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Apricot Pits

Apricot Pits
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Apricot pits benefit

Oncology Cancer treatment Apricot Seeds Amygdalin Vitamin b17 Benefit Property Use buy store of traditional medicine. Cancer prevention at home by folk extracts.

Apricot pits (untreated) bitter.

Apricot pits contains Natural Amygdalin (Vitamin B17, laetrile), which is found only in wild apricot, varieties of Gardel (has bitter seeds). One kg of untreated bitter apricot kernels contain from 400 to 600 kernels, depending on their size. Bone can also be different from each other in taste: the bitterness and aroma (which is allowed).

Laetrile amygdalin Vitamin B17 contains almost all the berries, proizrastayushchikh in the forest - strawberries, cranberries and others.

Apricot pits application.


In order to prevent cancer, you need to take from 7 to 20 apricot seeds daily.

abricosoviye_kostochki_polzaIf You are already ill, eat the number of seeds increases significantly. From the observations of specialists, it was concluded that the therapeutic effect occurs when you use 1.5-2 cores per 1 kg of body weight (weight 70 kg would need to consume per day 100 to 140 of bitter seeds).

Make apricot pits need throughout the day, chewing them thoroughly (not for 1 admission). To start taking the bones, preferably with a low dose of 5-10 seeds per day, gradually increasing to 4-10 seeds (up to the full therapeutic dose). Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the health of.

During the reception, apricot seed, need, necessarily, make the enzymes to normalize the work of the pancreas: creon, pancreatin, wobenzym or eat 1/2 pineapple a day.


Amygdalin Vitamin B17 is water soluble.

Therefore, during the reception of the kernels of apricot pits is necessary, be sure to drink water (structured or melt, preferably) to 30 ml per 1 kg of body weight throughout the day.

In order for the treatment effect will be stronger reception of the nuclei of bitter apricot seeds it is recommended to combine with taking other seeds, such as bitter almond, plum, apple, blue grapes, or winter - bone frozen cherries.

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