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Fungus Veselka Tincture

Fungus Veselka Tincture

Tincture of Fungus Veselka buy

Malignant Benign Tumors diabetes mellitus diseases of liver kidneys gastrointestinal tract treatment prevention Fungus Veselka Tincture the use of properties to buy store of traditional medicine. Reduced potency infertility treatment folk extracts at home.


veselkaVeselka is the most famous and mysterious mushroom (it entered the Guinness Book of records as the record holder for growth throws a leg growing on 5 mm per minute!), proizrastayushhih on the territory of Crimea and in the Western part of Ukraine.

Mushroom Veselka has a life expectancy of only two days. On the first day - there is a nondescript grayish gelatinous egg, and already, through the night, it sprouts a stalk with an umbrella. In the afternoon the next day - mushroom expires foul-smelling mucus, but, already next morning - from the fungus remains only a wet spot.

In folk medicine, the fungus Veselka is used to treat:


In the beginning of the last century the Fungus Veselka went to England the doctors of the Royal court, where he was preparing drugs for the treatment of gout. Anticancer properties of this mushroom was recorded in the middle of the last century, the famous scientist Vidjaevo dealing with the study of fungi.

Mushroom Veselka application.

veselka_primenenieAccording to modern research, the fungus Veselka, really takes the first place among all the fungi have anti-tumor properties. It is also proved that the polysaccharides contained in the composition of the fungus can stop the growth of cancer cells already at 10-12 days of admission prepared him money (Tinctures).

It is confirmed that the substances included in the composition of the fungus Veselka, possess both antitumor and antihistaminic and analgesic action. The fungus phallus helps, also, if female and male infertility, removes from the human body cholesterol and reduces blood pressure. 


Phytoncides, contained in the mushroom kill viruses of influenza, herpes, hepatitis and even AIDS.

Treatment Veselka is very good to combine with the use of herbs. Patients with cancer, it is desirable to eliminate from your diet:

Preventation cancer infusion or tincture of the fungus Veselka is recommended taking for 30 days (every six months). The mushroom is absolutely not poisonous, so don't be afraid.




Mushroom Veselka Tincture properties.

The Tincture of Medicinal Mushroom Veselka is composed:

The Tincture of Medicinal Mushroom Veselka has the following action:


The Tincture of Medicinal Mushroom Veselka application.

The Tincture of Medicinal Mushroom Veselka is applied for treatment:

Application: 1 to 3-th tab. spoons 3 times a day (depending on the disease).

Shelf life: 2 years.

Volume: 500 ml.


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