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Herbal medicine in Oncology

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Phytotherapy (herbal therapy) - one of the areas of traditional medicine. Nowadays, it has received very widespread.

Herbal Medicine is simply irreplaceable, when a person suffers a chronic disease, when it is necessary to strengthen the defenses of the organism. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to avoid the unfavorable development of the disease. Extracts of Health.

A large number of cases in which a terminally ill person, with little chance of recovery, completely changing the way of life (herbalism, exercise, nutrition) - healed. Although it is believed that chronic diseases can not be cured.

In many ways, the therapeutic effect of herbal treatment depends on the active substances contained in various medicinal herbs:

  • Essential oils;

  • Alkaloids;

  • Tannins and so on.

Terms of use of herbal remedies - are distinct and largely depend on the disease. When uterine bleeding or gastric ulcer - a positive result can be seen already in the first week of use. If this skin problem - treatment can last several months.

Herbal treatment recommendations.

narodnye_metody_lecheniyaMedicinal Herbs are a great preventive measure. Infusions and decoctions - strengthens the immune system, improves the vitality of the body. But if you have to treat oncological diseases, the best option - a comprehensive application extracts and herbal medicine.

Herbal treatment, in some cases, it may be useless and at the same time - dangerous. During exacerbation of diseases should strictly follow the instructions of a specialist, and to take appropriate medications that can quickly stop the development of the disease process.

If, however, the positive effect of herbal medicine for a long time not noticeable - you must, without fail, to connect extracts. Otherwise, you may lose valuable time, allowing the disease to take a more serious turn.

Such serious problems like heart disease, even at the initial stage - can not be treated only with herbs. You can lose your life before herbal medicine begins its beneficial effects. But to support and strengthen your cardiovascular system, using herbs - it would be very beneficial effect.

Do not self-medicate. Sure to consult the admission of drugs with a doctor who, taking into account the individual characteristics of the organism, the results of diagnostic tests and medical history, will select the most effective option of herbal medicine.


Basic principles of herbal medicine and cancer.


Treatment of tumors with herbs is largely different from other methods of treatment. Therefore, in order for the treatment to be effective and end with a full recovery of the patient, it is necessary to understand its features and strictly adhere to certain rules.

Knowledge of the main directions and ways of their implementation in the herbal medicine of cancer allows to clearly define the place of herbs in the system of treatment of this serious disease.

The main directions of treatment of cancer with herbs are the following:

Direct effect on the tumor.

As a traditional herbal drugs used Hemlock, knyazhik of Okhotsk, Colchicum autumnale, periwinkle, pink, comfrey, chernokoren ordinary goričnike Russian, nicnic knotty, common cocklebur, marsh cinquefoil, peony, or Marin root, cottonweed marsh, etc.

Restoration of the body's defenses.

In other words, this area of herbal medicine can be called immunostimulation, or immunomodulation. In order to restore immunity, a large number of herbs are used, the most effective among which are some types of Aconite, large celandine, milk Pallas, high-virgins, small duckweed, aloe tree, etc.

Sometimes as adjuvants use herbal adaptogens. However, it is necessary to apply them with extreme caution. The fact that their ability to total stimulation can lead to unplanned development of tumor tissue. In the treatment of cancer precluded the use of all members of the family acidomix (in addition to Rhodiola rosea, or Golden root, Rhodiola chetyrehstennoy).

Restoration of normal hormonal background.

This direction is especially important in the treatment of tumors of the sexual sphere (prostate, ovarian and testicular cancer), as well as thyroid and other endocrine organs, which make up about 40% of all cancer.

A good result in the treatment of malignant and benign tumors in the field of sexual sphere give drugs from the European lycopus, korobeiniki drug, comfrey, Dong Quai, pine meadow, Shandra ordinary, Woodruff, mugwort, black cohosh Daurian, mushroom.

Normalize hormones in cancer of the thyroid gland by using Chernogolovka ordinary, a succession of tripartite, foxtail, cleavers, and ordinary, common cocklebur, norichika knotty etc.

Binding and excretion of Exo-and endotoxins.

This direction includes the binding of toxins and stimulation of the organs that remove them from the body – the liver, kidneys, lungs and skin. In addition, it ensures the normal operation of these organs, especially the liver and kidneys, because it falls on them the main load associated with the disease itself, and with the consequences of chemotherapy.

phytoterapiya_oncologiyaBest bind toxins aconite yellow and heterophyllous, the roots of Angelica archangelica, Angelica ordinary, licorice, grass Melilotus officinalis, Salvia officinalis, etc.

Well restore the liver to the poisonous monkshood and red, strawflower, Thistle, dandelion, bean trefoil, tansy, wormwood, etc.

The best means to normalize the work of the kidneys are the drugs prepared from Aconite, burdock, bilberry leaf ordinary, grass, goldenrod downward, horsetail, knotweed, etc.

Recovery functions of the skin contribute to the common lime, red raspberry, black currant, sweet Woodruff, elderberry, etc.

Good for the lungs kidneys and birch leaves, black elderberry flowers, knotweed, wild rosemary, thyme, tsetrariya Icelandic etc.

In violation of the functions of the large intestine help and spotted St. John's wort, chamomile, cypress spurge, tsetrariya Icelandic, persicaria maculosa, a sorrel horse, zhostera ions laxative, buckthorn brittle, etc.

Restoration of metabolism.

This direction echoes with the previous one, because the improvement of the activity of organs that remove harmful substances from the body is one of the main conditions for the normalization of metabolism.

However, there are a number of plants that directly affect the course of biochemical reactions: wild strawberry, bilberry, Veronica officinalis, sweet-scented nursery, nettle dioecious, three-part series, bedstraw present, etc.

Normalization of blood circulation and tissue respiration.

With this purpose, a widely used herbal adaptogens and antihypoxic most effective of which are the red and aconite ANTOR, Eleutherococcus senticosus, aralia, caroloina leuzea, or maral root, bergenia crassifolia and the Pacific, Rhodiola rosea etc.

Restoration of disturbed functions.

This area includes the restoration of immunity, binding and elimination of toxins, as well as the normalization of metabolism. But we must not forget about the restoration of the normal functioning of such vital organs as the heart, spleen, pancreas and gallbladder. For these purposes, a great variety of herbs are used.

Removal of pain syndrome.

If we talk about the quality of life or about increasing the resistance of the body of the disease, this direction is one of the most important.

As pain relievers, you can use the herbal drugs prepared from the spotted Hemlock, jimson weed, belladonna, black nightshade, chamomile, Ragwort, broadleaved, licorice etc.

Removal of depressive States, fear, normalization of sleep.

This direction coincides with the previous one and pursues the same goal. As sedatives and hypnotics are widely used blue-blue, skullcap Baikal, Cyprus, hops ordinary, motherwort five-lobed, Valerian medicinal, St. John's wort spotted, Veronica medicinal, Shandra ordinary, sand, etc.

The antidepressant effect, which is expressed primarily in improving performance, improving mood, disappearance of fear, was observed at the beginning of the second month of treatment in cancer patients of disease
stage III–IV.

Normalization and restoration of biological rhythms.

oncologiya_lechenieThis direction since time immemorial is a mandatory complex of treatment in Indian and Chinese medicine and always leads to positive results. In the West, the scientific justification for this direction was given recently, and a big role in this was played by the work of Russian Professor V. G. Pashinsky, who described the use of medicinal herbs to restore disturbed biological rhythms.

In short, the essence of this method is to stimulate the function of all internal organs in accordance with the time of their maximum physiological activity. So, for example, the peak of activity of the large intestine is in the morning (5-7), so, take herbal medicines, the effect of which is aimed at stimulating its motility, it is necessary so that the beginning of their action coincides with the beginning of the activity of this body.

In conclusion, I want to say about the group of plants that have been successfully used as antitumor since ancient times. We are talking about plants such as marsh cinquefoil, burdock, large, medicinal melilot, medium star, or drench, pharmacy repyashok, late toothpick, etc.

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