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Tseolit vs Tseoclin

Tuesday, August 25, 2020 11:45 AM


Zeoclin vs Zeolite differences

Infection Poisoning Heartburn Diarrhea Psoriasis Eczema Tuberculosis prevention treatment Zeoclin vs Zeolite Properties Recommendations application Differences Effective Full fledged Replacement cheap analog Smecta Activated Carbon Diclofenac polysorba Enterosgel Espumizan Rehidron calcium Gluconate Calcemin Kaolin Ovesol Bowel cleansing at home Non-traditional veterinary medicine by health extracts.

Currently, the Sorbent market is full of a large number of different brands.

According to many specialists, as well as-according to the results of testing, the greatest interest is caused by the use of such sorbents as:

Immediately the question arises, and why exactly are THEY? To get a correct and complete answer for yourself, let's take a closer look at these Sorbents.

Zeoclin vs Zeolite by its properties is an Effective Cheap Analog of many tablets and drugs.

Zeoclin vs Zeolite properties.

Natural Zeolite is a mix of volcanic rocks, ash, and alkaline ground water that has been formed over several million years!

The very name of the mineral from the Greek means "boiling stone". If it is placed in water, it releases gas bubbles for a long time, and when heated, water vapor.

tseolitZeolite, being a natural volcanic compound, contains:

  • humic acid;

  • precious metals;

  • minerals (potassium, magnesium, silicon, calcium, sodium);

  • vitamins;

  • oxygen;

  • amino acids.

Zeolite serves as a mechanical filter, and as an ion exchanger, it has a sufficiently large capacity and a wide range of actions against heavy metals and radioactive elements, Sorbs bacteria and viruses, reducing the total microbial number, and in some cases (up to 96%) completely removes bacterial cells from the water.

tseoclinThe mineral Additive Zeoclin is developed on the basis of the natural mineral Zeolite, with the addition of a special patented composition. This made it possible to improve and strengthen the therapy, make it softer and more comfortable for the body.

Zeoclin is a complex preparation obtained by grinding and mixing various natural minerals up to 0.005 mm fraction. Due to this, it has a pronounced complex sorbing effect.

Unlike Zeolite, Mineral Supplement Tseoclin activates the metabolism of articular cartilage, stimulates recovery processes in the bone and connective tissues, especially after injuries and operations, increases the tone of a weakened body and normalizes metabolism.


The mineral Zeolite works harder than the Mineral additive Zeoclin, which, unlike Zeolin, has an additional enveloping effect, due to the presence of special patented components in its composition. It advantages allows Zeolin working in a softer and more comfortable.

Complex preparation Zeoclin is used in folk medicine as a sorbing component of therapy and has the following properties:

  • restores the acid-base balance;

  • normalizes the electrolyte composition of the blood;

  • binds and removes toxins and heavy metals from the body;

  • saturates the body with micro-and macronutrients;

  • it has an enveloping, anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect.

  • stops diarrhea at diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;

  • reduces the acidity of gastric juice, eliminates heartburn;

  • improves pancreatic function;

  • improves the tolerance of radiation therapy and chemotherapy;

  • slows down the growth of tumors (promotes their encapsulation);

  • reduces the level of sugar in diabetes;

  • accelerates wound healing and fracture consolidation;

  • increases the effectiveness of treatment of infectious diseases (including tuberculosis);

  • increases the effectiveness of treatment of skin diseases (psoriasis, neurodermatitis, eczema, etc.);

  • restores the structure of bone tissue in osteoporosis and bone metastases.

This is not a complete list of all actions and opportunities Tseoclin Mineral supplements.

Zeoclin vs Zeolite uniqueness.

tseolit_tseoklin_primenenieBoth of these sorbents have a natural composition and are Universal, as their use allows us to replace many Drugs that were used earlier and that we used to buy in pharmacies:

  • Smekta;

  • Activated carbon;

  • Ovesol;

  • Spasalon;

  • Renalgan;

  • Espumizan;

  • Bellastezin;

  • Packaging;

  • Touring;

  • Enterosgel;


  • Sorbex;

  • Humana electrolyte;

  • Kaolin;

  • Hydrovit;

  • Regidron;

  • Aerosil;

  • Atoxil;

  • Calcium Gluconate;

  • Homeopathic remedy;

  • Calcium D3 Nicomed;

  • Tricalcium Phosphate;

  • Diclofenac;

  • And, - this list can go on and on!!!

Zeolin vs Zeolite benefits.


tseolit_tseoklin_primenenieAll of the above listed drugs can be replaced with just one drug, called Zeoclin vs Zeolite.

Taking into account their one-sided purpose and cost factor, we can conclude that Zeoclin is not only Universal,but also a relatively Cheap drug.

Price makes its use available to any social group.

Zeoclin can be used as a component of any first-aid Kit (Driver's first-aid Kit, Tourist's first-aid Kit, Home first-aid Kit, etc.). With this compectation, the number of drugs in first-aid Kits will significantly decrease (up to 60%).

The versatility of the Mineral Supplement Zeoclin allows you to use it as in the Orthodox (Traditional) medicine, and in Veterinary Medicine (non-Traditional). Testing of this drug in treatment of Animals has shown greater effectiveness of its use in Our Smaller Brothers rapid recovery.


It is advisable to periodically take breaks, so as not to accustom your stomach to it. Sometimes at the beginning of treatment, it may seem that the disease has worsened and you feel worse, but this should not worry you.


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