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Tincture Of Skullcap

Tincture Of Skullcap

Skullcap Baikal

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Treatment by Skullcap.

shlemnik_baikalskiySkullcap Baikal refers to a perennial species of grass that grows as a shrub or shrub. Stems can be pubescent hairs can lignify about the grassy part up. The leaves are petiolate, can be serrated or crenate, very rarely dissect slightly or are whole-edged.

Flower Scutellaria – bilabiate calyx campanulate, at the top having the form of a helmet, the bottom is flat, concave scallops. To gather flowers in racemose, spicate inflorescence at the top of the stem.

The fruit of the plant has an ovoid or flattened-spherical shape, can be pubescent, smooth and warty. When they are fully ripe, the seeds begin to shoot. Most often, all types of Skullcap are decorative, very few medicinal species of skullcap, most often it is used as a dye.


Skullcap Baikal composition.

Skullcap consists of many useful substances and is endowed with special medicinal properties. Thanks to its chemicals reduces inflammation, stops the growth and division of the tumor. Plant official medicine has not yet adopted, its use is only common in folk medicine. But the important thing is that its properties can be trusted.

shlemnik_baikalskiy_sostavSkullcap Baikal has histamine and anti-asthmatic effect.

For treatment mainly applies the root of the plants. It contains many active ingredients that are very useful for the human body. So, in it present content:

In addition, the roots contain a lot of macronutrients and trace elements. Its useful properties of the plant has a positive effect on the human body in a variety of diseases. All that is contained in the plant is well absorbed by the human body.

Skullcap Baikal medicinal properties.

shlemnik_lechenieThe Herbalists claim that the useful and medicinal properties of the plant skullcap Baikal too much. It renders such actions:

Preparations containing the root of the skullcap, have a bitter taste due to the presence of glycosides, they help to improve appetite and stimulate the digestive process. In China, this plant is considered valuable, as the means with its content well increase immunity and perfectly cope with asthma.

Flavonoids contained in this herb provide anti-inflammatory and anti-allergenic action. Combining the Baikal skullcap with other herbs, the number of flavonoids increases, because the drug is used for problem veins, fragile capillaries, which makes them more elastic.

According to doctors, flavonoids are one of the strongest antioxidants, they slow down the growth and reproduction of cancer cells. This plant has several such compounds, so scientists are paying maximum attention to the possibilities of home therapy in the fight against cancer cells.


Skullcap Baikal application.

shlemnik_primenenieMedicine of Tibet and China will take the skullcap to the plant, which can be used to cure tumor and multiple sclerosis. With the help of skullcap can strengthen the immune system, it also has anthelmintic effect, the plant contains a large number of glycoside.

The composition of the Skullcap Baikal diverse, thanks to him a plant capable of:


Useful properties of this plant is very much and what is listed above is not a complete list. Scientists to this day study the Skullcap and every day for themselves make new discoveries.

Skullcap contraindications.

Perhaps the most important contraindication in the use of this plant is allergies and childhood. Not everyone can tolerate such a drug, perhaps the manifestation of an allergic reaction. In this case, the treatment should be completed and see a doctor.

The compositions, which are based on the Baikal skullcap, relieve many ailments. It is not necessary to use chemical drugs, which have a lot of side effects and contraindications.


The Skullcap Baltic Tincture properties.



The Baltic Skullcap Tincture application.


The strength of the calming effect is much superior tincture Valerian.

Application: 25 drops 3 times a day before meals. The course of treatment is 2-3 months.

Shelf of life: 2 years.

Volume: 250 ml.


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