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Herpes flu hepatitis colitis tracheitis gastroenteritis dysentery intestinal flu prevention of chronic enteritis treatment at home udet and adults. Treatment of cancer. Vetom treatment recommendations properties use the price to buy the store of traditional medicine. Available in stock. Reasonable prices. Fast delivery.

Bacteria constitute a kind of "bioreactor", in which the produced enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, and bacteriocins, which are also neutralized and antibiotics as pathogens.

Biocorrectors - a natural drugs used in the form of pellets and tablets orally. They might as well replace the treatment of certain diseases traditional antibiotics. Application biocorrectors extremely effective for the prevention of immunodeficiency states and dysbiosis.

However, this does not arise any addiction to them nor side effects typical of the application of chemical antibiotics.

Conversely, they can remove the already existing resistance, peel intestinal wall permeability to enhance its nutrients necessary to restore the biological balance of the intestinal flora and stimulate the immune system of the whole.

It is only capable Vetom 1.1, moreover, increase the production of interferon, which prevents the multiplication of viruses and mark infected cells in the organism.
Vetom properties.
  • antiviral and antibacterial activity;

  • amplification of specific immunity;

  • stabilization of allergic resistance;

  • normalization of metabolism;

  • stimulation of regenerative processes.


Vetom of use.

The traditional strategy of treating bacterial and viral diseases, allergies, cancer, autoimmune diseases are aimed not so much to create a symbiosis and reactivation of homologous protection as a permanent suppression and ruthless destruction.
In the provision of emergency medical care, this approach is inevitable, as is saving lives.

The only question is whether serious side effects, conscious suppression of an already weakened immune system, promote the development of resistance imbalance and proportionate means in the treatment of life-threatening diseases.

Preparations series Vetom used for the prevention and treatment of many viral and bacterial diseases:

  • borreleza;

  • hepatitis;

  • herpes;

  • influenza;

  • viral enteritis (intestinal flu);

  • gastroenteritis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach and small intestine);

  • salmonella enteritis (infection of the small intestine);

  • chronic enteritis (inflammation of the walls of the small intestine);

  • colitis (acute or chronic inflammation of the mucous membrane of the large intestine);

  • dysentery (inflammatory bowel disease);

  • tracheitis (inflammation of the trachea).

Treatment of cancer Vetom has proven himself as a means of reducing and complementary therapies. The same applies to the treatment of asthma, allergies, liver cirrhosis, and many autoimmune diseases, such as Crohn and Colitis Ulcerosa.

vetom_primenenieMicrobiological therapy comes into the relationship between humans and microorganisms as a regulator to eliminate impairments. The principle of strengthening defense capabilities through the use of specific therapeutic agents is a specific direction in the treatment of many diseases that are impossible or nearly impossible to overcome the classical methods.

The main goal of treatment - the restoration of a healthy intestinal flora. After the intestine is responsible not only for digestion, but it is also the most important organ of the human. From it depend largely on the health and well-being.

The intestine has the largest contact surface of the body with the environment: the skin has a contact surface with the environment of two square meters; their lungs with numerous branching 80, and in the intestine, if the smooth, more than 300 square meters.
Application biocorrectors extremely effective for the prevention of immunodeficiency states and dysbiosis.

Vetom 1.1, Vetom 2, Vetom 3, Vetom 4 are the same in principle. As the active ingredient therein using various microorganisms which are active in different parts of the intestine and produce a range of different environmental biologically active substances.

In this regard, their net impact on the human organism are different. For maximum effect, the positive effects need to alternately apply all Vetom and choose the most appropriate medication.



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