored.

Total small dose of this product drunk 30 minutes before a meal and - the result of "obvious". Dosages receiving celandine extract from various sources - are different, which is why, receiving celandine containing about twenty toxic alkaloids, inside, requires great care.


Enzymes celandine.

ferment_chistotelaTo neutralize these poisons to Bolotov necessary ferment extract the lactic acid bacteria in order to run the auto selection of microorganisms. Survive only the most viable crops that are able to neutralize the enzymes secreted by these alkaloids. 2-3 week fermentation of specially selected micro-flora fully guarantees the transformation of the bitter and poisonous alkaloid compounds are safe to take. The resulting enzyme to taste - sour (slight bitterness).

This product has called Enzymes Celandine. Under enzymes mean the waste products of single-celled, which are divided into two mutually opposing class. These include, in particular may include enzymes of animal and enzymes vegetable origin.

The enzymes in the milk bacteria for a long time been used for the purpose of healing. Thus, for example, cow's milk is under the influence of these lactic acid bacteria is transformed into a liquid mass of curd with whey, in which the bacteria (whey), when used in, have a beneficial effect on the entire human body.

As a result, milk, whey and then lose all their valuable therapeutic properties. To restore these healing properties of the serum should be diluted serum lactic bacteria in an environment with the presence of medicinal plants.

Take the whey, adding a grass, such as sugar and celandine. In this environment, the presence of toxic alkaloids are able to survive only a very strong bacteria.


Bolotov Brew on celandine properties.

Brew from celandine cleans the body from pappillomas, benign tumors, warts. The course of treatment based on kvas celandine - at least a month. Serum Academician Bolotov just need patients with pancreatitis, cholecystitis, gastritis, colitis, bronchitis, heart diseas, diseases of the skin, to reduce myopia.

Bolotov Brew on Celandine has many unique properties:


Instructions for use Enzyme celandine.

Acceptance of the product should start with 1 tbsp. spoon, spreading the enzyme in 1/2 cup boiling water 3 times / day. The dose is gradually increased until the reception 1/3 - 1/2 cup (3 tbsp. undiluted kvass) 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.
This method is the use of kvass is common, however, before use, it is desirable to obtain an enzyme application protocol celandine your doctor.



How to prepare Bolotov Brew on celandine.

For proper cooking brew it is necessary to collect the grass celandine: leaves, stems, flowers, plant only clean places. Collect celandine is the best near the village, which are located far from the cities and highways, in the woods, in the fields or on riverbanks. Very often, celandine grows near the long-abandoned houses in villages.


The recipe Enzyme Bolotov on celandine.

In 3 l of water, 1/2 art. dry grass celandine, which is placed in a gauze bag with stainless steel sinker, 1 tbsp. sugar and 1 tsp sour cream. All components must be mixed in 3 l. bank. The term infusion: about two weeks.


Bolotov Brew on celandine contraindications.

The Bolotov's Brew actually cures many diseases but, in spite of all its positive qualities, there are contraindications to receiving this enzyme.
It should be necessarily comply with the dosage when receiving the product, as celandine - grass is very poisonous.


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