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Treatment of infection of the intestine dysbiosis colitis folk remedies for intestinal properties of probiotics recommendation application store to buy traditional medicine. Viral intestinal infection rotavirus enterovirus HPV in children and adults preventive maintenance treatment at home.

Probiotics - are microorganisms beneficial to human health. Most cases the bacteria or other organisms such as yeast. In some cases, they are similar to the "good" bacteria inhabit the human body or are the same bacteria that live in the intestines of humans.

Most probiotic bacteria belong to two genera: lactobacillus (lat. Lactobacillus) and bifidobacteria (lat. Bifidobacterium), although it is important to remember that there are many other species of bacteria, probiotics. Each rod comprises a significant number of bacterial species in each type are different strains.

It is important to remember because different strains may be useful in different ways for various organs in your body.

For example, a strain of Lactobacillus casei Shirota form support the immune system and helps to promote food through the intestines, the strain of Lactobacillus delbrueckii species Bulgaricus useful for patients who are unable to digest contained in natural milk and milk products lactose most. In general, not all probiotics are not identical and they all work the same way. Probiotics Vetom.


Probiotics properties.

  • prevent attaching to the intestinal wall of bacteria harmful to humans and to inhibit their growth;

  • inhibit the secretion or destroy toxins released by some "bad" bacteria to the human body;

  • producing substances to prevent various infections;

  • increase the effectiveness of the immune system, secreting antibodies to certain viruses;

  • encourage the strengthening of the mucus layer in the gut as a barrier against infections;

  • produce B vitamins necessary for the metabolism of food;

  • prevent anemia occurs when a lack of vitamins B6 and B12;

  • maintain healthy skin and nervous system.


Probiotics application.

probiotiki_antibiotikiProbiotics are used to improve the functioning of the digestive system. Since there are different types of probiotics, each is important to find the right option, crucial questions of interest of his health. Researchers have not yet finally determined which of the probiotics to be used for a particular disease or condition. Worms Worms Cleansing.

Found that probiotics help to regulate the passage of food through the intestines. They can also help in the treatment of diseases of the digestive system, which is of great interest to gastroenterologists.

Developed medicine saves millions of lives, but its reverse side - the abuse of technology and medicine - again jeopardizes our health. From the obesity epidemic affecting up to 30% of Americans; the number of children with autoimmune diabetes in Finland for half a century, the use of antibiotics has increased by 550%.

Dr. Martin Blaser of more than 30 years studying microbes man - living with us in a symbiotic bacteria, and knows exactly: resistant strains that cause deadly diseases, diseases of the growth in children and such diseases of developed countries, such as asthma, allergies, obesity, diabetes, some forms of cancer, arise from the violation of microbiome.

To protect children and not become part of a sad statistic itself, you need to know:

  • the pathogenic bacteria differ from the useful and what benefit we get from the symbiosis with the latter;

  • how antibiotics are undermining our health and when their use is justified;

  • that threatens our microflora and how to restore it, and with it - health.

Learn about all of this you will find this book download.



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