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Apricot Kernels

Apricot Kernels

Apricot Kernels Extract

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Apricot kernels bitter.

According to the results of a recent study, the active substances of apricot kernels have anti-cancer properties and improve the detoxification of human body. It is known that the grains of apricot seeds look similar to almonds. Fresh apricot kernels are white, and when dried, they turn a light brown color.

abricosoviye_kostochki_gorkieApricot kernels contain:


Apricot kernel oil can be used both for cooking and in cosmetology (body oil, face cream, lip balm, essential oil, etc.) The kernels themselves are used in various food products, such as baking or apricot jams.

In addition, apricot kernel oil contains a large amount of essential fatty acids, which are essential for human health, but are not synthesized by the human body and therefore must be supplied through food or dietary supplements.


Scientists have identified two main types of essential fatty acids in apricot kernel oil - linoleic (Omega-6) and alpha-linolenic (Omega-3).

It is worth noting that linolenic acid plays an important role in the normal functioning of the brain, as well as the growth and development of the body as a whole. Fatty acids stimulate the growth of skin and hair, regulate metabolism, and support the health of bones and the reproductive system.

However, scientists warn that a certain compound - amygdalin, contained in apricot seeds-can be converted into cyanide in the body in such quantities that can adversely affect human health.

With excessive consumption of apricot seeds, there is a high risk of cyanide poisoning. Studies have shown that 0.5-3.5 mg of cyanide per kilogram of body weight can be potentially lethal.


Some experts believe that amygdalin, which is contained in apricot seeds, is able to attack cancer cells and thereby affect the reduction of the risk of developing cancer.

amygdalin_v_productahAmygdalin is not only found in apricot kernels. It is also found in other fruits, including the seeds of apples, cherries, plums, and peaches. Amygdalin can also be detected in plants such as clover, sorghum and beans.

It is assumed that the consumption of 50-60 apricot grains can cause the appearance of a lethal dose of cyanide. However, cyanide poisoning is also possible at much lower levels of consumption of these seeds.

According to the recommendations of the European Food Safety Authority, eating up to 3 kernals of small apricot seeds or 1 large one is safe, while 1 small kernel can be toxic to a child under 5 years of age.

Laetrile Amygdalin Vitamin B17 contains almost all the berries, proizrastayushchikh in the forest - strawberries, cranberries and others.



Apricot Kernels Extract composition.

exstract_abricosoviyh_kostochekAt its core, Apricot Kernels Extract is the purest product, without additives and fillers used in the production of capsules and tablets.

Apricot Kernels Extract in its composition does not contain: no Alcohol, no Sugar! This makes it possible to apply it to more people who need cancer therapy.

For production of this Extract, the latest NANO technological extraction processes were used, using ultrasonic stabilization of the product, which allows you to preserve its healing properties for a long time.

Apricot Kernels Extract composition:

Product form: liquid extract.


Apricot Kernels Extract application.

The core of the apricot kernels, which is hidden behind the shell, contains a whole complex of valuable substances and has a peculiar, but not repulsive taste.

Especially useful are the kernels of wild apricot seeds (they are also called bitter kernels). First of all, the apricot kernel is a natural anthelmintic and antiparasitic agent.

It is a good source of iron, potassium, and phosphorus. But the main medicinal ingredient of this product is vitamin B17, better known as amygdalin.

amygdalin_b17Amygdalin is a compound that has four molecules: two of them are glucose molecules, the other two are cyanide and benzaldehyde molecules. The last two molecules have unique metabolic properties.

Useful properties of Extract bitter apricot:

In order to prevent cancer, you need to take 10 drops of Apricot Kernels Extract daily.

During the reception Apricot Kernels Extract, need, necessarily, make the enzymes to normalize the work of the pancreas: creon, pancreatin, wobenzym or eat 1/2 pineapple a day.

In order treatment effect will be stronger reception of Apricot Kernels bitter Extract nuclei it is recommended to combine with taking other kernels, such as bitter almond, plum, apple, blue grapes, or winter - bone frozen cherries.

Dosage: 15-20 drops 3 times a day, dissolving or adding to water, juice, compote, phytococtails, warm tea (below 60 C) before meals.

Shelf life: 2 years.

Volume: 50 ml.


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