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Pelovit Ent (250 ml)

Pelovit Ent (250 ml)
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Pels ENT treatment of influenza sinusitis tonsillitis ENT diseases shop to buy traditional medicines. Availability. Fast shipping.

Various inflammatory ailments, including acute and chronic diseases of upper respiratory tract, have long been used medicinal mud. According to this, you just need to buy Pels Laure Dnepropetrovsk.

The principle impact Pels ENT.

To increase the possibility of direct contact with the modified Pelovita Laure mucosa nasal part of the pharynx, larynx, ear applied water-mud extract.

Biostimulyator having a high mineral content, virtually universal for the Elimination of pathologies associated with an imbalance of macro-and micronutrients.

It is believed (IJ Greenberg, 1970) that the pathology structures pharyngeal ring into which reduces the content of a number of trace elements such as zinc. Normal levels of zinc in the cells of the pharyngeal tonsil stimulates anti-infective resistance.

Pels Laure was used in 25 children with disorders limfoglotochnogo rings and the various manifestations of allergic diseases in the form of an aqueous solution for washing the nasal cavities, inhaled.

As a result of the research was an important conclusion: the presence of macro-and trace elements in water and mud extract is of great importance for inclusion in the enzymatic reaction, the normalization of homeostasis, immunity, renewal of life of organs and tissues. Pels buy Dnepropetrovsk.

Connection in the complex treatment of chronic diseases limfoglotochnogo ring solution Pels buy very effective, does not cause any allergic reactions immunocomplex, which proves the possibility of widespread use of it in practice.

Powerful anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, desensitizing and analgesic effect Pels makes it very convenient and useful for use as a mouthwash throat as well as ear drops and nasal drops for the nose.





Pels Laure Application.

  • infections of bacterial and viral origin, mucosal lesions nosoglotki - rinse your mouth and nose and throat for 30-40 seconds 5-6 times a day for one week;

  • for all kinds of angina (acute tonsillitis): bluetongue, lacunar, follicular, and especially when abscess with medical treatment. Removed phenomena of general intoxication, reduced pain when swallowing;

  • in adenoids treatment 1-2 months. As a result of improved nasal breathing, stop runny nose, acute hearing, improved sleep;

  • in the sinus instilled into the nose 3-4 times a day, and turundochku moistened with undiluted Pels to lay at night;

  • for all colds (influenza, adenovirus, RSV viral infection) - gargling 4 times a day;

  • with external and otitis media (catarrhal, purulent) - warm solution Pels in a dilution of 1:1 to two drops into the ear or wetted turundochka.


Maximum efficiency is achieved Pels Laure at preparation: 38-40 C. In the sinus and nasal diseases used in a dilution of 1:4 (4 parts boiled water). Children from 2 to 6 use under medical supervision.



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