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Classification of Stresses.

A nonspecific state of the body, which manifests itself as an abnormal reaction to the effects of various adverse factors, is called stress. The treatment of this pathology is complex and includes a number of different wellness activities.

The most frequent stressful factors are fears, poor financial situation, conflicts with other people. Symptoms of stress are lethargy, passivity, insomnia, anger, dissatisfaction with surrounding circumstances, increased irritability.

There are several different classifications of stress.

According to the type of stimulus , they are distinguished:

  • psychological stress - occurs due to the impact on a person of negative emotions caused by life circumstances, most often psychological stress occurs after quarrels with loved ones, with a lack of money, poor living conditions;

  • biological stress - occurs as a result of various malfunctions in the body (injuries, diseases);

  • physical stress - its cause is the impact on the body of adverse environmental factors (rain, heat, sunlight, cold, and so on).

hronicheskiy_stressBy duration:

  • short-term stress - develops very quickly and also disappears quickly when the source of the stressful situation is eliminated;

  • chronic stress - worries a person for a long time, the influence of stress can lead to various diseases, phobias and even suicide.

Chronic stress eventually changes chemicals in the brain that affect cognition and mood, including serotonin. Serotonin is important for mood and well-being.

Sleep and circadian rhythm disorders are a common symptom of many mental disorders, including depression and anxiety.

By the type of reaction of the body:

  • eustress - caused by positive emotions;

  • distress - occurs as a result of negative emotions. This is the most dangerous form of disease, which can lead to the development of a number of pathological changes in the human body.

There are three main phases in the development of stress:

  • mobilization – the body reacts to the effects of stressful factors and triggers a mechanism of protection against them;

  • confrontation - the body is struggling with stress, the patient is actively looking for a way out of the situation;

  • exhaustion – with prolonged exposure to stressful factors, the body is depleted, its strength runs out, and it becomes vulnerable to secondary threats (diseases, etc.).


Causes of Stress.

Severe stress can occur under the influence of many reasons that cannot be listed in one article.

The main provoking factors that can cause stress include:

  • death of loved ones;

  • retirement;

  • severe illness;

  • job change;

  • divorce;

  • sexual problems;

  • attack or other emergencies;

  • birth of a child;

  • deterioration of material prosperity and a number of others.

Quite often, severe stress develops in pregnant women. Its development is caused by the enormous changes that occur in the female body when a new life is born in it.

This condition needs to be controlled, as stress can progress and as a result turn into severe postpartum psychosis or depression.


Symptoms of Stress.

stress_vliyanieThe main clinical signs of stress are:

  • constant causeless depression, increased irritability;

  • insomnia;

  • decreased or excessive increase in appetite;

  • unreasonable fatigue, apathy, unwillingness to do anything, depression;

  • headaches, physical weakness;

  • pessimism, self-pity, longing, desire to cry;

  • decreased speed of thinking, memory problems, decreased attention;

  • emergence of new obsessive habits (biting nails, biting lips, and so on);

  • lack of interest in communicating even with the closest people;

  • inability to solve their problems, relax.


Stress diagnosis.


If it is not possible to overcome stress on your own, then you need to consult a specialist.

At First, you can make an appointment with a therapist who will conduct an examination of the body for possible diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, CCC and other body systems, assess the hormonal background, exclude diseases such as atherosclerosis, hypothyroidism, diabetes, high blood pressure, gastritis.

To clarify the diagnosis, it may be necessary to consult narrow specialists, for example, an endocrinologist or a neurologist. In addition, you will need to take blood and urine tests, an ECG.

If the results of the examinations show that the patient's general health is normal, but he feels bad at the same time, then it is possible that he will need the help of a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist.

You do not need to try to diagnose yourself yourself, when the first suspicious symptoms appear, you need to contact the above specialists and undergo an examination.



Stress treatment by means of traditional medicine.

To eliminate stressful conditions, depending on the symptoms and the general condition of the patient, the attending physician may prescribe the following groups of medications:

  • tranquilizers;

  • sleeping pills;

  • beta blockers;

  • antidepressants;

  • amino acids;

  • multivitamins;

  • neuroleptics;

  • herbal sedatives;

  • bromides.

If the patient has symptoms of increased anxiety (anxiety, agitation, unreasonable fear), then it is possible to prescribe a short course of treatment with psychotropic drugs (tranquilizers).

To reduce pressure and block the release of adrenaline into the blood, which is actively released during fear, beta-blockers are prescribed. To relieve increased irritability, reduce nervous and emotional tension, aminoacetic acid (glycine) drugs are prescribed.

antidepresantiyIn the presence of obsessive states, the use of neuroleptics is indicated. If the signs of stress are not very pronounced, then taking herbal sedatives (motherwort, melissa, mint, valerian) for at least a month can help. Bromides have a good sedative effect.

If the patient has pronounced symptoms of depression (depressed general condition, melancholy, apathy), then the appointment of antidepressants is indicated. With a mild form of the disease, it is recommended to take herbal preparations (for example, based on St. John's wort).

In more severe forms of depression, the use of synthetic antidepressants is indicated.

If the patient has insomnia, then he should take sleeping pills, both herbal and chemical origin. It is very important to make up for the deficiency of minerals and vitamins in the body during stress. For this purpose, the doctor may prescribe multivitamin complexes, taking B vitamins, magnesium preparations.

In addition to drug therapy, stress healing with the help of various psychotherapeutic techniques. Quite often, this is the only chance to help a person overcome a stressful situation and start living a full life again.

To date, there are more than 300 different psychotherapeutic methods of treating stress and depression, the most common of which are:

  • humanistic;

  • psychodynamic;

  • existential;

  • cognitive-behavioral.


Folk remedies for Stress.

Phytotherapy is a safe and effective method of stress treatment. Many medicinal herbs have a soothing effect. The leading ones are motherwort, mint, valerian. Plants are taken separately, and in a complex of fees. Infusions, mixtures are prepared, medicinal aromas are inhaled.

An important condition in the treatment of stress is laughter. Start laughing, tune in to a positive outcome. At first, you may have to make an effort on yourself, but then everything will work out. And traditional medicine will help you survive the situation, calm your nerves and gain health.


Herbs to calm the nervous system.


Calamus root. What you will need: 1 tsp chopped rhizome.

How to take: place the rhizome in a glass and pour boiling water. Cool and take 30 minutes before meals. You can drink no more than 2 glasses a day.

Motherwort from stress. Motherwort perfectly relieves nervous tension. It can be consumed independently and in combination with other herbs.

Recipes with motherwort:

  • Pour the dried crushed mixture (15 g) with boiling water (1 tbsp.), stand for half an hour, drink 15 mg in 3-5 doses.

  • Take 50 g of motherwort, adonis, white peony (root), 40 g of lemon balm, hops, mint, lettuce and mix well. Pour 3 tablespoons of the mixture into a thermos, pour 3 tablespoons of boiling water, stand overnight. Squeeze and take in four doses an hour before meals for 150 g .

  • A mixture of motherwort (3 parts), hawthorn flowers (3 parts), dried fruit (3 parts), chamomile flowers (1 part) brew with a glass of boiling water, stand for 8 hours. Squeeze and take three times a day an hour after eating half a glass.


Herbal infusions for Stress relief.

In the intense movement of modern life, the human psyche is subjected to enormous loads. Herbal infusions from stress help to gently cope with the symptoms of diseases with a minimum of side effects.

nastoi_retseptiyHerbal infusions recipes:

  • Chamomile, comfrey, angelica will be required in equal proportions. Pour boiling water over the mixture and drink it like tea.

  • Infuse 2 tsp. of fluffy-flowered astragalus in 200 ml of boiling water, use 3-5 times a day for 1-2 tbsp. l. before meals for 30-40 minutes.

  • Pour boiling water over the roots of valerian, stand overnight in a thermos (for 1 tbsp. l. mixture of 200 ml of water). Drink 70 ml three times a day.

  • Take 3 parts of hawthorn (fruit), St. John's wort (grass), yarrow and 2 parts of valerian root, hawthorn flowers. Chop and mix. Pour a glass of boiling water over 1 tablespoon of plants, stand for 6 hours, squeeze. Take 50 ml in four doses a day for half an hour before meals.

  • Pour boiling water (200-250 ml) into a dry crushed thyme mixture (creeping thyme) in an amount of 15 g, stand for half an hour. Drink 15 ml in three doses.

  • Pour 20 g of dry knotweed grass with a glass of boiling water and stand for 2 hours. Drink 15 mg from 2 to 5 doses.

  • In 2 tbsp. boiling water, steam 1 tsp. chopped dried wormwood (grass) and insist for 3 hours. Take a quarter of a glass inside a quarter of an hour before meals in 3 doses.

  • A glass of boiling water will require 10 g of dried crushed bearberry (bear ears), boil over fire for 15 minutes. Drink 15 ml up to 5-6 times a day.


Juices and Fruits in the fight against Stress.

Relieve symptoms of nervous tension, as well as replenish the body with vitamins and valuable substances juices and fruits:

Beet juice. In the same proportions, take beet juice and honey, mix. Drink half a glass in 3-4 doses for 10 days. The course of treatment can be extended to 3-4 weeks, the dose is 1 glass per day.

Salad. To prepare an anti-stress dish, you will need two oranges and one lemon. Wash the ingredients well, pass through a meat grinder, pour honey in an amount of 4 tablespoons, take before meals in three doses of 1 tablespoon.


Aromatherapy and Stress.

Aromatherapy has become widespread for the treatment of stressful conditions. Its effectiveness is beyond doubt not only among folk healers, but also among medical specialists.

aromaterapiya_stressaThe flavors of good mood are quite diverse. As a rule, oils of various plants are used in this treatment. The following are widely in demand:

  • lemon;

  • cedar;

  • mint, etc.

You can go another way. Mint, sage, lemon balm, St. John's wort are placed in a frying pan and heated.

Stress needs to be dealt with. Only we are the masters of our own health. Each of us can take control of the situation and not allow negative emotions to completely engulf us. Any of us is able to control the flow of our thoughts and actions by ourselves.

Recipes of traditional medicine will provide irreplaceable help on the way to normalize internal imbalance, finding happiness and peace. Appreciate every moment of your life!

Prevention of Stress.

Stress, the symptoms and treatment methods of which are described above, can be prevented. In order to minimize the likelihood of developing the disease, the following recommendations should be followed:

  • normalize the work and rest regime;

  • eat right (eat more greens, fruits and vegetables, avoid fast food, smoked, fried, flour, sweet food and other junk food);

  • more walking, playing sports, physical therapy;

  • clearly plan your day so that urgent matters and problems do not arise, which are often the trigger for the onset of stress development;

  • learn to let go of problems that you can't solve on your own;

  • if possible, avoid getting into stressful situations;

  • monitor your health, treat various diseases in a timely manner.


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