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Pelovit Classic bath salts (5000 ml)

Pelovit Classic bath salts (5000 ml)
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Pels Classic bath property

Medicated bath at home treatment of joints Pels Classic for bath (5000 ml) buy a store of traditional medicine. Availability. Fast shipping.

Impact on such a structure, as the human body, suggests an excellent knowledge of various technologies and methods of use for each client individually.

mineralnuie_vannyModern cosmetology is a good example of this.  You can find a lot of examples where high-quality professional sredsva used incorrectly or inappropriately cause serious consequences.

Today formed a new, different approach to the methods and techniques of grooming person. Traditional cosmetology began to pass into the treatment, which does not hide its shortcomings, and completely eliminates them. A special place in the ranks of natural resources, in particular - the therapeutic mud and products (piloids).

In medical practice, know of no means, analogous Pels, which, being a natural product, would possess such a complex physico-chemical and biological properties, which would combine so well in one extract.

It is a robust anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatory, desensitizing, the analgesic effect is included in the job after no less powerful draining and cleaning effect at the time of contact Pels with broken skin and simultaneous stimulation of the healing of the surface epithelium of the skin with a quick closure of the skin defect.



Pels bath has the following positive effects:


  • has natural origin from a reputable raw materials;

  • has universal therapeutic and preventive action;

  • non-toxic and highly effective;

  • does not have carcinogenic and mutagenic properties;

  • no side effects;

  • does not cause sensitization and allergic reactions;

  • easy to use at home;

  • easily dosed and remains effective over a broad range of concentrations;

  • available to the general population;

  • used for both children and adults and the elderly, chronically ill burdened;

  • maintains high activity during long periods of storage.

Indications for use with baths Pels:


  • Disease and the effects of injuries of the musculoskeletal system - arthritis, osteoarthritis, low back pain, injured limbs, ligaments and muscles, contractures, osteomyelitis;

  • Diseases of the nervous system - chronic fatigue syndrome, fatigue, asthenia, consequences closed brain injury, cerebral arachnoiditis, sciatica, neuritis, plexitis, motor and sensory disorders;

  • Skin diseases - psoriasis, atopic dermatitis, eczema, scars from burns and injuries, sores;

  • Pathology of the digestive system - stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, chronic gastritis, colitis, holetsestit, hepatitis, pancreatitis;

  • Cardiovascular disorders - cardiopsychoneurosis, artrialnaya hypertension, Raynaud's disease, chronic venous insufficiency, varicose and postthrombotic disease;

  • Women's diseases - inflammatory diseases of the vagina, uterus and its appendages, bacterial vaginosis, primary and secondary infertility, ovarian dysfunction and other;

  • Men's Issues - prostatit chronic disease, epididymitis, orchitis, vesicles;

  • Respiratory diseases - chronic bronchitis and pneumonia;

  • Kidney disease - chronic pyelonephritis;

  • Endocrine disorders - obesity, gout, thyroid dysfunction.






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