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Universal Mineral Additive-Sorbent

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What is Zeoclin.


The mineral additive is developed on the basis of the natural mineral Zeolite, with the addition of a special patented composition. This made it possible to improve and strengthen therapy, make it softer and more comfortable for human body.

tseoclin_sostavThe penetration of harmful substances into the body is expressed in the spread of diseases resulting from global environmental pollution.

The main reason for this is dysmineralosis, i.e. violations of the content of minerals on the body.

Attempts of self-treatment with various minerals remain unsuccessful. The body is not able to accept them in view of the fact that the receptors that perform these functions are clogged with harmful substances.

The solution to these problems and is a mineral additive is a sorbent Zeoclin. Outwardly, it is unattractive, but the nondescript shell hides amazing properties, thanks to which Zeoclin plays an important role in the life of animals.

Mineral Supplement-sorbent Zeoclin contains in its composition:

  • vitamins;

  • humic acid;

  • precious metal;

  • minerals;

  • oxygen;

  • amino acids.

Mineral additive-sorbent Zeoclin, having sorption and ion-exchange properties, thanks to zeolite minerals, sorbs and removes harmful substances from the body of animals, as well as provides the intake of macro-and microelements, including silicon, which is necessary for the formation of the basic substance of bone and cartilage.

zeoclin_zeokolin_sostavMineral additive-sorbent Zeoclin contains, along with other minerals, a large amount of colloidal silicon dioxide, the ratio of which corresponds to the colloidal system of animals:


  • SiO2 69.3%;

  • Fe2O3 3.0%;

  • Al2O3 23.4%;

  • CaO 1.8%;

  • Mg0 1,5%;

  • MnO 0.5%;

  • K2O is 0.1%.

Silicon dioxide (a mineral of silicic acid) in colloidal form is a regulator of connective tissue, the basis of the substance, which is the intercellular matrix in the form of liquid connective tissue (Sol-form), realizing all nonspecific basic functions of animals:

  • providing the osmotic pressure;

  • water-mineral metabolism;

  • pH regulation, acid-base balance;

  • electrolyte-and bioelectric functions;

  • regulation of General non-specific immunological processes;

  • preservation of non-specific reactivity, (for example at high temperature and stress);

  • regulation of neurotransmission.

The main substance of the intercellular matrix can perform other functions in the body:


  • ion exchange (ion exchange capacity-not less than 1 mg-EQ/g .);

  • molecular sieve;

  • adsorptions;

  • electrostatic binding;

  • water binding;

  • the colloidal phase;

  • repair and regeneration of cell membranes.

Sulfur contributes:

  • improvement in the body transport function associated with the transfer of electrons and coenzymes;

  • normalization of the immune system, which increases the body's resistance to bacteria;

  • collagen synthesis, which improves the condition of bone tissue, skin structure, hair and nails, etc.;

  • it has an anti-inflammatory effect.

The use of mineral additive-sorbent Zeoclin enhances metabolic processes in articular cartilage, which allows to restore their quantity and quality, provides a building material for cartilage, participates in the formation of ligaments, skin, bones and tendons, helps to reduce pain symptoms in osteoarthritis and increase joint mobility.


Mineral supplement-sorbent Zeoclin properties.

The function of ion exchange, as well as physical adsorption and chemical sorption of Zeocline have a great influence on the regulation of micro-and macroelements. Their excess or deficiency, both in humans and in animals leads, as a rule, to violations of regulation and, in consequence, to diseases.

zeoclin_zeokolin_smekta_atoksilMineral supplement Zeoclin able to exert the following positive effects on the animal's body:



Mineral supplement Zeoclin order of application.

zeoklin_zeokolin_primenenieEnter into the humans or animal individual method, mixing with food or diluted with water . Apply daily for 2-3 weeks.

After a month break, the course of application of Zeoclin can be repeated.

Side effects and complications in the use of Zeoclin in accordance with the instruction manual is not observed.

Contraindications are not established.

Course of treatment (min.): 7 days (7 sachets).

Zeoclin is compatible with all feed ingredients, medicines and other feed additives.


Mineral supplement Zeoclin personal prevention measures.

When working with Zeoclin, the general rules of personal hygiene and safety provided for when working with feed additives should be observed.


Mineral supplement-sorbent Zeoclin storage conditions.

The Mineral supplement should be stored in the manufacturer's packaging, in a dry, protected from direct sunlight, out of reach of children at a temperature from 5°C to 40°C and a relative humidity not higher than 75%.

Pharmaceutical form: powder-flour of light gray color. Does not contain genetically engineered products.

Package: sachet bags of 5 g.

Shelf of life: 2 years.

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