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Recovery Rehabilitation of human body

Restoration Rehabilitation Heart blood Vessels Joints Arthrosis Arthritis Kidney bladder Diabetes Thyroid gland Flu Colds Bronchi Stroke Pancreas Gastritis Colitis Prostate Cyst Fibroids Potency Menopause Stress symptoms treatment prevention of human body traditional medicine store. Preclinical Survey Recovery Anti-Parasitic Cleansing Weight loss Programs by health extracts.

Body self-Healing program.

Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being. Throughout the history of mankind, people have been worried about the question: how to maintain health?

This problem has become particularly topical in the era of civilized society and scientific and technological progress. This has significantly changed the human condition, which is still largely negative and endangers human health.


Prevention, prevention of diseases at an early stage - this is the best way, which in most cases will help to avoid the disease.

resursiy_chelovekaThe success of modern medicine is huge. Many diseases have disappeared, others have receded. In the Arsenal of the doctor hundreds of highly effective drugs. However, the medicinal wave that engulfed the world brought a lot of harm.

The availability of drugs has led to widespread self-medication. The pattern in the appointment and selection of doses than sin many doctors, leads to a decrease in efficiency and addiction to the drug.
All these circumstances have led to a sharp increase in interest in non-drug treatment and prevention. These include various types of physiotherapy, Spa treatment, physical therapy, massage, diet therapy.

Our task is to acquaint people who do not have medical training with other methods of non-drug effects on the human body, aimed at mobilizing its internal resources.

These resources are inexhaustible. It is only necessary to be able to implement them, to direct them in the right direction - and there will be great opportunities for the prevention and control of diseases. Our body in certain conditions itself can cope with disease.

To direct the body's reserves in the right direction is a difficult but quite feasible task for any person. Using our recommendations, you can prevent diseases, do without drugs or significantly enhance their effect, stimulate vivacity and good mood.

To prevent the disease in its root, it is necessary to conduct an early preclinical assessment of the state of health, effective and safe methods of treatment,rehabilitation and prevention .

The program of Complex Rehabilitation and Restoration of the Human body.

Preclinical assessment of the state of health is necessary to prevent the disease in its root. Timely accurate diagnosis facilitates the choice of treatment and significantly increases the likelihood of recovery of the patient.
We want bring to your attention the program on prevention and restoration of health.

At first, it is a comprehensive approach to solving this problem. We do not treat the right eye or the left heel separately, but consider the person and his concomitant diseases in General.
Secondly, all the methods that we use are drug-free methods of treatment, which are based on natural laws and contribute not to the suppression of the symptoms of diseases, but to the elimination of the cause of diseases and full recovery from them. The basis of the method laid down complex phytorehabilitation herbal drugs Family Health.

The Program of Complex health Rehabilitation and Restoration is developed and carried out under the auspices of the European University of Functional Medicine of Ukraine, under the leadership  by doctor of medical Sciences Professor of medicine Pavlusenko Igor Ivanovich.

The Program of health Rehabilitation and Restoration allows:

  • quickly (for 15-30 minutes) to conduct a preclinical assessment of the functional state of the body and choose the optimal program for the restoration of human health;

  • identify hidden infections, burdening viruses, bacteria, fungi, protozoa, helminths, mites, the definition of their toxins. It has a large Bank of diagnostic data to identify the burden of tropical infections, helminthiasis and other rare microorganisms;

  • determine the environmental burden, allergen detection;

  • determine the predisposition to diseases (preclinical assessment of the condition), to find the root causes of the disease;

  • determines the tolerance of food - the selection of products that contribute to the improvement of the body (prevention of diabetes, diseases of the digestive system, the calculation of weight stabilization programs, etc.) and the selection of medicines;

  • carry out a qualitative assessment of the level of macro and microelements, vitamins, amino acids, the level of antioxidant protection, to identify the level of metabolic disorders;

  • conduct a psychophysiological assessment of the nervous system and the human body, to determine the types of stress, the level of resistance to stress, to assess the level of adaptation of the body and make a program of adaptation, psychological support and recovery.

vidiy_diagnostikyAlso, this program allows to carry out a complex of measures for prevention, rehabilitation and maintenance of health, using the following elements:

  • electrodynamic therapy;

  • molecular microphototherapy;

  • transdermal therapy;

  • the herbal remedies for functional and therapeutic food;

  • complexes to maintain the metabolic balance of the human body.


Electrodynamic therapy.

Electrodynamic therapy is the most physiological, effective and careful. The principle of operation is based on the reflex action of weak electrical impulses and infrared radiation on the skin receptors.

It is used in outpatient and inpatient facilities, as well as for self-use by patients at home.

The Devices portable, multi-effects, is intended for carrying out of physiotherapeutic procedures, both medical and preventive purposes. To maintain health, efficiency, vitality, easy to use.

Indicators of clinical efficiency of priborovo:

  • Improving health (88%);

  • Reduction of the daily dose of prescribed drugs (68%);

  • Reducing the severity of hypertensive crises (75%);

  • Analgesic effect (87%);

  • Acceleration of wound healing, injuries (75%);

  • Spasmolytic action (89%);

  • Anti-parasitic and anti-infectious effect (85%).

The devices have been clinically tested in 10 clinics of Ukraine approved by the Ministry Health of Ukraine (Guidelines of the Ministry of health of Ukraine 2014) and the European scientific society.
Protocol No. 3/8_А_9130 toclinical examination of the Institute Ecohygiene and toxicology L. I. Bear of the health Ministry of Ukraine, approved by the Commission of the state sanitary and epidemiological expertise at the main state sanitary doctor of Ukraine.

Molecular microphototherapy.

phytosboriy_reabilitaciaMolecular microphototherapy includes in its structure 35 systems and picobello used for over 20 years in the practice of medicine. They are used for the prevention of diseases, the treatment of diseases and recovery from illness.

Microphototherapy differ in important ways:

  • herbs are selected on the basis of action on a specific organ or system, takes into account not only the mechanism of action of herbs, but also a certain ratio, carried out individual selection of the complex for each patient, which leads to the maximum useful results;

  • naturalness of complexes (herbs are used in a truly natural form, without the addition of auxiliary substances);

  • ease for using (the mixture can be used in the form of the original fine dry form or in the form of water infusions in microdoses - 1/4 teaspoon per 1 reception);

  • effective absorption in the body (medicinal plants are used in micronized, which contributes to their rapid absorption);

  • pitabelama (used in spray form, accepted method of irrigation of the oral cavity;

  • phytopreparations of functional and therapeutic nutrition are protein and pectin cocktails;

  • support metabolic balance of the body herbaceae, herbomineral and energy of mitochondria - encapsulated form of reception.


Transdermal therapy.

Transdermal therapy is represented by vitacreme, natural which contributes to the rapid action of the skin, subcutaneous layer, connective and muscle tissue. Are used, as in combination therapy, or separately.
Selection of complex prevention, rehabilitation and treatment is carried out individually for each person.

This complex treatment and rehabilitation and preventive care working with medication and other treatments.

Varieties of Rehabilitation and Recovery programs.

raznovidnosti_program_reabilitaciiThe Program of Rehabilitation and Recovery of health includes in his cell a large number of programs, given the large range and variety of diseases.

A person is ill with various diseases and, therefore, in each case, directly applies its own rehabilitation and recovery program, which is tested by time, practice and most importantly - Approved by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine (Guidelines of the Ministry of health of Ukraine 2014) and the European scientific society.

The list of approved and approved Programs of Rehabilitation and Recovery:


Effectiveness of these programs is time-tested.


Advantages and Features of Complex pre-Clinical Diagnosis of Human body.

programa_reabilitaciiThis diagnostic complex has a number of distinctive features among analogues:

  • method of examination does not require special preparation of the patient;

  • safe for health;

  • remote testing of biological substances (hair, saliva and etc.);

  • complex is listed in the register of medical innovations and recommended by the Ministry Health of Ukraine for using at medical institutions.

Clinical and research work on the reliability of diagnosis and treatment were carried out at the departments of medical universities of Ukraine, the clinical hospital of Milan (Italy), employees of the medical complex of Vienna (Austria), the medical Center of Nice ( France), the Berlin Academy of holistic medicine (Germany).
The reliability of the diagnosis, according to the conclusions of the above institutions, is 85-95%.

The using of an integrated approach to the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of patients, using innovative technologies improves the quality of care.
Timely accurate diagnosis facilitates the choice of treatment and significantly increases the likelihood of recovery of the patient. Our body in certain conditions itself can cope with the disease.

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