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The Bolotov's Brew on Sage

The Bolotov's Brew on Sage

The Bolotov's Brew on Sage buy

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Sage what is it.

shalfeySage is a semi-shrub with numerous tetrahedral densely leafy stems. Leaves are opposite, oblong, gray-green, wrinkled. Flowers are two-pure, blue-purple, collected in false whorls, forming a loose apical spike inflorescence. The fruit consists of 4 nuts.

Sage leaves contain essential oil (0.5-2.5%), tannin condensed matter (4%), triterpene acid (ursolic and oleanolic), diterpenes, resinous substances (5-6%) and bitter, flavonoids, coumarin, esculetin and other substances.

Sage has a large number of species. For medicinal purposes, clary sage and medicinal sage are used. Both species are cultivated. In our climatic zone in the wild does not occur. Under certain conditions, can be grown on private plots. Prefers dry soil, light-loving. Flowering time: June-July. The fruits begin to ripen in August.

Received scientific confirmation of the positive impact of sage on the reproductive system and hormone production, which helps conception.


Sage medicinal properties.

Medicinal properties of sage have been known for a long time, so today this plant is widely used in folk and official medicine. The first mention of sage are found in the treatises of ancient doctors, who attributed to him the medicinal effects of almost all diseases.

shalfey_svoistvaMoreover, thousands of years ago it was believed that sage helps not only from bodily ailments, but also helps to improve material well-being. That is, equated with sage to the philosopher's stone.


In fact, the money is a medicinal plant has no relation, but with a number of diseases helps to cope perfectly.

From the point of view of nutrients interesting and sage fruit. They are almost a quarter made up of fatty oil, which is based at linoleic acid.

The medical raw material of sage medicinal is the leaves and the flowering top. On average, you can collect up to three crops per year. If the area with sage is small, the raw material is collected by hand, on an industrial scale, the plant is mowed. Then the leaves and inflorescences are dried in dark rooms and Packed for storage and processing.

The scientists have conducted studies that sage and rhubarb from cancer can be quite effective and strong drugs. According to studies, they contain a group of chemical compounds that can stop the growth of cancer cells and even kill them. And for this you do not need any special drugs.

Various methods are used in the fight against cancer. One of them – the method of Rudolf Broys - is the treatment and prevention of cancer with sage. Plus the method of Broys is that you can use it without interrupting the main treatment.


Contraindications of sage.

Despite the fact that the scope of sage is quite wide, when using it you need to follow certain precautions:


Than sage is useful for women.

shalfey_dlya_zhenschinThe plant has a tonic effect that helps to strengthen the immune system and get rid of various inflammatory processes. The composition includes a variety of vitamins, flavonoids and tannins, which help to seal the epithelial tissue, which in turn strengthens the walls of the lymphatic and blood vessels, as well as cell membranes.

Useful properties of sage for women:


It is difficult to overestimate the importance of sage for women's health. No wonder in Ancient Egypt, after every devastating war or epidemic, women were obliged to drink sage tea or add this herb to food to restore the population, increasing the birth rate. This was carefully monitored, distributed sage to the population, especially under close attention were young women-they had a special hope.

Few plants can be compared with sage in their phytohormonal properties.

shalfey_besplodieIt is no accident that in ancient times Hippocrates highly valued sage grass, considered it sacred and recommended to use it at infertility in women.

The composition of sage is vegetable estrogens, which are known to have a positive effect on both male and female body. Regarding women, fresh leaves and sage drinks are recommended for use in regulation of the menstrual cycle, relief during menopause (a noticeable decrease in heat and sweating).  

In addition, women who can not get pregnant for a long time, after drinking sage broth learn the joy of motherhood. As for the very period of pregnancy, here such drinks are contraindicated, they can cause a miscarriage, and during lactation stops the secretion of milk. Sage decoction is recommended to drink only in cases where the child is weaned, and the need for milk is no longer present.

Although phytohormones and to date have not been fully studied, it is known that they are similar in properties to human hormones (in particular, with estrogen – female sex hormone). Sage phytohormones act as catalysts and can provide significant assistance in the treatment of gynecological diseases.

That is why in alternative medicine is recommended for women whose age has exceeded 35, regularly, 3 times a year to carry out a rejuvenating course of treatment with sage.


Sage in cosmetology.

Sage medicinal is an ether-bearing medicinal plant widely used in folk medicine. Decoctions and infusions from this herb are well known as a natural astringent, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, tonic and softening agent. In addition, it reduces perspiration and removes excess fluid from the body.

shalfey_cosmetologiyaIn medicinal raw materials of sage (and its leaves) are linear, cineol, thujone, borneol, flavonoids. But especially useful this plant makes presence of omega acids: oleic, ursolic and glycerides of linoleic acid.

These acids have proved to be essential for the human body, as they take an active part in all chemical reactions. They prolong the youth of man.

This makes sage in cosmetology one of the most popular means.

Sage in folk medicine is not only in most anti-inflammatory and expectorant fees; its infusion is used to treat skin and hair.

What makes sage for face:


The fastest and best results can be obtained if sage in facial cosmetology is used not only externally but also internally. Due to the improvement of metabolism and gastrointestinal tract skin is smoothed and younger.

The Bolotov's Brew on sage composition.

The Bolotov's Brew on Sage is especially valuable for human health. It normalizes the heart, makes the pancreas work. It is recommended to drink it all year round, not only in summer.

The Bolotov's Brew on Sage consists of the following components:


The Bolotov's Brew on Sage properties.

The Bolotov's Brew on Sage, being a valuable product has the following healing properties, which are widely used in folk medicine:


The Bolotov's Brew on Sage application.

In alternative (folk) medicine The Bolotov's Brew on Sage is used for treatment and prevention of the following diseases:

Application: 1-2 tablespoons per 100 ml. warm boiled water 3 times a day.

Shelf of life: 12 mths.

Volume: 500 ml.


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