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MMS what it is.

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) is a unique chemical substance obtained from the compound of sodium Chlorite with Citric acid, as a result of this compound chlorine Dioxide is released, which has the ability to penetrate the body, destroy pathogenic microorganisms and absolutely do not touch anything else.

Exception - MMS also destroys compounds of heavy metals and many types of poisons at human organism.

MMS in the amount needed to kill pathogens can travel through the stomach, blood and various organs and it does not cause any reaction or damage of any type. It does not affect beneficial bacteria. The reason for this unique ability is that the chemical MMS is a very weak oxidizer with an oxidizing potential of plus 0,95 volts.

okislitelniy_potentcialHuman organism, too, has a positive oxidative potential and positive charges discard each other. MMS is basically neutral to the body, beneficial bacteria and medical drugs.

The positive charge of human organism is much weaker than the charge of MMS and thus from time to time can occur an accidental collision. It could destroy the cell, but it's not enough to make such an impact. MMS is a much weaker oxidizer than oxygen and thus cannot do even as much harm as from oxygen.

Speaking in the language of chemistry, there is nothing at human organism that can be oxidized by the chemical element MMS at such weak concentrations that are used. Weak concentrations are less than 0,018%.

The whole body generates about one liter of mucus every day, which covers entire human organism from the inside, preventing pathogens and other microorganisms from entering the body's organs. According to laboratory experiments, a very low concentration of MMS does not penetrate through the mucus.

The only action that MMS can do at human organism is to overcome diseases. MMS is used by the immune system, which kills pathogens and causes the death of viruses, depriving them of the ability to create certain proteins.

Human organism itself produces the same chemical because of its unique characteristics and has been using it for hundreds of thousands of years. It can kill all kinds of pathogens and stay at human organism without causing harm. However,due to the fact that its production requires energy and it can remain in the body only 1-1,5 hours before it collapses, the body often lacks it.

MMS supplies at human organism with additional reserves of this chemical and thus immune system has it in abundance and uses it as needed.

After 1-1,5 hours dose of MMS at human organism turns into a pair of grains of table salt. This amount of salt is not enough to affect even a non-salt diet or even to pay attention to it at all. Also, human organism remains a couple of oxygen atoms with charges released, which simply become part of the water or carbon dioxide.

MMS - Chlorine Dioxide.

Chemical (mineral) formed by MMS is Chlorine Dioxide. Now, please don't worry about what that means with Chlorine. It is no closer relative to chlorine than table salt, which as you know is made of chlorine. For more than 80 years, chlorine Dioxide has been used to purify water and sold in chemical form in health food stores in the form of sodium chlorite, which is also known as stabilized oxygen.

Sodium chlorite is in a natural mineral state in many parts of the world, however, it is usually cheaper to produce it than to produce it. It is still regarded as a mineral since in fact anything that is not animal or vegetable is a mineral.

mms_atomRemember that Sodium Chlorite and table salt sound almost the same. Sodium chloride is table salt. Note the last letter of the words chlorite and chloride.

There is some disagreement about the concept that human organism produces Chlorine Dioxide. There have been statements that human organism produces, and there have been statements that it does not produce chlorine Dioxide. However, chlorine Dioxide is often fixed at human organism, which had no access to any known source. This remains a point of contention, as diseases are eliminated precisely when MMS (chlorine dioxide) enters human organism.

MMS composition.

The composition of the two-component drug MMS includes the following components:

A mixture of these two components is an effective drug in the fight against pathological microorganisms, viruses, fungi and mold not only in the soft, but also in the hard tissues of human organism and in the brain.

To obtain the active agent, sodium Chlorite (NaClO2) vial No. 1 is used, which is activated, that is, mixed in the same proportion with the liquid from the vial No. 2 – natural citric acid.

MMS chemical action.

The most effective killer of pathogens (pathogens), viruses, mold, parasites and other pathogens that is known to man is chlorine Dioxide. No gas, no powerful industrial acids, no pesticides and no other chemical kills pathogens as well as chlorine Dioxide. He's one of the few things that can kill even siberian ulcer.

mms_deystvieThis Chemical substance is now finally used at human organism, for the destruction of diseases, through the use of MMS (chemical formula - ClO2).

ClO2, also, is one of the two most powerful killers, which produces the human immune system, to kill diseases, if the killer cells are weakened and in the case of various poisons. Some scientists believe that, and some don't.

This is not yet fully proven, but the World Health Organization has information indicating that ClO2 is found in the organs of human organism. The only way he could get there was if it was produced by the body itself.

Chlorine Dioxide kills Viruses.

In chemical terms, the first thing you need to understand about ClO2 is that It is different from chlorine and table salt. Table salt and chlorine dioxide both contain chlorine, but none of them are poisonous as long as it is used in the human body properly.

You may already know that there are several natural substances in nature that can destroy viruses, but there is no such thing as a manufactured antivirus. There are no drugs that kill viruses. When you go to the hospital with viral pneumonia, they won't give you anything to kill viruses. They usually give antibiotic for bacteria, which can associate them with the virus, but no antivirus.

Chlorine dioxide is one of several known minerals (some call it a chemical, but in fact it is also a mineral) that kill viruses and all other known pathogens on the floor in hospitals, slaughterhouses, water, vegetable farms, food distribution centers, and now even at human organism.

For more than 70 years, chlorine Dioxide has been used by water suppliers to kill pathogens without harming beneficial bacteria. This unique chemical has characteristics that distinguish it from all other chemicals when it comes to destroying all kinds of pathogens.

When used in therapeutic amounts, it does not harm human organism in any way, and does not affect the beneficial bacteria at human organism.

MMS oxidizing potential.

In order to understand the characteristics of ClO2, you first need to understand the basics of chemistry. Oxidation is the mechanism by which most pathogens at human organism are destroyed. Oxygen is just one of many oxidizers used at human organism.

Oxidation can also do some damage in our systems.

The oxidation state of an oxidizer is measured in electrical potential, usually in millivolts. Of the oxidizers that have been used at human organism

mms_kislorodNote that chlorine Dioxide has the lowest oxidation potential of all. Each oxidizer is known not only for the fact that it is able to oxidize, but also the fact that it can not oxidize. This characteristic is determined by the oxidation potential.

Human organism was created with oxygen in mind, as oxygen has the best oxidizing potential to support life. It oxidizes a large number of elements, but has no potential to oxidize elements such as beneficial bacteria in the stomach.

But oxygen under certain conditions does harm to human organism. If you breathe pure oxygen for too long, it will damage our lungs. Or if you stay too long in a hyperbaric chamber (a pressurized oxygen chamber), damage can be done to many parts of human organism.


It has long been known that oxygen causes aging and that human organism produces antioxidants to help prevent it. Many companies sell antioxidants in pills to help prevent oxygen damage.

On the other hand, as mentioned above, ClO2 has an oxidizing potential of only 950 millivolts. It cannot oxidize anything in our blood, cells or tissues, or in the cells of any human organism structure. Of course, like any other substance such as water or salt, if ClO2 is used in too large quantities, it can cause damage. However:

The amount of ClO2 used to kill diseases at human organism is more than 100 times less than the amount needed to harm human organism.

MMS application.

MMS (Miracle Mineral Solution) it is easy to cope with diseases such as:

MMS active against Proteus vulgaris, Pseudomonas aeruginosa, stick Friedlander, Escherichia coli, Shigella dysenteria, Shigella flexneri, Shigella boydii, Shigella sonnei, Salmonella spp., Staphylococcus spp., Streptococcus spp., pathogenic anaerobes (Clostridium perfringens). Acts on strains of bacteria resistant to other antimicrobial drugs, including antibiotics, etc.has repeatedly entered into battle.

mmsMMS in most cases came out the winner! Why in the majority, but not in all?

Because many people are not used to work patiently on their health, and wanted a quick result. For years or even decades, accumulating garbage at human organismand becoming an incubator for the reproduction of helminths, they wanted a week to improve their health!

They took a larger dose than human organism can absorb. The liver could not cope with a large release of toxins and there was an unauthorized release of diarrhea. There was a rejection of human organism to the drug and the patient stopped taking. Although many side diseases: allergies, itching, flu, etc.are not noticeable to the patient left.

In Viral diseases (Flu) the drug should be taken according to the following scheme: the First reception of 1 drop per half a Cup of water, the next, add one drop every hour, breeding already in a glass of water! If you experience nausea or discomfort, stop taking. Resume after 3 hours. During the break you will need to drink a soda solution (0,5 teaspoons on a water glass) and eat an Apple or any other product containing vitamin C.

Vitamin C neutralizes the effect of Chlorine dioxide. Continue with the number of drops one less after the last dose. The procedure is repeated for 1-2 days.




MMS General procedural information.

When you take MMS and feel worse, it means something is wrong. MMS does not worsen health. On the contrary, it should help you feel better.

If you feel nausea, diarrhea, severe fatigue, severe headache or your initial condition has worsened, then something is wrong.

Just take a little less MMS, but don't stop. This will help in 99 cases out of 100, but not all.

If you reduced the reception of your MMS by 50% and it did not help, then try to reduce even more.

If that doesn't work, then stop taking MMS altogether. Wait until you start to feel the same way as before receiving MMS. Then start again, but with a much smaller dose.

If it doesn't work, it means something else is wrong.

An example of what might not be right:

So remember, MMS helps people feel better-not worse.

And if you feel worse when you take MMS, then something is wrong, you just do not know about it. Find, what it is, solve it, and then go back to using MMS. In my case, there was only one problem and it was solved when I increased oxygen consumption.

Sometimes people have a lot of health problems at the same time and MMS may not always help in treating them all.

MMS features of the reception.

mms_primenenieRemember - every time it seems that the patient is worse or he reacts to MMS diarrhea, vomiting, nausea or over fatigue – reduce dose. Or stop until the reaction passes, and then start again, but in smaller doses. Never think it's OK to continue consuming MMS when a person feels worse.

Stop and wait until he returns to the state that was at the beginning of treatment, and then start taking MMS again:

The unpleasant taste of MMS is difficult to kill, just drinking it with water.

Therefore, wash down a dose of MMS with fruit drinks or juices that do not contain vitamin C (E 300), tomato juice or homemade kvass at last. Once you have interrupted the unpleasant taste, do not forget to drink enough water.

Avoid all forms of vitamin C for two hours before and after using MMS.

Instead of water you can use fruit juices or fruit juices, BUT! without the addition of vitamin C. in store juices added Ascorbic acid - vitamin C (used in the food industry as an antioxidant E300, preventing oxidation of the product), which reduces the effectiveness of MMS to 70%.

With severe nausea, take a safe dose of ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) or drink a glass of water diluted with two teaspoons of baking soda, this will help neutralize the production of ClO2.

Note: if you experience diarrhea (diarrhea) or vomiting - this is not a bad sign. Human organism just throws out the poisons, and purifies himself. You don't need to take any medication for this diarrhea. It won't last long. Human organism is simply cleaned and it is not caused by bacteria or virus. When you leave poison - stop diarrhea.

Use in small doses more effective than large; morning and evening. It has been proven that small doses taken frequently, up to once an hour, are more effective than a large dose once or twice a day.  Continuous circulation of ClO2 prevents regrouping and reproduction of pathogens.

To effectively use the properties of MMS, you need to drink a mixture of MMS and activator immediately after adding water or juice. If you keep the solution open in heat for a long time, it will not be harmful to the body, but its effectiveness will decrease.


MMS contraindications.  


It is not recommended to take oral mineral substance MMS, gastric ulcer.

Dishes for solution use glass, porcelain or plastic. Do not use metal or stainless steel utensils.

Keep out of reach of children. Protect from direct sunlight. In case of contact with skin or eyes, rinse this area with cool water.

Warnings when receiving MMS:

dioxid_hloraNote: the Element "Chlorine" is contained in both chlorine Dioxide and table salt, but Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2) is a substance completely different from conventional household bleach.

Chlorine Dioxide does not cause cancer, it has an amazing ability to destroy (by oxidation) pathogens that can be on or at human body.

Because of its chemical nature, Chlorine Dioxide destroys these microorganisms, leaving nothing but simple table salt, liberated oxygen atoms and dead microorganisms that human organism can easily remove from the system.

MMS functions as an over-booster of the immune system, it does not mean that it cures a certain disease, rather it improves the immune system to such an extent that it copes with most diseases within 24 hours.

When MMS is taken correctly, immune system can use it to kill only those microorganisms, bacteria and viruses that are harmful to human organism.



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